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The Story of Everything: A Synopsis of The Urantia Book

Paper 57: The Origin of Urantia

Nearly one trillion years ago, an inspector from the Primary Master Force Organizers of Paradise reported that conditions were favorable for materialization in our sector of Orvonton.

Nine hundred billion years ago a permit was issued authorizing the dispatch of a force organizer and his staff, who inaugurated the energy whirl that became the Andronover nebula.

Six hundred billion years ago the Andronover nebula acquired its maximum mass. The nebula's rotational speed increase, its gravity began to weaken, and gas began to escape into two gigantic arms on opposing sides of the original mass.

Five hundred billion years ago the first sun in the Andronover system was formed.

Two hundred billion years ago the oldest inhabited planets of Nebadon were formed.

Six billion years ago our sun was born as the Andronover nebula condensed. Our solar system, Monmatia, had an unusual origin. An enormous system, Angona, drew near to Monmatia. Its gravity pulled solar gases from the sun, which evolved into planets, meteors, and space dust of our solar system. The planets now travel in the plane of the Angona system rather than around the equatorial plane of our sun. The reverse motion in the orbits of our sun's planets, which perplexes astronomers, is a result of material from the Angona system merging into our sun's gravity range. Jupiter and Saturn shone so brightly when they first formed that they were secondary suns; they remain largely gaseous today.

Three billion years ago our solar system was much as it is today. The planets were smaller; for some time the earth was not much bigger than the moon.

One and one half billion years ago volcanic activity on earth was at its height. A crust gradually formed, and atmosphere slowly began to surround the planet.

One billion years ago Urantia was officially placed on the physical registries of Nebadon. As the world cooled, the first ocean formed, covering the entire earth in fresh water one mile deep. Fifty million years later there was one great continent and one ocean. Lava flows, earthquakes, and violent storms characterized this age.

Nine hundred million years ago a scouting party from Satania recommended that Urantia be designated a decimal planet, a life-experiment world.

Six hundred and fifty million years ago, the continents had separated, the seas were attaining the necessary saltiness, and Urantia was nearly ready for establishment of life in the inland seas.

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