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Workshop Materials for Teaching about
The Twelve Apostles

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 The Twelve Apostles

After presenting a version of this workshop at study groups of First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book, which is in the Chicago area, several members of the society adapted the workshop and presented it at IC14, in Amherst, Massachusetts. The materials have been used by other study groups since then.

This Lesson Plan and handout has been adapted by the Education Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship for any group of readers of The Urantia Book  who would like to use it. It is designed apply some  educational concepts and approaches in its study of the twelve apostles. Any group should feel free to adapt the  materials as they see fit.  This material will help you:

1. To learn more about each apostle.

2. Understand how the psychology and background of each apostle resulted in the person who was involved in the 4th Epochal Revelation both during Jesus' life and after the resurrection.

3. Apply the patterns drawn from all of the apostles' experiences, psychology,  and capabilities in order to apply such understandings to our own lives and contributions to the 5th Epochal Revelation.

4. Understand better how the creators of The Urantia Book organize their information by aligning longitudinally references to each apostle, descriptions of their reactions to particular events, and advice from Jesus personally created for each individual.

Note: Study group leaders or facilitators might want to do the activity on their own before presenting it.