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The Spiritual Fellowship Journal

  • Spring 1991 -- First Issue
    Science, Religion, and The Urantia Book -- Kenneth T. Glasziou
    How The Urantia Book Can Contribute to the Church -- Helena E. Sprague
    The Urantia Book as a Sermon Resource -- Duane L. Faw
    Mainline Destiny
    The Unique Function of Religion
    Clergy Evaluate The Urantia Book
    Tuning the Inner and Outer Life
    Confirming a Spiritual Pilgrimage
    A New Revelation? Who Needs It?
    Throwing the Spiritual Baby Out With the Sexist Bathwater
  • Fall 1991
    The Spiritual Fellowship -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    The Spiritual Fellowship: Why Now? -- Rev. Sherilyn Henry
    The Family: Birthplace of Cosmic Citizenship -- Paul Snider
    Identity in the Modern Renaissance -- Dr. Bruce R. Jackson
    A Sincere "Spiritual Attitide"="Positive Doing" -- Nancy Bigelow
    The Turning Point: Part I -- Arthur Nash
    The Religion Humankind Fears -- Larry Mullins
    Real Life Outreach
    Forgotten Urantians
    Interface: A New Urgency?
  • Spring 1992
    The Cultural Impact of The Urantia Book in the Next Fifty Years -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    The Geography of Faith -- Merlyn Cox
    A Mainline Reaction to Apocalypticism -- Jack Rogers
    Resistance to Spiritual Truth
    Urantia Book Fundamentalism
    The Future of Religion
    The Emergent CyberChrist
    Psalms Today
    How Good is the Good News?
    My Life's Most Significant Spiritual Event
  • Fall 1992
    The Second Enlightenment: Liberalism and Religion -- Bill Grandstaff
    Concepts of Salvation: The Bible and The Urantia Book Compared -- Ken Glasziou
    The dynamics of Empowerment -- Meredith Sprunger
    The Fullness of Time
    Spiritual Courage
    Media, Missions, and Culture
    The Power of New Spiritual Insight
    More Psalms Today
    Sharing a Gift Beyond Words
    The Church and the Kingdom
    The Urantia Book and Religious Institutions
  • Spring 1993
    Some Human Sources of The Urantia Book -- Matthew Block
    The Service Motive Emerging -- Larry Mullins
    The Quest for Indigeneity: The Missionary Challenge -- Jack Rogers
    Signs of a Spiritual Renaissance
    More About Jesus
    On Possible and impossible Thoughts
    My Mind Expanding Experience with The Urantia Book
    In Time to Eternity
    Reflections on the Soul
    The Urantia Book and Religious Institutions
  • Fall 1993
    The Urantia Book and Sexist Language -- Judith L. Mace
    God Language -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    The Goddess -- Gard Jameson
    Why Some Ministers Don't Read The Urantia Book -- Rev. Larry Austin
    Writing Styles of Papers in The Urantia Book -- Ken Glaziou
    Gender Problems
    On Accepting Evolutionary Reality
    Defining the Terms of Equality
    Interfaith Could Brighten Future for Our World
    Gender Differentiation in The Urantia Book
    On Elbows and Equality
  • Spring 1994
    The Urantia Book: Toward a Context for Theological Evaluation -- David Kantor
    Jesus, Man and Myth -- Richard Bain
    The Vengeance of God -- C. Bud Bromley
    Days and Dates in the Urantia Book -- Matthew Neibaur
    The Great Theological Challenge of Our Day
    The Search for Truth
    Meeting The Urantia Book
    The Metamorphosis of the Church
    A New Beginning for World Unity ( Part I )
    The Church in the Next Century
    The Obsolescence of Religious Imperialism
  • Fall 1994
    The Mystery of the Trinity: Unity in Plurality -- Stuart Kerr, III
    The Historicity of The Urantia Book -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    The Supreme Potential of the Family -- Janet Farrington
    The Father Idea -- Daniel Love Glazer
    The Renewal of Theology
    A New Approach to Revelation
    The Transforming Encounter
    Whatever Happened to the Soul?
    A New Beginning for World Unity ( Part II )
    The Non-Historical Jesus
    My God is a Sweet Juicy Apple -- Without the Waxy Cover
  • Spring 1995
    Eastern Orthodoxy and The Urantia Book -- Byron Belitsos
    A Urantia Church? -- Dick Bain
    The Science of Serendipity -- Carol Hay
    The Question of Angels
    The Lessons of History
    Science and Religion
    Just Another Source?
