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Retreat - Sonoma County CA

28-Sep-2018 ~ 30-Sep-2018

Golden Gate Circle of Students of the Urantia Book

invite you to our annual retreat.

Location: St. Dorothy's Rest, Camp Meeker, CA (about 75 miles north of

San Francisco in Sonoma County}

Dates: September 28-30, 2018

Theme: Passport to Paradise


"On Urantia you pass through a short and intense test during your initial life of material existence. On the mansion worlds and up through your system, constellation, and local universe, you traverse the morontia phases of ascension. On the training worlds of the superuniverse you pass through the true spirit stages of progression and are prepared for eventual transit to Havona. On the seven circuits of Havona your attainment is intellectual, spiritual, and experiential. And there is a definite task to be achieved on each of the worlds of each of these circuits." - by a Perfector of Wisdom

Day 1:

Review of Urantia Book revelations about the thrilling, ages-long journey from Urantia to the Corp of the Finality.


Day 2 (half day)

New Discoveries of How Science is Validating The Urantia Book

Presenters will be Ken Lirette and Kirby Lampley

Cost: $205. for 2 nights stay and 5 meals (space is limited)

RSVP: Dolores Nice dlnice@att.net

We will meet in the town of Occidental on Friday at 6 pm for dinner.

All other meals will be at St. Dorothys. We will close on Sunday with a

worship service and Remembrance Supper. There will be time for

prayer, study, conversation and good fellowship. A trip to the ocean

at Bodega Bay is also posssible on Saturday afternoon.


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