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Progressing Towards Light And Life

The University of Denver

July 19 – 23, 2017

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Deadline for $25.00 discount extended to March 31, 2017

Join us for a 5-day Urantia Conference that includes all the things you’ve come to love about the Fellowship’s International Conferences, as well as special events that showcase Interfaith and the good works happening globally in businesses, education and the Emergent spiritual community. The conference will also offer two privately produced public speaking and music events on Friday and Saturday nights that are sold separately. (Conference attendees get a 50% discount!)



The Urantia Book Fellowship’s 14th TRIENNIAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, July 19 – 23, 2017

We will start with dinner on Wednesday, July 19th, and finish by noon on Sunday, July 23rd, with the normal schedule of conference programming all 5 days. (The Spiritual Arts Festival may extend into Sunday afternoon.)


An Adventure with Our Mother Spirit: Starting Monday evening at 7 pm and going through Wednesday at noon, five devoted men and women, Ted and Sharon Lanier, Bill and Kaye Cooper and Mary Huggins will lead you on this adventure to get to know and appreciate more deeply our Creative Mother Spirit.

Circles of Trust: An Experience in Soul Sharing Also starting Monday evening at 7 pm and going through Wednesday at noon, Gard Jameson, Bobbie Dreier, Marta Elders and Carol Schindler will be hosting a retreat to create Circles of Trust. We’ll have extended periods of communion to increase soul consciousness and learn to love by listening. Participants will have an experience which favors religious growth by “…sharing one’s spiritual life with one’s fellows.” (108:1.8)


Mother Spirit Day

Please join us as we discuss and discover our Universe Mother Spirit and the role of women in this awakening. The Urantia Book promises us that we will benefit tremendously when men and women work together in harmony. In this unique plenary for both women and men we will highlight topics related to women’s issues and needs, from the local level to the worldwide stage: all women as daughters of God; our Local Universe Mother Spirit; the balance of God as Mother and Father; and women in faith as strong leaders for change and planetary progress. This highly interactive plenary will engage the audience in lively discussion.

Panel members for this plenary include Kaye Cooper, Sharon Lanier, Lucretia Schanfarber, Line St-Pierre, and others.



We hope that families are an active part of IC-17, so it is exciting to share that the Family Life committee has been working together happily to create an exhilarating children's program for the conference. We are planning a safe, fun, and subtly spiritually-infused program based in the Jerusalem Marketplace for children ages three - 13.

Teens 13 and older may join the Truthseekers' adventure, their parents as workshop participants, or the children's program. If there is a need and parents are interested, we plan to form a cooperative child care experience for babies through two-years-old.

Our team is the backbone of the program, yet to really "spread our wings" and fly, we will need volunteers. Each attending parent will be relied upon to volunteer, as usual, and we welcome all folks who have a love for and care about children to serve--we'll only be as good as all the minds, hearts, and hands involved. To quote our friend Paula Thompson, "If you want to change the world, love a child"! I pray any and all of us want to change the world enough to come love children for a while during the IC-17 children's program.


Registration as a Truthseeker includes: LARGE SPEAKING EVENTS + Rafting, Hiking, and lunch daily.
The cost of the registration as Truthseeker covers exactly the cost IC'17 is paying to Denver University. Rafting and other activities are covered. Day 1 - Wednesday, July 19 (Check in) the Truthseekers will gather and introductions will be made. Day 2 - Thursday, July 20 - Truthseekers will provide a Remembrance Supper for the greater community – cooking, setting up, serving, and breaking down. Thursday night we will connect with the YaYAs. Day 3 - Friday, July 21 - Truthseekers will journey to Idaho Springs for a white water raft trip. Upon returning we will continue to explore who we are and what is important to us. Nighttime is dedicated to Club UB and/or hanging out with the YaYAs. Day 4 - Saturday, July 22 - Truthseekers go to Golden, CO to hike in a magnificent National Forest during the day and will be back on campus to eat dinner with the YaYAs and attend a concert and/or other activities.There are Truthseeker scholarships available. Please contact the Fellowship office for more information.


Calling All Artists, Musicians, Performers & Creative Individuals,

Are you interested in displaying your artwork or showcasing your talents in the Sacred Art Gallery at this year's International Conference of Urantia Book Readers in Denver, CO? If so, please contact Patrick Yesh (patyesh@gmail.com) or Justin Michael (justnmichael@gmail.com) and express your interest in being featured in the Sacred Art Gallery at IC'17. Volunteers to staff the Gallery are also welcome to contact us. The Gallery will be open daily from 12:30pm-3:00pm and 4:30pm-7:00pm throughout the conference week. A Grand Opening Gala with featured artists and performers will be held in the Gallery on Thursday evening during the conference as well. All Artists who are interested in selling their work (originals, prints, books, CD's, etc.) must go through the process to have a vendor number assigned through the Conference Bookstore.

Artists have until April 30th to get in touch with us to be considered for presenting, performing, and selling their work in the Sacred Art Gallery at IC'17.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


We will again have a store at this year’s International Conference.

Our conference store is a wonderful way to sell and show your products or art to the Urantia community. Are you interested in offering a product or artwork in the conference store? As a store or gallery vendor you will get to keep 75% of all your proceeds.

If you are interested, please notify us of your intentions to sell products or art in the store by May 31st, 2017. We will send you an application on which you can list the items you intend to sell. We will also give you all the details on participation in the conference store. you can write to us a Support@urantiabook.org.

