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Discourse Series Table of Contents

A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton
Note: All numbered references in this study refer to page and paragraph number in the original 1955 printing of The Urantia Book. "nl" refers to the "next to last" paragraph on the indicated page. Current Uversa Press editions of the book contain these page numbers at the inside bottom of each page. In the margins of the text small < characters mark the location of page changes in the original printing.

4. Phoenician, Mount Hermon and Decapolis Ministry

1. Fleeing Through Northern Galilee

  • 1. "Frozen forms of religion into liquid liberties of enlightened sonship." 1728.1
    • Time and place: late May to early June, at Caesarea\Philippi. Daily talks by the Master to discouraged apostles. 1727.2,3,4,7,8
  • 2. The Discourses on True Religion. 1728.Sec.5; 1730.Sec.6 June 9, upper Jordan valley, near Luz
    • Occasion: Thomas asked, "What is the real difference between the religion of the Jews at Jerusalem and ours?" Excerpts: 1729.4-6; 1731.3; 1752.5; 1733.2

2. Teachings at Tyre; 1737.Sec 4,5

  • 1. Jesus' address in the temple of Baal Afternoon of July 20, at Tyre. 1737.4
    • Theme: The Father's love for all mankind, the Son's mission to all races. 1737.l (white lily); 1738.2 (firm foundation)
  • 2. Evening aftermath with apostles and evangelists
    • Excerpts: 1739.4 (Discovery you are human); 1739.nl (Implicit faith); 1740.4 (Ideals and ideas); 1740.5 (Holding grudges); 1740.6 (Tact); 1740.9 (Difficulty whets ardor).

3. Beginning the Son-of-God Ministry

  • 1. "Upon this rock." 1747.4
    • Time and place: Celsus' garden, Caesarea-Philippi, August 9, AD 29
    • Occasion: Peter's confession, the day before. 1745.Sec.3
    • Later historical influence: This statement by Jesus, thru misinterpretation became the dogma of apostolic succession in the Christian church.
    • Jesus' reasons for revealing his divinity at this time: 1748.2,3; 1749.2 (four stages); 1749.nl,l New teaching, strange to the twelve: 1750.2, 5-8
  • 2. The transfiguration, a celestial inauguration ceremony for the Son-of-God ministry. August 15, AD 29 1751.l 1752.Sec.1 Meaning of the transfiguration: 1755.Sec.3

4. Decapolis Tour

  • Discussions ("For the time being, tell this to no man." 1746.3d. Therefore, the public preaching during this tour continued as before.)
  • 1. Instruction for Teachers and Believers. 1765.Sec.3
    • Time and place: Late August, AD 29, at Edrei, with Thomas and evangelists.
    • Excerpts: 1765.4 (no force); 1765.5 (self-respect); 1766.4 (faith and sails); 1766.nl (no false sympathy); 1766.l (expand the mind).
  • 2. Talk on the Authority of the Scriptures, to Nathaniel, only. 1767.3
    • Time and place: September, Abila, where Nathaniel and group taught. Key statements: 1767.nl (man made); 1767.l (but contain highest concepts, 1768.nl (not infallible); 1768.l (sealed only by ignorance, bigotry). Nathaniel shocked, enlightened.

5. Sermons at the Feast of Tabernacles

  • October, AD 29; The Master's official announcement of his divinity to the Jewish people and the world. 1790.2d
  • 1. First Temple Talk. 1790.Sec.2 Dangerous situation--a calculated risk. 1788.l; 1789.2; 1789.5-7 Questions and answers--meeting the issues head-on. "How quote Scriptures so fluently?" "No man has taught me the truths I declare." 1790.nl "Why do rulers seek to kill you?" "My teaching would destroy their authority." 1791.1
    • Result: Sanhedrin sent Eber to apprehend Jesus." 1791.l
  • 2. Sermon on the Light of the World. 1794.Sec.5 Dramatic setting: Great candelabras, scores of burning torches. 1794.l
    • Key excerpts: 1795.1 "Never can the creature sit in judgment on the Creator." 1795.2 "I am from above...not of this world, and I live in the eternal light of the Father of Lights."
    • How received? Many believed; no man dared arrest him. 1795.4
  • 3. On the Water of Life. 1795.Sec.6
    • Effective timing of action: On the morning of the last great day of the feast, in a pause during the water-and -wine ritua. 1795.l
    • Message: "Why seek to water your souls...from the broken pitchers of ceremonial service?" The bestowal of the spirit leads to true waters of life."
    • Result: Still they dared not arrest him. 1796.3d