Organism and Mechanism

On a material world you think of a body as having a spirit, but we regard the spirit as having a body. The material eyes are truly the windows of the spirit-born soul. The spirit is the architect, the mind is the builder, the body is the material building. [42:12.12 (483.12)]

Mortal man is a machine, a living mechanism. His roots are truly in the physical world of energy. Many human reactions are mechanical in nature. Much of life is machinelike. Nevertheless, man as a living mechanism is much more than a machine. He is mind endowed and spirit indwelt. Though he can never throughout his material life escape the chemical and electrical mechanics of his physical existence, he can increasingly learn how to subordinate this physical-life machine to the directive wisdom of experience by the process of consecrating the human mind to the execution of the spiritual urges of the indwelling presence of the heavenly Father.

The Mortal Framework

1. The Human Body - material and electrochemical machine:

  • Of animal nature and origin

  • Our material "vechicle" and the physical temple of God's indwelling

2. The Mortal Mind - the thinking, perceiving, and feeling system of human experience:

  • Manages and directs the human body

  • The fountainhead of mortal intelligence

3. The Immortal Soul - the joint creation of the God-knowing mortal mind and the Father's indwelling divine spirit (the Thought Adjuster):

  • The emerging "morontia" reality of spiritualizing mind

  • The evolving vechile for surviving selfhood continuity

4. The Freewill Personalitty - of primal source in the original person of the Univeral Father:

  • The one changeless reality in an ever-changing creature experience

  • The unifer of all the associated factors of individuality - the living and associated energies of matter (body), mind, and spirit (soul)

It would be helpful in the study of selfhood to remember:  

  1. Physical systems are subordinate.
  2. Intellectual systems are co-ordinate.
  3. Personality is superordinate.
  4. The indwelling spiritual force is potentially directive.

As a physical organism, the human body is a material and electrochemical machine of animal nature and origin. The mortal mind is the thinking, perceiving, and feeling system of the human organism that manages and directs the body vehicle. The human mind is the mechanism for intercommunication and interassociation between spirit and matter, between the material and the spiritual. The experiential acquirement of the emerging and immortal soul is of a new "morontia" reality—being neither material but not quite yet fully spiritual, it might be thought of as being in the process of "spiritualizing". As used throughout The Urantia Book, the term morontia represents a vast level of realities and energies—personal or impersonal, living or non-living - that intervene between the material and the spiritual. The spiritualizing morontia soul is destined to survive mortal death.

The freewill personality of a human being finds its primal source directly in the original person of the Universal Father. Our personality is the one changeless reality in an ever-changing creature experience, it is the unifier of all the associated factors of individuality—the living and associated energies of matter (body), mind, and spirit (soul). The divine gift of personality is bestowed upon a mind-endowed mortal mechanism.

The Urantia type of human personality may be viewed as functioning in a physical mechanism consisting of the planetary modification of the Nebadon type of organism belonging to the electrochemical order of life activation and endowed with the Nebadon order of the Orvonton series of the cosmic mind of parental reproductive pattern. The bestowal of the divine gift of personality upon such a mind-endowed mortal mechanism confers the dignity of cosmic citizenship and enables such a mortal creature forthwith to become reactive to the constitutive recognition of the three basic mind realities of the cosmos:
1. The mathematical or logical recognition of the uniformity of physical causation.
2. The reasoned recognition of the obligation of moral conduct.
3. The faith-grasp of the fellowship worship of Deity, associated with the loving service of humanity. [16:8.15 (195.2)]

If mind is the arena in which we make the choice to align ourselves with the Father's purposes, in which we choose to follow his divine will in all things, what is the real nature and source of mind? Is mind a natural outgrowth of the neural organization of the material brain, or is the phenomenon of "thinking mind" a reality unto itself? Is mind a physical attribute similar to the mechanical reasoning of a computer, or is true mind a creative resource given us superimposed upon the physical mechanism of the material brain? Does the function of thinking mind transcend the cause-and-effect boundaries inherent to the mechanics of logic? Does the phenomenon of mind allow for the true freedom of original choice? These are important questions because we must know if there is such a thing as freewill choice. We must know if the thinking arena of mind allows us to freely evaluate our life experiences and to thereby make personal and original choices as to how we want to proceed with the rest of our lives. The Urantia Book is very clear in its presentation on the reality and source of mind.