Note: Only products not currently offered in the Uversa Press catalogue are eligible. If your products are featured in the catalogue, we will be bringing and offering your products at the IC’14 Store. Store link - http://www.urantiabook.org/urantia-book-store.



MAIN URANTIA CONFERENCE: Weds Jul 19, 2017 @ 02:00 PM – Sun Jul 23, 2017 @ Noon

Note: Regular Conference Registration – Wednesday Jul 19, 2017 beginning at Noon.

Interested in presenting a workshop? Read these important guidelines first

Click here to access the online form.


Click here to access the printable form

DAILY OFFERINGS: Included each morning, mid-day, and evening, in the beautiful and historic University Chapel, are perfecting worship, meaningful meditation, and peaceful prayer services. Also, explore the exhibit hall, bookstore, and the Spiritual Arts Festival. Each day will feature the magical music of Urantian Nadi Burton and our wonderful Urantia House Band, led by the amazing Cristina Seaborn.

To access the Art Gallery Proposal please:

Click here for a printable version that you can print and mail in, or scan and email.


Click here for the online version

SPREADING OUR WINGS – Progressing Towards Light And Life

Emerging Spirituality Day – TRUTH

In Paper 71: Development of the State, The Urantia Book says, “The Progressive Program of expanding civilization embraces 12 areas of growth.” (71:4.2, pg. 804.2)

Using multi-media presentations and discussion, we will explore these twelve areas of growth and correlate them with the 12 corps of Master Seraphim functioning on Urantia. We’ll look at where we human beings fit in. “And this progress in the arts of civilization leads directly to the realization of the highest human and divine goals of mortal endeavor — the social achievement of the brotherhood of man and the personal status of God-consciousness, which becomes revealed in the supreme desire of every individual to do the will of the Father in heaven.” (71:4.15, pg. 804.15).

Presenters will include Gard Jameson, Tim Hobbs, Miranda Clendening, and others.

YaYA (Youth and Young Adult) Multi-Media Presentation Night – Thursday July 20

Young Urantian luminaries like Angie Thurston, Mae Thompson, Geoff Theiss, Teuvo Orjala and Liz Craig, who established the original Urantia Youth and Young Adult group, together with other young Urantian leaders from around the world, will present their work and visions for the future of the Urantia movement. This will include a multi-media presentation, an introduction and education on the many ways the Urantia teachings are being disseminated around the planet by and to young people. (Specific speaker announcements and bios to be announced.)


International Good Works Day – GOODNESS

(Speakers and program to be announced. Check back here often, as we will be filling in more details on the conference program as we get them.)

*OPTIONAL SPECIAL EVENT – Friday Night, July 21:

International Good Works Night – July 21 – 7 pm – Newman Center for the Performing Arts 2344 East Iliff Avenue Denver, CO 80208.

Showcasing good works happening globally throughout businesses, education systems, non-profits, and individuals who are trying hard to make the world a better place! Featuring speakers like Adam Apollo & Alexander Fairman – Young Entrepreneurs and World-Changers, Amber Johnson – Return on Values Program Leader, Douglas Jackson – President of Project C.U.R.E., Ben Bowler of 1God.com, and the incredible global outreach ministry of international Reggae artist, Pato Banton and his crew, The NOW Generation Band.

*NOTE: This is a separate event and not included with the regular conference registration fees. Tickets to this event are sold separately. Regular conference attendees can purchase tickets at a 50% discount.

INTER-SPIRITUALITY DAY – All day Saturday July 22

The entire day, including plenaries and workshops, will be devoted to the Inter-Spirituality Festival, featuring exhibits, workshops and speakers from the Urantia community as well as speakers from the Parliament of World Religions, United Religions Initiative, Denver Interfaith Alliance, and Urantia Interfaith Leadership, and the Emergent Spirituality movement come together to have a larger voice and greater impact! We’ll have fantastic music from Urantian Nadi Burton and our wonderful Urantia House Band, led by Cristina Seaborn, as well as multiple musical performances from many different faith traditions, including Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jewish, Urantians, Emergents, and more!

*OPTIONAL SPECIAL EVENT – Saturday Night, July 22

Inter-Spirituality Festival Speaking Event and Music Night – July 22 – 7 pm – Newman Center for the Performing Arts 2344 East Iliff Avenue Denver, CO 80208.

Notable speakers from the Parliament of World Religions, United Religions Initiative, Denver Interfaith Alliance, Urantia Interfaith Committee, and the Emergent Spirituality movement share the stage to showcase how the Interfaith Movement is bringing peace and understanding to and through communities of faith! Performances again by Nadi Burton and many other different faith traditions including Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Urantians, Emergents and more!

*NOTE: This is a separate event and not included with the regular conference registration fees. Tickets to this event are sold separately. Regular conference attendees can purchase tickets at a 50% discount.

For anyone who can’t attend or afford the optional special speaking engagements, Denver/Boulder’s local Urantia Society, the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, will be hosting fun evening social events at those times.


Visionary Arts Day – BEAUTY

Thought Adjuster Ceremony Facilitated by Interfaith Minister and Musician Nadi Burton

AMAZING CONFERENCE FEATURES – To be sprinkled throughout.

  • Thought Adjuster Ceremony’ Facilitated by Interfaith Minister and Musician Nadi Burton ~ Consecration to the indwelling Spirit Presence of God
  • Jesus Remembrance Supper
  • Sikh Langer being served Saturday during Interfaith Festival
  • Special Donor Banquet Dinner


A meeting of the Fellowship General Council will be held at the conclusion of the Conference starting at 2 pm Sunday, July 23 and continuing through Tuesday, July 25 noon.

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