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Urantia University Institute

Realizing and actualizing personal potentials of mind, matter and spirit through enlightened study, service and experience

What is Urantia University Institute

What is Urantia University Institute?

Urantia University Institute (UUI) was set up as part of a long-range plan to develop an advanced university grounded in the cosmic ideals and ideas found in The Urantia Book.  As an independent and unaffiliated non-profit organization, UUI’s mission is to provide diverse learning paths for students in an online educational environment in which to explore, discern, and actualize the truths and knowledge found in The Urantia Book and to correlate them with other academic disciplines.

How do I register at Urantia University

How do I take a UUI class?

UUI classes are offered online in an e-learning environment utilizing our private Wikispaces classrooms where students engage each other on a real-time basis. The classes encompass instructional videos, selected reading assignments, written learning exercises, online class discussions, meditation/prayer practices, and weekly webinars led by the instructor(s).  A typical class is four weeks in length.  The academic year is divided into three semesters—fall, winter and spring.   

Curriculum at Urantia University

What kind of curriculum does UUI offer?

UUI currently offers a series of classes which introduce each part of The Urantia Book and highlight its major themes and concepts to newer and intermediate readers as well as classes which provide a general overview of the book and helpful ways to study The Urantia Book. The classes culminate in a Capstone Project by which students can demonstrate what they have learned.

Classes at Urantia University

Who are these classes for?

We have designed our first series of introductory classes on The Urantia Book primarily to give newer and less experienced readers a brief but meaningful survey of the major concepts presented in The Urantia Book. However, these classes provide a fruitful learning experience for any student of The Urantia Book.  Intermediate and advanced classes in Urantia Book studies will be added over time.

The Philosophy of Urantia University

What is UUI’s Educational Philosophy

  • Meet the student wherever he or she is in an open-minded spirit of inquiry.
  • True teachers maintain their intellectual integrity by ever remaining learners.
  • Maintain abiding respect and love for one another based on the faithful knowledge that God loves and indwells each person.
  • Reflect and enact the educational model of learning and doing and teaching others what we have learned – the hallmarks of the progressive universe training schools as described in The Urantia Book. 
  • Develop and foster the living reality of personal religion—freed of dogma—and cultivate loving service to others and the fruits of the spirit in all areas of one’s life.
Urantia University

Personal Religious Growth and Spiritual Brotherhood

Of supreme importance to the core mission of UrantiaUniversity Institute and planetary evolution is personal religious growth and its resultant expression in loving service to others, based on the essential truth and living knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. UUI will look to its growing community for their active participation in developing spiritually open and friendly programs that nurture personal religious growth, divine worship, and loving service to one's fellows.

Register for Urantia University

How do I register?

Sign up at www.UrantiaUniversity.org as a free member of the UUI learning community. We will send an email blast to all our members to notify them when registration opens for classes each semester.


Contact:  info@urantiauniversity.org