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The Education Committee seeks to enhance the quality of education and study of The Urantia Book within the community of readers, to bring the teachings to new readers, to enhance in-depth study among students, to support and develop teachers, and to encourage spiritual growth of individuals. We will pursue these goals by applying principles and pedagogies drawn from the wisdom of human educators and using lessons about education from The Urantia Book itself.

"The entire universe is one vast school."

37:6.2 (412.2)


"Jesus the Master Teacher - San Antonio Urantia Book Summer Study Sessions 2016."
A glimpse of our experience at the 2016 Summer Study Session, held at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, June 9-12, 2016. This event was sponsored and organized by the Urantia Book Fellowship, Urantia Association International, and the Lone Star Urantia Association. Special thanks to all those providing their valued time and services to our growing family.

Check out all of the Plenary talks from the San Antonio Conference on Video

That's what love looks like" Mo Siegel

"Jesus the Master Learner and Teacher" David Kulieke

"Exploring how Jesus Taught" Carolyn Prentice

What can we learn from Jesus...?" Jeffrey Wattles

Video Montage by Derek Samaras of the entire conference

Jesus the Master Teacher