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Power Hour honors Father's Day

Sunday, June 21, 2015    

Dear Urantia Book students and friends,

How unique to have Father's Day and the Summer Solstice happening at the same time, on a Sunday!

We in the Northern Hemisphere are in the season of hot weather, now, while those south of the Equator enter Wintertime.

Whether cold or hot, it is a day to pay attention to creators, those who sired us and those who created our Universe. The big opportunity here is open expression of gratitude, for time and sacrifice made in order to provide home and watch care. Our heavenly and earthly fathers need to know that we care for them and send them love.

In honor of today, I want to provide a single paragraph that lifts my own soul up whenever I read it. PAPER 102; Section 1, Pp. 5.

 102:1.5 God is so all real and absolute that no material sign of proof or no demonstration of so-called miracle may be offered in testimony of his reality. Always will we know him because we trust him, and our belief in him is wholly based on our personal participation in the divine manifestations of his infinite reality.

Stephen Zendt, Walnut Creek, CA


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