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The Story of Everything: A Synopsis of The Urantia Book

Paper 43: The Constellations

Norlatiadek's government worlds are ten satellites surrounding each of seventy major spheres surrounding the capitol, Edentia. Edentia contains thousands of lakes and interconnecting streams. Edentia is the home of the resurrection halls and two Melchizedek

Edentia's sea of glass, an enormous circular crystal one hundred miles in diameter and thirty miles deep, is used as a landing zone for transport angels and as a reflectivity surface.

Constellation administration is autonomous and is concerned primarily with legislative functions. The rulers of the constellations are Vorondadek Sons, also known as the Most Highs. A minimum of three Vorondadeks rule on each constellation.

The capitals of the constellations are the acme of morontia activities and botanical artistry. These architectural worlds are called 'the Gardens of God' because of the exquisite beauty of the gardens of the Most High. Architectural worlds have ten forms of material life: three animal, three vegetable, and four unrevealed types. The animals are intelligent, serviceable herbivores. The plant life tends to be purple instead of green.

A mortal's time spends on the worlds at the center of Norlatiadek primarily in the mastery of group ethics-pleasant interrelationship with other personalities. We will achieve real socialization of our evolving personalities by learning to live and cooperate with fellow morontians as well as univitatia, the permanent citizens of Edentia. Time spent on the constellation training worlds is the most stable phase of the morontia career.

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