Mind is not inherent in energy; energy is receptive and responsive to mind; mind can be superimposed upon energy, but consciousness is not inherent in the purely material level. [9:4.2 (102.2)]

Always must man's inner spirit depend for its expression and self-realization upon the mechanism and technique of the mind. Likewise must man's outer experience of material reality be predicated on the mind consciousness of the experiencing personality. Therefore are the spiritual and the material, the inner and the outer, human experiences always correlated with the mind function and conditioned, as to their conscious realization, by the mind activity. Man experiences matter in his mind; he experiences spiritual reality in the soul but becomes conscious of this experience in his mind. The intellect is the harmonizer and the ever-present conditioner and qualifier of the sum total of mortal experience. Both energy-things and spirit values are colored by their interpretation through the mind media of consciousness. [103:6.6 (1136.1)]

According to The Urantia Book, the intellect of mind takes primal origin in the Infinite Spirit, the third person of the Paradise Trinity and the universal source and center of infinite mind. Mind is necessary for mortal beings to enact their freewill choices and decisions. As commonly used on our world, the working adjutants of mortal mind are provided by the Creative Mother Spirit (the local universe presence of the Infinite Spirit). These mind-adjutants are the tools by which human personalities digest and analyze their life-experiences. They buttress the material mind arena in which human beings "live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves". [111:1.3 (1216.4)]

Mind provides for the total conscious and sub-conscious experience of the mortal creature. Mind is the foundation of mortal intelligence. From a base of simple mechanical response, mind reaches upward from the experiential assimilation and analysis of day-to-day living and into the sublime experience of worship and wisdom. Mind even strives for and attains to the very borders of the spirit. A divine "spark" of the Paradise Father indwells a receptive mortal mind. This primal fragment of Father is immortal and pre-personal "divine spirit". It co-partners with mortal personality to give birth to the embryonic soul of our potential salvation. If we prove willing and worthy, this divine spark (designated our Thought Adjuster) is destined to become one (to fuse) with the personality of the surviving mortal creature of its indwelling thus assuring eternal life for the mortal ascender.

Evan as a man who is asleep awakens, but when he is asleep does not know that he is going to awake, so a part of the subtle invisible Spirit comes as a messenger to the body without the body being concsious of his arrival. A part of Infinite Concsiousness becomes our own finite consciousmess with powers of discrimination and defination... He is in truth Prajapati and Visva, the Source of creation and the Universal in us all. (Maitri Upanishad Part )

Mortal mind initiates consciousness in joint coordination (intimate association) with matter (i.e., the physical brain). By virtue of the indwelling presence of the Thought Adjuster, mortal mind is transformed by the adjusting acts of the mortal will from a level of material association to the potentially spirit phases of the immortal soul. The human exercise of free will transforms mortal mind from matter association to spirit union by both personal choices and actions. When a mortal personality makes freewill choices in the daily activities of his life that have an impact on his evolving sense of right and wrong, the spirit potentials of these new meanings and values within the mortal mind are translated into the morontia comprehensions of the immortal soul. This mortal mind, onetime subservient to matter, yields to spirit and will hopefully attain survival and eternity of personality existence.

Mortal mind subservient to matter is destined to become increasingly material and consequently to suffer eventual personality extinction; mind yielded to spirit is destined to become increasingly spiritual and ultimately to achieve oneness with the surviving and guiding divine spirit and in this way to attain survival and eternity of personality existence. [1:3.7 (26.1)]

Material (Preadjutant) Mind

All organizations of material energy are receptive and responsive to the phenomenon of mind. Some functional operation of mind must always be superimposed upon a material energy system in order for it to be characterized as being minded. The most basic ministry of mind functioning is material (preadjutant) mind. This is also referred to as mechanical mind. Material mind operates exclusively with subpersonal living things. This superimposition of material mind is mechanical in that it is non-teachable, being passively and predictably responsive to stimuli. Mechanical (material) mind lacks the capacity to learn from experience. It is certainly devoid of the personal ability to recognize the deity attributes of divinity and worship. On the other hand, material mind strives for the mechanical perfection of design in the complete absence of free will and independence of decision. This attainment of the mechanical perfection of design may still be perfectly matter-of-fact and skillfully performed with intelligent precision and accuracy.