    The Adventure Has Begun
    Aphorism on Prayer and Worship
    More Psalms Today
  • Fall 1995
    Is the Science of The Urantia Book Revelatory? -- Kenneth Glasziou
    The Purpose of Revelation -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Spiritual Perspectives in the Workplace -- James Moravec
    Ministry and Service: Our Call -- Marvin Gawryn
    The Scandal of Current Spiritual Cosmology
    The Challenge of the Twenty-First Century
    The Hidden God
    The Miracle of Recovery
    Putting the New Apocalypticism in Perspective
  • Spring 1996
    Paradise: The Recentering of Theology - Byron Belitsos
    Toward a Global Theology -- Sue Tennant
    Death: The Final Frontier -- Dick Bain
    Values: Learn Them or Lose Them -- C. Bud Bromley
    The need for a New Vision of Spiritual Reality
    American Search for Spirituality
    The Historical Jesus
    The Mystery of Mind
    My Peak Experiences
  • Fall 1996
    The Atonement Doctrine -- Letter to a Friend -- Preston Thomas
    How Christian is The Urantia Book? -- Richard Bain and Dr. Meredith Sprunger
    Poor in Spirit -- Mark Hall
    On Values -- Larry Mullins
    Spiritual Decadence and Rebirth
    Semantics and the Lord's Supper
    Sermon: Taking Responsibility for Our Lives
    Serving God Within the Church
    Encountering The Urantia Book
  • Spring 1997
    Thoughts on the Brotherhood of Man -- William M. Kelly
    The Religion of Jesus -- Bruce Jackson
    Prayerful Problem Solving -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    An Age of Transition
    A Call to Renewal
    Confirming and Enlarging the Biblical Message
    When Time is Not of the Essence
    My Spiritual Pilgrimage
    Sermon: Recognizing the Goodness of God
  • Fall 1997
    To be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves -- Rebecca Kantor
    The Ambiguities of The Urantia Book -- Ken Glasziou
    Our Major Respondibility: Disseminating the Fifth Epochal Revelation -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Charting a New Course
    A New Spiritual Paradigm Needed
    New Dimensions in Theology
    Arguing With Nicodemus
    My Acceptance of The Urantia Book
    Sermon: Behold, I Am Doing a New Thing!
  • Spring 1998
    Spirituality Between the Times -- Robert Crickett
    Human Values -- Nina Bravo
    The Future of the Fifth Epochal Revelation -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Do We Really Need Another Church?
    An Introduction to the New Mission of The Spiritual Fellowship Journal
    Balanced Outreach
    Transition Times
    What is God-consciousness?
    Spiritual Affirmations to Enhanced Religious Living
    My Introduction to Jesus
    Sermon: Sharing Our Spiritual Experience
  • Fall 1998
    The Urantia Book and the Internet -- David Kantor
    The coming Spiritual Renaissance -- Preston Thomas
    Religion and the Religious Organization -- Richard Bain
    Crisis in Christianity
    Between the Times
    Does Heaven Exist?
    What if Aliens Have Landed?
    A Spiritual Support Group
    Sermon: There is Always One More Move
  • Spring 1999
    Meta-Values ( Part I )-- Larry Mullins
    Doing the Father's Will -- David E. Glass
    Disseminating the Teachings -- Richard S. Omura
    Understanding Evil in Human Experience -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    New Religious Movements
    No Credible Theology
    Worship and the Urantia Community
    Scientist Intrigued by The Urantia Book
    Sharing the Revelation
    Sermon: The Only Life Worth Living
  • Fall 1999
    The Quest for Spiritual Culture: Toward a New Paradigm of Spirituality -- David Kantor
    Meta-Values ( Part II ) -- Larry Mullins
    Living the Family of God -- Marvin Gawryn
    The Principles of Jesus' Teaching -- Richard I. Bain
    Preparing for a New Spiritual Paradigm
    Creeping Fundamentalism
    Urantia Movement Growth
    Science and Theology
    In Plain Speech
  • Spring 2000
    Go Into All the World, to Every Race, Tribe, and Nation -- Jay Newbern
    Do This in Remembrance of Me -- John Marks
    God's Gender -- Richard I. Bain
    The Commission to Minister -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    History's Unpredictability
    A New Millennium Church
    A Celebration of Low Technology
    In His Presence
    A Communion Service
    The Resurrection of Value
  • Fall 2000
    The State of the Urantia Movement -- Janet Farrington Graham
    Goals Not Creeds: Worship and Service -- Rosey Lieske
    The Mythology of The Urantia Book -- Richard I. Bain
    Planetary Ecumenism -- Jay Newbern
    Revelation and Patience -- Steven R. Johnson
    On Copyright and Service Marks
    How is Society Enculturated?
    Can We, Should We, Get Organized?
