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Past Education Committee Reports

Report July 2015

Since our full face-to-face meeting in Kent, Ohio, in December, the primary focuses of the Education Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship have been threefold:

                1) After a year off for IC14, it is a Summer Study Session year again. Six members and adjuncts of the committee, Bobbie Dreier, Ken Keyser, Jackie Koury, David Kulieke, Marilynn Kulieke, and Sherry Layton, have been working hard to provide strong study and inspired worship of The Urantia Book at the sessions scheduled for July 9-12 at Techny Towers near Chicago. The theme of the sessions, "Our Relationship with God the Father," continues the committee's long tradition of emphasizing high quality study of the book, which this year features an In-depth study track, a workshop investigating approaches to children's education, an introduction to new readers,  a demonstration workshop illustrating educational principles as a part of the Study Group Conclave, and an array of strong workshops from which to choose. In addition, SSS15 once again provides a strong worship component.

Another highlight of SSS15 is the Saturday night 60th anniversary celebration, recognizing six decades since the original publication of  The Urantia Book as well as of the establishment of Urantia Brotherhood, forerunner of the Fellowship.

The Education Committee is discussing with representatives of the Urantia Association International the opportunity to bring SSS16 to Dallas as a part of the UAI's national conference which will focus on training teachers and leaders.

                2) The new website of Education Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship can be found under "Study" on the Fellowship website; it is still being created under the leadership of subcommittee chair Paul Anderson.  Soon it will include a plethora of education resources and lesson plans, news, descriptions of committee activities,  and links to other educational initiatives in the movement.

                3) The Committee is committed to enhancing study of The Urantia Book, including through expanding awareness of sound education pedagogy as revealed in The Urantia Book and developed over centuries in human education. Committee members and adjuncts are creating inventories of discussion about education and lessons using educational principles through the work of the In Depth Study Subcommittee  (Marilynn Kulieke, chair) and the Educational Resource Subcommittee (Daniel Glazer, chair), as well as through the work of individuals working on developing  the inventories and lesson plans for the website. The committee plans to bring these ideas to groups and individuals throughout the movement through the work of  the Field Subcommittee (Bobbie Dreier, chair).

The newly created revised website, still under construction, is representative of the status of the entire committee: we are arriving at a clearer sense of who we are and where we would like to go. Much of the framework is in place, and we are ready to move forward. 

Members of the Education Committee: David Kulieke (chair), Paul Anderson, Bobbie Dreier, Daniel Glazer, Jacquelyn Koury, Neda Tehrani

Adjuncts: Katharina Becker, David Fabe,  Sherry Layton, Ken Keyser, Marilynn Kulieke, Barbara Newsom, Dolores Rubio, Andrew Story