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The Story of Everything: A Synopsis of The Urantia Book

Paper106: Universe Levels of Reality

The evolving master universe contains multiple phases of existential and experiential reality. Although there are many ways of looking at reality, human perception is constrained by language, mind capacity, human inability to grasp even a partial view of eternity, and the limited development

God the Sevenfold provides the superuniverse time lag that makes creature participation in evolutionary growth possible. Mortals are truly partners with the Creator in their own evolution. As God the Sevenfold coordinates finite evolution, the Supreme Being synthesizes destiny attainment. The Supreme Being embraces everything evolving in time and space and invests all with spirit personality. God the Supreme is both experiential and experiencible.

It is conjectured that when the Supreme Being emerges at the end of the present universe age, the first experiential Trinity will eventuate. The functioning of this Ultimate Trinity may result in the emergence of the apex of transcendental reality-God the Ultimate. This theoretical occurrence leads to anticipation of the second experiential Trinity, the Absolute Trinity, which would come into existence only at the completion of the entire master universe, from Havona to the fourth space level. If at some future time there exists the original existential Paradise Trinity and two experiential Trinities, we come to the possibility that, at some far distant moment, a Trinity of Trinities may emerge.

It is difficult to develop concepts of infinite reality. All such concepts must embrace the finality of universal development, the experiential realization of all that could ever be. Mortals, spirits, even the universes themselves have potential final destinies, but it is doubtful that any being will ever completely attain all aspects of this destiny. No matter how much a creature grows in Father comprehension, he will always be staggered by the unrevealed infinity of the Father-I AM. The infinity of the I AM is the assurance that throughout the endless future, ascending beings will enjoy continuing possibilities of personality development which even eternity will never exhaust. The inconceivably distant future moment when the entire master universe is completed may signal the beginning of even greater and more enthralling metamorphoses.

When human beings try to understand the unification of the finite and the infinite, they face inherent intellectual limitations. Time, space, and experience are barriers to understanding these concepts, yet without time humans could not discern sequence, without space perception they could not fathom simultaneity, and without experience they could not even exist. Time, space, and experience simultaneously aid and create obstacles to human perceptions of reality. The space-time phenomenon does not take place on Paradise; potentials on Paradise are perceived as actuals.

The unification of all realities must involve both existential and experiential realities. The concept of the existential, solitary, pre-Trinity nonattainable I AM, and the postulate of the experiential post-Trinity of Trinities and the attainable I AM, are one and the same. The I AM exists before all existentials and after all experientials.

Mortals will grapple with the never-ending paradoxes of infinity and eternity throughout their eternal careers. The final quest of eternity is the endless exploration of infinity-the never-ending voyage of discovery into the absoluteness of the First Source and Center. Creature growth is proportional to Father identification, and living the will of God is the eternal passport to the endless possibility of infinity itself.

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