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Power Hour looks into the truly personal

Saturday, May 17, 2014    

Dear Urantia Book students and friends,

When we look in the mirror, when we commune deeply with ourselves, we come up against that age-old question: Who am I?

The early Papers in Part One of the Urantia Book have some stirring and significant things to say to us about personality, and its connection all the way to the Paradise presence of the Father, himself.

When we hear the phrase, " . . .in whom we live, move, and have our being", we hear of the all-enveloping Omnipresence of God.

But there is the Inner Life and the process of sharing our Inner Life with God. This is the realm of the truly personal.

After all, while generous sharing, being in service/teamwork, and LOVE are powerful tools to interconnect us as children of God, it is vital that we also carry with us the faith that we will someday come face-to-face with our loving Universal Father in heaven. We have so much to look forward to, as our lives grow in wisdom and grace, both on this world Urantia, and on to the Mansion Worlds.

The important thing, when we pause to honor God and worship in his presence, is the family-feeling, the sister/brotherhood encircuitment of all personality that is striving to be God-like. Jesus taught forgiveness as the means to keep our interpersonal or family relationships together and fruitful, to drain away jealousy, competition for position, envy, anger, resentment and bickering.

The Spirit of Truth will lead us to maturity of self, and growth toward transformation in soul and spirit.

I am pointing us to PAPER 5, Part 6, five paragraphs. They guide our thoughts all the way from "The material self" to "the Original and Eternal Personality."

May the inner life we lead be illuminated by these powerful words.

Stephen Zendt, Walnut Creek, CA


5:6.7 The material self has personality and identity, temporal identity; the prepersonal spirit Adjuster also has identity, eternal identity. This material personality and this spirit prepersonality are capable of so uniting their creative attributes as to bring into existence the surviving identity of the immortal soul.

5:6.8 Having thus provided for the growth of the immortal soul and having liberated man’s inner self from the fetters of absolute dependence on antecedent causation, the Father stands aside. Now, man having thus been liberated from the fetters of causation response, at least as pertains to eternal destiny, and provision having been made for the growth of the immortal self, the soul, it remains for man himself to will the creation or to inhibit the creation of this surviving and eternal self which is his for the choosing. No other being, force, creator, or agency in all the wide universe of universes can interfere to any degree with the absolute sovereignty of the mortal free will, as it operates within the realms of choice, regarding the eternal destiny of the personality of the choosing mortal. As pertains to eternal survival, God has decreed the sovereignty of the material and mortal will, and that decree is absolute.

5:6.9 The bestowal of creature personality confers relative liberation from slavish response to antecedent causation, and the personalities of all such moral beings, evolutionary or otherwise, are centered in the personality of the Universal Father. They are ever drawn towards his Paradise presence by that kinship of being which constitutes the vast and universal family circle and fraternal circuit of the eternal God. There is a kinship of divine spontaneity in all personality.

5:6.10 The personality circuit of the universe of universes is centered in the person of the Universal Father, and the Paradise Father is personally conscious of, and in personal touch with, all personalities of all levels of self-conscious existence. And this personality consciousness of all creation exists independently of the mission of the Thought Adjusters.

5:6.11 As all gravity is circuited in the Isle of Paradise, as all mind is circuited in the Conjoint Actor and all spirit in the Eternal Son, so is all personality circuited in the personal presence of the Universal Father, and this circuit unerringly transmits the worship of all personalities to the Original and Eternal Personality.

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