Material mind is bestowed upon the most primitive forms of material life, providing them with a limited form of consciousness that is void of the quality of personality. Mind can function in the absence of association with personality, although this phase of material mind is consequently deprived of all powers of original choice. This operation of material mind functions largely in the non-teachable levels of the lower orders of animal life. It is sensitive to external and physical stimuli originating from the outer environment of the living organism. The external stimulus of physical reality travels over the sensory mechanism of the material body and registers in the physical mind of some rudimentary foundation of primitive brain center. Such an undeveloped (or, rather, pre-developed) physical brain provides the elementary pattern for mind endowment.

This level of mind is nonexperiencing and on the inhabited worlds is ministered by the Master Physical Controllers. This is mechanical mind, the nonteachable intellect of the most primitive forms of material life, but the nonteachable mind functions on many levels beside that of primitive planetary life. [42:10.3 (480.6)]

Master Physical Controllers are a class of beings who are capable of metamorphosizing energy and power. In one of their variegated capacities, they serve as controllers and directors on inhabitable worlds of those physical life factors that are anticipatory of mechanical mind. They involve themselves in the development of the pre-living manifestations of material energy, the physical preliminaries of life, in anticipation for the sometime endowment of material (mechanical) mind. They elaborate on those energy systems that may eventually develop into the physical embodiments of the most elementary living organisms. Master Physical Controllers formulate the material designs of evolutionary pre-mind in conjunction with the active life implantation ministries of the assigned Life Carriers. The physical controllers have charge over the mechanical, non-teachable levels of material mind as these are passively subject to organismal environmental response. In preparation for the functioning of the adjutant mind spirits, the physical controllers activate the energy-matter of physical mind in subpersonal living things.

Living mind, prior to the appearance of capacity to learn from experience, is the ministry domain of the Master Physical Controllers. [36:5.15 (403.3)]

Life Carriers are created beings of local universe origin who develop the life formulas and assemble the vital patterns of living things for implantation onto a targeted world. The Ancients of Days, who have jurisdiction over final decrees of life and death, participate in the creation of the Life Carriers. While the local universe Creator Sons provide the full scope of original life designs, it is the Life Carriers and their associates who actually impart these designs to the inhabitable worlds. They usually carry the original life plasm to these worlds of implantation, but sometimes they can formulate these life designs once they arrive on these worlds. The seven local universe adjutant mind-spirits always accompany these Life Carriers in readiness to activate adjutant mind. When the physical patterns of life have been provided, it is the very presence of the Life Carriers that catalyzes the life-activation. They do this by imparting through their very being the essential vital life spark as supplied by the local universe Mother Spirit. This living spark enlivens the body and activates the living mind.

During the ages intervening between life establishment and the emergence of human creatures of moral status, the Life Carriers are permitted to manipulate the life environment and otherwise favorably directionize the course of biologic evolution. And this they do for long periods of time. [36:3.7 (400.2)]

With the assistance of the Master Physical Controllers and their associates, and presided over by the chief of archangels acting under the mandate of Gabriel and with the permission of the Ancients of Days, the Life Carriers initiate their manipulations on the physical level of the living electrochemistry. They fabricate physical energy and matter into living existence; they activate the energy circuits of living matter. Life Carriers organize the physical patterns of life and their very presence initiates life, but these living systems lack both mind and reproductive capacity. The local universe Mother Spirit contributes the initial spark of reproductive life, the "breathe of life", along with bestowing the endowment of mind. When the initiation of planetary life has been successfully achieved, these Life Carriers remain for long periods of time to foster the further development of this life. They will remain until that time when sentient mortal beings have evolved with the ability to make moral decisions and spiritual choices.

Adjutant Mind

Mind such as man comprehends is an endowment of the seven adjutant mind-spirits superimposed on the nonteachable or mechanical levels of mind by the agencies of the Infinite Spirit. The life patterns are variously responsive to these adjutants and to the different spirit ministries operating throughout the universes of time and space. The capacity of material creatures to effect spirit response is entirely dependent on the associated mind endowment, which, in turn, has directionized the course of the biologic evolution of these same mortal creatures. [36:2.18 (399.0)]

On the local universe level, material mind is ministered to the lowest, non-experiencing entities of the most primitive types of material life forms by the Master Physical Controllers. Above this level, human and animal (sub-human) intellect is superimposed upon a base of material mind through the ministry of the local universe adjutant mind-spirits. In the history of an evolving world, the mechanical non-teachable level of mind always pre-dates the demonstrated capacity of creature mind to learn from experience. The mature development of the material level of mind initiates the superimposition of the adjutant mind circuitry of the local universe Mother Spirit. Ultimately, upon the demonstrated spiritual capability of the adjutant mind to recognize divinity and to partake of the worship experience within the creature intellect, such spiritually motivated superminds become encircuited in the spirit cycles of the Mother Spirit.

