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Other Educational Initiatives    

The Education Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship seeks to enhance the quality of the study of The Urantia Book as well as to expand that study throughout the world. We do so through a variety of programs including the long-standing Summer Study Sessions, the emphasis on in-depth study, the creation of the Study Group Conclaves and the study group booklet "Community.”  In addition, our website offers complete lesson plans and other materials based on sound educational practices and pedagogy which may be shared with study groups and workshops. Other materials to bring good educational practices to the field may be found elsewhere on this website.
We also are mindful of the strong work of other educational initiatives. Since our long-term goal is to improve educational opportunities for Urantia Book readers, we are highlighting the fine work of other groups who are working towards that end. 

On the left banner is a list of these groups. There are descriptions of the educational activities that they offer, including a link to their websites.

Let's all study The Urantia Book!