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What I Love About The Urantia Book from Urantia Book Films on Vimeo.

Paula Thompson Introduction to The Urantia Book


Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames

Urantia Book Intro 2 of 3: The Personal Universe

Urantia Book Intro 3 of 3: A Family Affair

Janelle Talks About The Urantia Book from Urantia Book Films on Vimeo.

The Urantia Book is Here

Informational Videos

Why God Allows Suffering

Spiritual Growth & The Meaning of Life

Terrific 12 Minute Overview

Urantia Book Introduction

The Religion of the Spirit
This video explains the source of religion, its purpose and its eternal destiny.

Urantia, Nebadon, and the Master Universe
An exploration of Urantia's numerical relation to its local universe of Nebadon and the master universe. Based on the cosmology in The Urantia Book.

What is The Urantia Book?
Urantia readers speaking about what The Urantia Book is and how it has affected their lives. From the religion of authority to the religion of personal spiritual experience, they tell their stories. The Urantia Book answered their deepest questions and set them free.

Journey Through the Universe by Gary Tonge

Reflections On The Urantia Book (by Pato Banton & FAMILY)

HEAVEN - In the Bible and The Urantia Book


The Religion of Jesus – The Urantia Book
"Many queer and strange teachings became associated with the early narratives of the day of Pentecost." 194:3.1

Urantia Book History

Re-Imagining Jesus - A Feature Length Film from - the Joshua ben Joseph Project

Videos from The Good Cheer Press

What is Truth?
Quid est veritas? What is Truth?

What is True Prayer?
How do I pray? What is true prayer? How do I know if I'm praying effectively? What are the answers to my prayers? What is God's attitude towards my prayers? What should I pray for?

The Urantia Book
Were Adam and Eve the first humans?
Did God flood the entire planet and have Noah build an arc?
Where do all the different human races come from?

YouTube Contest: Top Three

Own Your Own Soul: Errol Strider

Janelle Talks: Richard Jernigan

More Notable Urantian Videos

Videos by Troy Bishop

Michael: Inspiration from The Urantia Book by Marijohn Wilkin

The Wizard's Walk by Cristina Seaborn

Urantia Book Themes Interpreted by Sculptor Luigi Bartolomeo

Invitation to Cosmic Worship: Music by Constance Demby, Video by Chuck Thurston

Urantia Book Youth Community Montage

Videos from the 2014 International Conference

Overview of The Fellowship's International Conference for 2014

Note: The opinions expressed by presenters at IC'14 are theirs alone
and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Urantia Book Fellowship or its members.

Day 1: Grow in Joy
Jonathan Zoba

Day 2: Grow in Gratitude
Merritt Horn

Day 4: Grow in Love
Janelle Mazza

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Michael: Inspiration from The Urantia Book by Marijohn Wilkin