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2nd order of transition minister seraphim 39:6.1
seraphim who harmonize varied viewpoints of races 48:6.11
Hertzian waves utilized for 42:5.12
role of upper air belts 46:1.6, 58:2.10
wave-energy octave position 42:5.1,12
disorganizing tendency of heavier elements 42:3.11
excess derived from break up of mesotron 42:8.5
radioactive elements brought in by meteors 57:7.3
uranium disintegration 42:4.12
gamma ray emission 42:5.1,7
positive particles fly off at 10,000 miles/second 42:7.3,5
r. clock is most reliable timepiece 57:7.3
uranium disintegration by emissions of 42:4.12
rain. See also drought
appears to come down in waves, but is actually in separate drops 41:5.7
began when atmosphere cooled; lasted thousands of years 57:7.7
falls on the just and unjust alike 2:5.1, 131:10.4, 140:3.16, 166:4.4
feared and worshiped by primitive tribes 85:4.3
none on Jerusem 46:2.2
some shamans specialized in making 90:2.1,6
Indian, African, Hebrew, and Christian view of 85:4.2
Babylonian god of the air 146:1.1
first mortal to secure personal guardian of destiny 113:2.2
system immediately neighboring Satania 41:2.1, 53:6.5
cf: emptying doomed planet 51:2.3
philosophy leaning heavily toward world of matter 103:6.14
wrong in assuming primitive beliefs are followed by pursuit of values 103:1.4
20 year old superhuman Nodite; 2nd wife of Adamson, with whom she had 67 children 77:5.5-6
descended in unbroken line from pure Nodite staff 80:7.5
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2
Father provides food for every one that seeks 165:5.2
term of derision 69:6.7
all adheres and consists in God 3:1.7
completion of cycle of r. 106:8.9
comprehended only by personal experience in God's will 1:7.5
comprehending r. is equivalent of approaching God 196:3.3
creature becomes real as he becomes God identified 118:7.5
defect-interruptions permit man to glimpse 4:2.7
elliptic symmetry of 11:8.2, 103:6.14, 105:0.1
evil inherent in segmentalized conception of 19:1.4
excepting 7 Absolutes, all r. is relative 115:7.3
genesis of reality 105:1.5, 105:2.2-4, 105:4.1, 105:5.1-6, 105:7.8
7 Absolutes eternalize foundations for all r. 105:4.2
creation of Eternal Son 0:3.15, 6:7.1, 11:9.3, 105:2.5
creation of Havona; appearance of material and spiritual gravity 0:11.1, 8:1.4-6
creation of Infinite Spirit 0:3.15, 8:0.3, 8:1.1-2, 8:3.1, 105:2.7
eternity existence of I AM is primal source of all 19:1.12, 56:10.11, 105:1.3, 105:4.1
Father's thought eternalized in Paradise and Eternal Son 9:1.7, 11:9.3, 56:2.2
never was a real beginning to r. 105:1.5
origin in differentiation of I AM 0:3.14-15
originates in will of Father 0:4.1,5, 3:2.3, 4:1.6
potential becomes actual due to intrusion of some divine agency 3:1.7
r. exists by virtue of eternal purpose of God 105:5.1, 115:1.4
space is a bestowal of Paradise 11:7.4
universes emanated from Paradise 42:2.3
God-consciousness experienced on levels of mind, soul, spirit, and personality 5:5.11
in local universe, r. is matter, morontia, and spirit 103:6.7
Jesus' discourse on 130:4sec
Jesus frankly faced 100:7.4
levels of reality Papers 105, 106) 0:4.9,
1. finite reality 106:0.3
2 manifestations of r. are innate perfection and evolved perfection 32:3.15
ascending creatures are incomplete finites up to destiny attainment 106:0.3-4
begins with appearance of Havona 105:2.7
characterized by time-space creature life 0:1.11
domains of energy and spirit literally held together by mind presences of Infinite Spirit 116:3.2
economic necessities tie man up with r. 99:7.5
faith in Jesus provides salvation from 101:6.8
fleeting shadow of Paradise realities 189:1.3
has beginnings, may not have endings 0:1.11
in human experience 0:4.6-10, 0:5.6-12
is good; only its misuse and perversion is evil and sinful 102:3.15, 111:6.3
matter, mind, and spirit 12:8.9-12, 65:7.8
matter in all suns and planets is identical 29:1.4, 41:3.2
Paradise values concealed within physical facts 195:7.4
partial, shadowy as understood by finite beings 0:3.13
philosophical blunder of oversimplifying 19:1.9
physical universe characterized by number 10 36:2.4
possibility for finite is inherent in the Infinite 105:5.4, 115:2.4
present confusion due to incomplete grasp of activities of Conjoint Actor, Unqualified Absolute 41:5.8
primary association of finite functions 106:1sec
promulgation and repercussions of 105:5-6secs)
secondary supreme integration 106:2sec