The most primitive forms of life are characterized by the most elementary level of mechanical (pre-animal) mind. They are wholly passive in their response to physical, chemical, and electrical stimuli from the immediate environment. The more advanced manifestations of life progressively partake of the operative ministries of the seven adjutant mind-spirits. Adjutant mind functions as the teachable (non-mechanical) level of material mind. These advanced life forms develop greater capabilities to creatively adjust to changes in the environment.

The lower forms of plant life are wholly responsive to physical, chemical, and electrical environment. But as the scale of life ascends, one by one the mind ministries of the seven adjutant spirits become operative, and the mind becomes increasingly adjustive, creative, co-ordinative, and dominative. The ability of animals to adapt themselves to air, water, and land is not a supernatural endowment, but it is a superphysical adjustment. [65:6.7 (737.7)]

Adjutant (nonmechanical) levels of mind are adaptive and teachable. A local universe Mother Spirit activates and regulates this level of mind through the ministry of her seven adjutant mind-spirits. Adjutant mind is inherently adaptive to changes in the environment. Advanced organismal mind is equipped with adjutant mind response-mechanisms providing the ability to learn from experience. While the adjutant mind-spirits manipulate human mind potentials, the material mind and its coordinated adjutant mind circuit are positioned in subordination to the acts and choosing of the will of the mortal personality.

The adjutant mind-spirits variably function to lesser degrees in the lower orders of animal life, interacting with the pre-spiritual functions of material mind. At this level, they make extensive functional contact with the nonteachable levels of mechanical mind. In particular, the lowest functional adjutant mind-spirit, the Spirit of Intuition (instinctive reflex), functions extensively in the lowest orders of animal life and at the same time makes broad contact with the nonteachable levels of material mind.

Sub-human (animal) intellect operates only in the first five adjutants—it does not have the capacity for worship or wisdom. Animals are not self-contemplative and they do not experience spiritual realities. They cannot discriminate moral meanings and they cannot choose spiritual values. The mind of an animal does not possess a consciousness of its own consciousness. Its sole consciousness is directed objectively outward into the physical world. The appearance in animal consciousness of the adjutant of worship results in superanimal expansion for the instinctive human perception of God—this results in the distinctive emergence of the human being. The appearance of the adjutant of wisdom in a worshipful mind directs the human perception towards elevated concepts of Deity reality.

When the lower five adjutants of mind begin to coordinately function (as usually occurs with human beings in early childhood), such developing mind activates the potential functioning of the last two highest functioning adjutants, the Spirit of Worship and the Spirit of Wisdom, and this repercusses in the indwelling of the Father’s presence and in the initiation of superhuman intellect (soul mind). The most functionally advanced adjutants of worship and wisdom represent the highest level of mind activation as practiced by mortal beings. The mortal being ascends from the purely animal mind of evolutionary creatures when it develops reception capacity for the highest adjutants of worship and wisdom. When the purely animal mind of evolutionary creatures attains receptivity of these top two mind adjutants of worship and wisdom, an embryonic soul is born and this mortal material mind crosses the critical threshold of the spiritual ministry of the Spirit. This event activates the mortal mind encircuitment into the spiritual circuits of the local universe Mother Spirit.

Mortal man first experiences the ministry of the Spirit in conjunction with mind when the purely animal mind of evolutionary creatures develops reception capacity for the adjutants of worship and of wisdom. This ministry of the sixth and seventh adjutants indicates mind evolution crossing the threshold of spiritual ministry. And immediately are such minds of worship- and wisdom-function included in the spiritual circuits of the Divine Minister. [34:5.3 (379.4)]

While material (mechanical) mind functions largely in the lower orders of animal life, adjutant mind is a biological upgrade that is superimposed on this evolutionary non-teachable (mechanical) level of mind. In like manner as material mind, adjutant mind requires only an associated pattern of material-energy (e.g., the human brain) in order to become functionally operative. The seven adjutant mind spirits of the local universe Mother Spirit minister to both animal and human mind, each possessing the intellectual capacity for experiential growth.

