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Report of the Education Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship

July 2017 

The committee has continued work on adding useful, downloadable tools for students of The Urantia Book. These include salient articles, educational study aids, study group support, and workshop materials with lessons and pedagogies attached which any group may use. The weekend of IC17 will mark the beginning of the committee's aggressive publicizing of its website, which can be found on the Fellowship website under the tab "Study."

The Education Committee has also begun a thorough reexamination of its constitutional mandate in order to make it broader, yet clearer, and more representative of our activities and objectives. We have looked closely at our original mandate and also explored the activities of the committee since 1955 in order to gain a better appreciation of good ideas that have been pursued or considered yet lost from the past.

We sponsored a joint seminar at Urantia Foundation in March entitled "Giving of the Truth of Heaven: Using Our Talents." Papers from this seminar as well as from all of the Wrightwood seminars of the 1990s can be viewed on our website under Resources/Seminars.

In fact, after this weekend we will have engaged in a total of six joint activities with education committees of the Foundation and/or the UAI. During the IC17 weekend, we jointly sponsored an "Education Forum" at which several educational entities were invited to share their activities.

We also had our first post-approval meeting of a new major endeavor, "The International Center for Urantia Studies," an initiative to help coordinate Urantia educational activities through having a physical headquarters, at 533 Diversey initially, take advantage of the growing knowledge of strong education in parts of the movement, as well as benefit from the Internet and other expertise of many of our groups like UBIS and UU. The UAI, Fellowship, and Foundation have all approved initial support to this effort.

In the near future, we will continue to develop our resources, seek ways to bring our work to the field, improve our knowledge of excellent education, keep working with the other organizations, support the International Center for Urantia Studies, and plan for the 2018 Summer Study Session, to be held July 19-23 at Techny Towers, Northbrook, Illinois.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Anderson
Bobbie Dreier
Daniel Glazer
Jackie Koury
David Kulieke (chair)
Neda Tehrani

Katharina Becker
David Fabe
Sherry Layton
Ken Keyser
Marilynn Kulieke
Barbara Newsom
Andrew Story

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