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Wrightwood Series

The Wrightwood Series: This series included intensive study seminars which were held over several days at which attendees will prepare before and conclude with papers on in-depth study topics. They were previously held at the former Fellowship headquarters at 529 Wrightwood in Chicago. Katharina Becker is leading an effort to reestablish this series.

Resources Committee

Educational Resources: This committee seeks to gather resources significant to the committee’s goals. These efforts would be available as hard copy and on the Education Committee website. Part of the process includes the decision of what is germane, particularly with so many resources available on several websites related to The Urantia Book.

Study Group and Other Support Committee

Study Group, Society, and Field Support Subcommittee: This is committee is for the purpose of helping to improve the quality of study where people are, if, when, and how they would like us to. This includes but is not limited to study groups and societies that sponsor or support study groups. The initiative might involve online initiatives, training of individuals, and field visits. It would utilize materials, both electronic and otherwise, and rely on information gathered by the Resources Subcommittee. It would necessitate collaboration with the Fellowship Outreach Committee and Membership Committee.

In Depth Study Committee

The Education Committee traditionally has been dedicated to the concept of in depth study. The effort to create quality study of The Urantia Book at the Summer Study Sessions and the Wrightwood Series have been examples of this endeavor. In-depth explorations have been offered through the Wrightwood Series, the past two Summer Study Sessions, and at a joint workshop with the Foundation Education Committee, emphasizing progressive experiential learning, worship, preparation of materials beforehand, and extended time working together.

Website Committee

This committee has created and added to this website, considering both content and layout.

Standard Text Reference

Standard Text Reference System and Citations: Ken Keyser pointed out that, in the wake of the multi-organization work on the standard text, there is not yet consistency on citations of quotations from The Urantia Book. The committee intends to address this issue under Ken’s leadership.

IC '17 Education Committee

Strand at the 2017 International Conference: We will have a liaison for the committee with conference planners in putting together a program track for studying the book.