The Urantia Book Music of Sandy Garrick

Recorded in the late 1970's; Available courtesy of Christel Schmidt

Sandy Garrick walked out of Budapest and away from the war when he was fourteen years old. American troops picked him up and kept him as an interpreter—he spoke German and English in addition to Hungarian. In Zell am See, Austria, he joined the band at AFN radio and was from then on hooked on jazz.

After he arrived in Montreal he was part of the music scene and lead a rehearsal band for some time, before playing with various bands and vocalists in the States. He became a sought after accompanist to many acts and artists.

In New York he was a regular studio musician, arranger and conductor, doing jingles, club acts and popular music. Touring with various artists he eventually came back to Europe in 1965. Married and with two children, his family moved right along across the globe for ten years until returning to Canada. He was musical director of one of the most popular TV shows in Canada for 7 years.

In Toronto his home became a meeting place for Urantia Book readers. He was given the book by his bass player in Sydney, Australia a few years earlier. After working both coasts for a few years he moved back to Sweden with his wife in 1989 and remained there until his death in 1995.