    Your Favorite Part of the Revelation
    There is a Better Way
    Finding Darwin's God
  • Spring 2001
    Truth, What is Truth -- Who Knows? -- Kenneth T. Glasziou
    The Great Enterprise -- Richard I. Bain
    Faith and Spirituality -- John Marks
    Mind Mastery -- Meredith J. Sprunger
    Transition and Transformation
    The End of Christendom
    View From the Trenches
    Teachers, Leaders, and Trembling Hands
    A Question of Priorities
    The Ascendancy of the Fifth Epochal Revelation
  • Fall 2001
    The Spiritual Fellowship -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    The Spiritual Fellowship -- Why Now? -- Rev. Sherilyn Henry
    The Family -- Birthplace of Cosmic Citizenship -- Paul Snider
    Identity in the Modern Renaissance -- Dr. Bruce R. Jackson
    A Sincere "Spiritual Attitude"= "Positive Doing" -- Nancy Bigelow
    The Turning Point (Part I ) -- Arthur Nash
    The Religion Humankind Fears -- Larry Mullins
    Real Life Outreach
    Forgotten Urantians
    Interface: A New Urgency?
  • Spring 2002
    The Inner Life Challenge -- Joan Batson Mullins
    The Priceless Opportunity: The Joy that Knows No Bounds -- Tom Choquette
    More Lessons from the Birds and Bees -- Merlyn Cox
    The Scientific Integrity of The Urantia Book -- Denver Pearson
    The Infinity of God: An Astronomical Approach -- Bud Bromley
    The Real Gospel -- Norm Du Val
    The Turning Poing ( Part II ) -- Arthur Nash
  • Fall 2002
    The History of the Spiritual Fellowship -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Quantum Mysteries and The Urantia Papers ( Part I )-- Donald Briglia
    A Service Adventure in Guatemala -- Micah Kruger
    Let's Go Public -- Ken Raveill
    Compare: Human Concepts Paralleled with The Urantia Papers -- Tom and Karen Allen
    The Man Nobody Knows ( Part I ) -- Bruce Barton
  • Spring 2003
    Quantum Mysteries and The Urantia Papers ( Part II ) -- Donald Briglia
    Unique Urantian Outreach -- Gary Dangerfield
    Personal and Global Peace -- Anton Schmalz
    Where are the Great Urantia Leaders and Teachers? -- Larry Watkins
    Is this a Boring Movement? -- Eric Cosh
    God's Orchestra -- Saskia Praamsma Raevouri
    God within Our Daily Life and our Eternity Adventure -- JioLin Johnson
    The Man Nobody Knows ( Part II ) -- Bruce Barton
  • Fall 2003
    Sir Hubert Wilkins: 20th Century Magellan, Early Urantian -- Robert D. Campbell
    Eugenics and the Urantia Papers -- Dick Bain
    A Different View -- Larry and Joan Mullins
    Spiritual Outreach for Spiritual Fellowships -- Nancy Long
    God and Lady -- Thomas Strawser
    The Man Nobody Knows ( Part III ) -- Bruce Barton
    The Sherman Diaries -- Larry Mullins
    Creative Outreach: Adjusting our Perspective -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Interface: Leadership for Spiritual Communities - Merlyn Cox
  • Spring 2004 -- No issue published
  • Fall 2004
    The Challenge ( Part I ) -- Kenneth T. Glasziou
    Acutalizing a New Organizational Paradigm -- Richard Omura
    Prayer and Worship -- As We Should Understand It -- Jean Barr
    Poison, Parables, and Paradise -- Stephen Zendt
    Jesus and the Cross -- Richard I. Bain
    Religion in Transition
    The Joy of Living ina New Age
    Are We Starting a New Religion?
    Should a Urantia Church be Formed?
  • Spring 2005
    The Challenge ( Part II ) -- Kenneth T. Glasziou
    A Careful Examination of the "Not Inspired" Disclaimers of The Urantia Book (Part I) -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
    Rhawn Joseph and the "Death of Darwinism" -- Merlyn Cox
    On the Supreme: An Essay -- Mel Quinn
    Reflections on a Long Winter
    Toward Spiritual Fellowship
  • Fall 2005
    A Careful Examination of the "Not Inspired" Disclaimers of The Urantia Book (Part II) -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
    LIving the Teachings -- Larry and Joan Mullins
    Pioneers in the New Age -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Fusion Power -- Stan Hartman
    The Search for Alternative Communities
    Global Preparation
    Religious Pluralism
    Sermon: Ye Shall Know the Truth
  • Spring 2006 -- Last Issue
    Urantia Brotherhood -- Origin, History, and Destiny -- Mark Kulieke
    Spiritual Practice and Individual Lectio Divina -- Nancy Long
    A Tale of Two Orvontons -- Richard Bain
    The Call to Ministry -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
    Gifts and Graces of the Urantia Community
    Christianity in Transition
    Jesus' Confrontational Technique
    The Art of Teaching