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The Story of Everything: A Synopsis of The Urantia Book

Paper 191: Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders

April 9th, resurrection Sunday, was a miserable day for the apostles. Thomas spent the day brooding alone in Bethphage. Peter vacillated between believing in the resurrection and doubting it. James wanted to go to the tomb to see for himself until Nathaniel reminded him that Jesus had warned against jeopardizing their own safety. Andrew was perplexed but was also grateful that he had been released from his leadership role.

Simon Zelotes spent most of the day lying on a couch, staring at the wall. Matthew was distracted by the fact that he had received the apostolic funds formerly carried by Judas, and he was worried about what to do with the money. Philip asked many questions. The Alpheus twins believed that Jesus was alive, because they had spoken with their mother who said she had talked to the resurrected Master.

Jesus delayed his first appearance to the apostles because he wanted them to think about what he had said about his death. The Master also wanted Peter to work through some of his problems, and Thomas to rejoin his fellows.

Peter wondered if Jesus refrained from appearing to his men because of Peter's denials in Annas's courtyard. He went outside to the garden to think. As he contemplated events his faith increased. He spoke aloud, saying, "I believe he has risen from the dead; I will go and tell my brethren." At that very moment, Jesus appeared, saying, "Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I would not give you up." Peter and Jesus spoke for almost five minutes before the Master vanished. Peter rushed into the upper chamber and told the apostles that he had seen the Master. The report had an influence on the apostles, but not enough to convince them of Jesus' resurrection.

Soon thereafter, Jesus appeared in their midst. "Peace be upon you. Why are you so frightened when I appear, as though you had seen a spirit? Did I not tell you about these things when I was present with you in the flesh?" Jesus told them that when they were all together again they would go into Galilee to enter into a new phase of service in the kingdom. The Master vanished.

On Monday, Jesus spent time visiting with morontia beings on Urantia. On Tuesday, he appeared to Abner, Lazarus, and over one hundred others at a meeting in Philadelphia which was called to discuss rumors of the resurrection. All day Wednesday Jesus visited morontia delegates from the mansion worlds of the local systems of Norlatiadek.

On Saturday, Peter and John went to Bethphage and brought Thomas to Jerusalem. Thomas continued to disbelieve the stories of the resurrection. "I will not believe unless I see the Master with my own eyes and put my finger in the mark of the nails." At that moment, the morontia form of Jesus appeared. After speaking to the group, Jesus spoke to Thomas, saying, "I bid you be not faithless but believing-and I know you will believe, even with a whole heart."

It took nine days for the news of the crucifixion to reach Alexandria. On April 18th, Rodan gathered some eighty Greek and Jewish believers to hear the messenger's sad news. Just as his report ended the morontia form of Jesus appeared. Jesus' final words to this gathering were:

"As the Father sent me into this world, even so now send I you. You are all called to carry the good news to those who sit in darkness. This gospel of the kingdom belongs to all who believe it; it shall not be committed to the custody of mere priests. Soon will the Spirit of Truth come upon you, and he shall lead you into all truth. Go you, therefore, into all the world preaching this gospel, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages."

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