sensitivity to r. constitutive in mind of man 103:7.11
spirit more real than matter 44:0.8-9
Supreme is unifier and correlator of all finite r. See Supreme, the
supreme r. is sovereignty of truth, beauty, goodness 99:4.4
unrevealed tertiary finites 106:1.1
2. absonite reality. See also absonity; Transcendentalers
7 levels 30:1.15
Architects of Master Universe, Transcendentalers, Master Force Organizers are absonite beings 30:1.15
Architects of Master Universe exist on 7 absonite levels; have supernal absonites 31:9.1-9
eventuation of transcendentals 105:7sec
eventuation process 30:1.14-16, 31:8.3, 31:9.10
Havona is not absonite, but illustrates it 105:7.2
limit of absonity reached in 28,012th Master Architect 31:9.10
mind is absonite in Havona 42:10.7
much of Paradise-Havona is absonite 106:0.5
realities associated with absonite 105:7.4
Supreme provides technique for finite to attain absonite 0:8.4, 56:8.1
tranosta is energy system on upper Paradise in connection with absonite peoples 42:2.18
transcendental tertiary association 106:3sec
transcendentals are subinfinite and subabsolute but superfinite and supercreatural 105:7.1-2
transcendentals preceded and succeed finite 105:5.3, 106:0.5
ultimate reality. See also God the Ultimate
finaliters may someday eventuate the ultimacy of God 5:5.11
level of master universe significance 106:0.6
much of Paradise-Havona is 106:0.6
omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent 0:1.10
space is absolutely ultimate 118:3.5
the ultimate adventure 31:10sec
Trinity Ultimate co-ordinates master universe 106:4.1
ultimate quartan integration 106:4sec
unifier and correlator of all absonite reality 0:1.10
without beginnings or endings, transcending time and space 0:1.12, 0:4.8
3. absolute reality 0:4.8, 106:0.8,. See also eternity; infinity; monota
6th-phase integration 106:6sec
beginningless, endless, timeless, spaceless, limitless; unqualifiedly eternal truly existential 0:1.13, 106:9.3, 115:1.3, 115:3.1
coabsolute r. is super-master universe level of 5th-phase association 106:0.7, 106:5sec
Deity and Unqualified Absolutes are indistinguishable in presence of Universal Absolute 106:5.2
dominates other levels 3:2.5
energy and spirit are one 116:6.3
existential reality
eternity power of Paradise Deities 106:2.3
infinite unification of r. 106:9sec
self-contained and self-existent 117:6.20
Trinity attained 0:1.13
vs. experiential r. 0:4.9
from eternity; comprised of 3 persons of Deity, Paradise, and the Absolutes 105:2.1
impossible to achieve full revelation of absolute r. in subabsolute cosmos 106:6.1-4
material, mindal, and spiritual energies indistinguishable 1:3.5, 3:2.5
neither time nor space; all potentials perceived as actuals 106:9.3
Original, Actual, and Potential phases 115:3.5-9
present moment contains all past and future; potential r. just as meaningful as actual r. 118:1.9-10
space comes nearest of all nonabsolute things to being absolute 118:3.5
4. other categorizations of reality
3 elements of r. are fact, idea, and relation 196:3.2,. See also science, philosophy, and religion
3 original phases of divine energy are physical, mindal, and spiritual energy 44:5.5
3 phases are origin, history, and destiny 19:1.6
3 phases of existence are material, morontial, and spiritual 46:4.4
7 levels 12:8.9
7 phases 0:4.9, 106:0.2-9
Deity reality Paper 105 ,)
mind-spirit unified by personality 12:8.13
ranges from personality to Deity Absolute 0:4.3
exists on finite, transcendental, and absolute levels 105:7.5
infinity the hypothetical r. before all beginnings and after all destinies 106:0.9
personal r. vs. impersonal r. 0:4.10
total r. is existential in 7 Absolutes 0:3.1, 104:3.5
undeified r. ranges from energy domains to Unqualified Absolute 0:4.2
mortals' r. is greater as they approach God 117:4.14
personality of higher level ultimately triumphs over personality of lower level 2:3.5
r. measured by physical gravity is antithesis of spirit r. 12:8.5
r. response delivers from false a priori assumptions 16:6.4
signifies change, growth 100:3.5
sin is knowingly resisting cosmic r. 67:1.4
spiritual r. not discernible in physical causes and effects 101:10.1
total r. is infinity; can never be comprehended by finite mind 105:0.2
true self-realization results from identification with 94:11.6
understanding r. enhances man's terrestrial and cosmic orientation 106:0.1

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