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A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton

1. Index to the Series and Introduction

  • 1. Why Study the Life and Teachings of Jesus?
  • 2. Discourses Previous to the Galilean Ministry
    • A youthful sermon at age 15
    • Roman trip discourses
      • Discourse on Reality
      • Discourse on Time and Space
      • Discourse on Truth and Faith
      • Personal Ministry in Rome
      • Personal Ministry in Corinth
      • Discourse on the Soul
      • Discourse on Mind
    • Sermon on the Kingdom
    • The Ordination Sermon
    • Teachings en Route to Jerusalem, January through March, AD 27
    • Discourses in Jerusalem, April AD 27
      • On the Growth of the Concept of God
      • On Assurance
      • Lesson on the Family
    • Teachings on the Journey Northward
      • In Defense of the Gospel
      • The Water of Life
      • Discourse on Prayer
  • 3. Discourses of the Galilean Ministry
    • Teachings of the First Preaching Tour
      • Sermon on the Will of the Father in Heaven
      • On Prayer, Thanksgiving and Worship
      • On Certainty of Faith
    • Talks at the Bethsaida Training School for Evangelists
      • On Evil and Suffering
    • Teachings of the Second Preaching Tour, October through December, AD 28
    • Lessons from Times of Mounting Hostility
      • What Must I do to be Saved?
      • The Nazareth Sermon
      • The Feeding of the Five Thousand
      • The Epochal Sermon
  • 6. Other Sermons
    • The Last Temple Discourse
    • The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Coming
    • Sonship and Citizenship
    • Teachings About the Spirit of Truth

1. Introduction: Why Study the Life and Teachings of Jesus?

Note: All numbered references in this study refer to page and paragraph number in the original 1955 printing of The Urantia Book. "nl" refers to the "next to last" paragraph on the indicated page. Current Uversa Press editions of the book contain these page numbers at the inside bottom of each page. In the margins of the text small "<" characters mark the location of page changes in the original printing.

  • 1. Important knowledge
    • 2090.nl Of all human knowledge...
    • 2052.last 2 lines That which the world needs most to know...
    • 448.2 Supernal fact...
  • 2. Purposes of the Bestowal "In all your efforts to decipher the meaning of Jesus' life on Urantia, you must bemindful of the motivation of the Michael bestowal....You must discern the purpose of his sojourn on your world." 1423.last
    • 1407.2 Two main purposes...
    • 1417.6 prime mission...
  • 3. Purpose number 12 of detailed list; The revelation of man to God--1328.last 1407.last, 1408.2,5-7 1425.5,7 The human Jesus 636.1 Attained light and life 1511.2 Baptism
  • 4. Jesus' demonstration of "transcendent human possibilities" is our most helpful first step in the climb to Paradise; 85.4f
    • Divine perfection plans; 448.3-8
    • Five reasons; 34.nl-35.3
    • The Father's downreach; 1857.4
    • Lens; 454.4
    • See also end of page 40; "Ascending Sons of God"