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Study and Workshop Materials

Welcome to the study group and workshop support site of the Education Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship!
The  study materials that are listed in the banner on the left have been created by sincere and hardworking teachers and leaders who have studied The Urantia Book in depth and presented a workshop using these materials. In addition to the materials created for a particular workshop, we have added a recommended Lesson Plan for anyone who would be a presenter or leader, as well as an Outline for Participants. These also can  be used as a template for anyone who would like to modify what is there or to create a lesson plan for his or her own original workshop. 
Please know that these materials  are for the use of anyone who wants to try something new for a study group or presentation. These materials are not copyrighted. You are free to use them verbatim or adapt them as you see fit. The goals of the Education Committee are always to promote good teaching and study principles for Urantia Book readers  and to make them available for the readership. 
Click here for blank lesson plan for presenter and outline for participant forms if you would like to use them for a workshop you have created.