Although the seven adjutant mind-spirits are the children of the local universe Mother Spirit, the adjutant mind-spirits should not be regarded as personal entities. They are more properly described as mind circuits, a sevenfold level of directed consciousness from the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of a local universe. They are the essential constitution of her personal ministry to the material minds of the inhabited worlds. These mind-spirits are always subordinate and subservient to her presence and activities. The human adjutant mind is an impersonal and individualized circuit of cosmic mind as it is ministered at the local universe level by the Divine Mother, a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit (the ancestor of cosmic mind). The seven adjutant mind-spirits experientially evolve in function, but as such, they never become personal. The local universe Mother Spirit creates the seven adjutant mind-spirits who equally share in character her diverse power attributes, though they lack the evolving personality attributes of her developing nature.

The seven adjutant mind-spirits always accompany the Life Carriers to a new planet, but they should not be regarded as entities; they are more like circuits. The spirits of the seven universe adjutants do not function as personalities apart from the universe presence of the Divine Minister; they are in fact a level of consciousness of the Divine Minister and are always subordinate to the action and presence of their creative mother. [36:5.4 (402.1)]

The Life Carriers (beings entrusted with establishing physical life on evolving worlds) manipulate the evolutionary aspects of the physical environment that promote the development of human mind right up to the appearance of the human choosing to do the will of God. Humankind is wholly dependent on the mind capacity of the physical brain as this is afforded by the evolutionary developments of the planetary habitat. Circumstances of purely physical and evolutionary development dictate the brain capacity afforded to the ministry of adjutant mind on the inhabited worlds.

The seven adjutant mind-spirits actually condition the course of biologic evolution. The life patterns on an inhabited planet are variably responsive to the ministries of these adjutant mind-spirits in accordance to their receptive capacity as afforded by the evolving biologic status on such inhabited worlds in time and space. The adjutant mind endowment of material creatures directionizes the course of biologic evolution. The influence of the adjutant mind-spirits on the evolutionary development of teachable, experiencing animal mind is indispensable to physical evolution of human intellect.

The mechanical-nonteachable levels of organismal environmental response are the domains of the physical controllers. The adjutant mind-spirits activate and regulate the adaptative or nonmechanical-teachable types of mind — those response mechanisms of organisms capable of learning from experience. And as the spirit adjutants thus manipulate mind potentials, so do the Life Carriers exercise considerable discretionary control over the environmental aspects of evolutionary processes right up to the time of the appearance of human will — the ability to know God and the power of choosing to worship him. [65:0.6 (730.6)]

The Unity of Mind

The nonliving energy forces of the universe are under the direction of the power centers and physical controllers. The evolution of creature life of intelligence status is influenced by the directive urge of the mind-adjutants of a local universe Mother Spirit. Both of these groups are effective collaborators with the Master Physical Controllers who are in control of laying the foundations of pre-adjutant (non-teachable, mechanical) mind levels on the inhabited worlds. Before the emergence of working adjutant mind, the basics of evolutionary material life are formulated by the Master Physical Controllers. Subsequent life impartation is initiated by the Seven Master Spirits in association with the active ministration of the ordained Life Carriers. Because of the co-ordinate function on worlds of life of this threefold creativity (Master Physical Controllers, the Seven Master Spirits, and the ministering Life Carriers), there develops over time the organismal physical capacity for mind. This mind capacity is embodied in the rudimentary material brain mechanisms responsible for intelligent reaction to external environmental stimuli. Later on, these material brain mechanisms evolve and begin reacting to internal stimuli (influences taking origin in the organismal mind itself).

The processes of life implantation and the processes of life evolution are directed in the physical-energy domain toward the eventual production of material mind capacity. This is the ultimate goal of life implantation. In the dynamics of life production and evolution on a world endowed with the spark of life, the physical-energy domain drives the production of growing mind capacity. The appearance of living volitional mind initiates the ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits for developing mind with the capacity to impinge upon spirit reality. It becomes the objective to endow this level of emerging mind with the quality of spirit responsiveness and with the receptive culmination of Thought Adjuster bestowal.

