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Regional Urantia Conference - Northbrook, IL

29-Sep-2017 ~ 01-Oct-2017

First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book is now taking registrations for the Midwest Conference it is hosting the weekend of Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1 at Techny Towers in Northbrook, IL (the site of a number of Summer Study Sessions in recent years). The theme is "How Shall We Serve? Seeking Opportunities for Loving Service."

Regional conferences such as this one can be wonderful opportunities for newer or isolated readers who want to make more friends in the movement; for those wanting a shorter conference experience or one within practical driving distance; for those looking to gain experience as workshop leaders and speakers; and for families, younger people, and others looking for an affordable as well as meaningful getaway. And our Planning Committee has chosen a theme that will be relevant to many readers, and is planning talks and workshops to explore it on various levels.This is the third in a revived series of Midwest Conferences, and it is hoped that a group elsewhere in the Midwest will volunteer to host the 2018 event.

The details and exact start times for the events of Friday evening (dinner, social, optional presentation) are in the process of being firmed up, as are Sunday morning's closing and lunch. The registrars will pass on schedule details when they become available so that out-of-towners may plan their travel and commuters may plan their days--but in the meantime we encourage people to act soon. There is a discount on registration fees paid by September 7, and room and meal fees must be paid before arrival.

Questions and requests may be addressed to the Registration Team at urantiachicago@gmail.com. Please use as the subject line "Midwest Conference Question" plus your initials.

Questions regarding program content, and offers to volunteer at the conference, may be directed to David Kulieke at david.kulieke@gmail.com.

We hope to see many of you in September!

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