1. Mechanical (non-teachable) mind - ministry of the Master Physical Controllers
2. Creature (adjutant) mind - exclusive domain of the seven adjuntant mind-spirits as ministered by the local universe Mother Spirit
3. Supermind - encircuited in the spirit cycles of the local iniverse Mother Spirit.

1. The physical-energy domain of material mind - enhanced mind capacity preduction
2. The mind ministry of the adjutant spirits - enhanced potential for spirit capacity
3. The spirit endowement of mortal mind - Thought Adjuster bestowal

Spirit realities are comprehensible to creature personalities through the technique of mind. Mortal mind is loaned to human beings, being subject to human will. God has endowed man with mind as the vehicle for pursuing the supernal and divine goal of self-realization. By this mind, the mortal being accepts or rejects the potential of eternal existence. Spirit identification is propelled by the strivings of mortal mind and survival is conditioned by the desires of mortal mind. The evolving soul will be an eventual portrait of the sum total of mortal decisions.

Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to human beings for use during a material lifetime, and as they use this mind, they are either accepting or rejecting the potential of eternal existence. Mind is about all you have of universe reality that is subject to your will, and the soul -- the morontia self -- will faithfully portray the harvest of the temporal decisions which the mortal self is making. Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above. Of neither of these two systems is the human being ever completely conscious in his mortal life; therefore must he work in mind, of which he is conscious. [111:1.5 (1216.6)]

The Holy Spirit and the Adjuster Bestowal

Greater than all is Brahman, the Supreme, the Infinite. He dwells in the mystery of all beings according to their forms in nature. Those who know him who knows all, and in whose glory all things are, attain immortality. He is the innermost soul of all, which like a little flame the size of a thumb is hidden in the hearts of men. He is the master of wisdom ever reached by thought and love. He is the immortality of those who know him. Concealed in the heart of all beings lies the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the greatest spaces. When by the grace of God man sees the glory of God, he sees beyond him the world of desires and then sorrows are left behind. [Svetasvatara Upanishad Part 3]

The sub-spiritual adjutant mind is limited to a level of intellectual self-consciousness that falls short of the full capability to attain the reality of true worship experience. The consciousness of true worship entails the mobilization of the fully manifested human personality as it works upon adjutant mind, as it is dominated by the evolving soul, and as it becomes willfully subject to the associated presence of the indwelling Thought Adjuster. The extent of the soul's development determines the quality of the worshipful experience.

Mind is sensitive to external and physical stimuli originating from the outer environment of the living creature. Mortal mind is further receptive to the internal spiritual stimulus as provided by the indwelling presence of the Paradise Father in the form of his bestowed Thought Adjusters. Before a Thought Adjuster can indwell the mortal mind, such mind must first be endowed with adjutant mind and encircuited in the Holy Spirit of the local universe Mother Spirit.

The Adjusters cannot invade the mortal mind until it has been duly prepared by the indwelling ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits and encircuited in the Holy Spirit. And it requires the co-ordinate function of all seven adjutants to thus qualify the human mind for the reception of an Adjuster. Creature mind must exhibit the worship outreach and indicate wisdom function by exhibiting the ability to choose between the emerging values of good and evil - moral choice. [108:2.2 (1187.1)]

Along with the basic functioning of mortal adjutant mind, the superadditive ministry of the Holy Spirit is also provided by the Creative Mother Spirit to endow mortal mind with the capacity for choosing the spiritual presence of the Universal Father. The Holy Spirit is a supermind endowment available to all normal-minded human beings. It provides the mortal adjutant-mind with the endowment of spiritual reasoning; it "functions to enlarge man's viewpoint of ethics, religion, and spirituality." [103:0.1 (1129.1)] The Holy Spirit allies itself with the top mind adjutants of worship and wisdom in expanding the human comprehension of human survival. The influence of the Holy Spirit is pervasive in the thinking and reflective thought of man even without man's conscious co-operation, but the Holy Spirit becomes more effective when man displays a willing openness for this ministry, especially when making the supreme choice for desiring the Father's personal presence.

The adjutant mind-spirits are functionally antecedent to, and preparatory for, the appearance of the Holy Spirit (the diverse and highly spiritual function of the personal spirit presence of the Divine Minister). The endowment of adjutant mind with the ministry of the Holy Spirit provides a capacity for the conscious or unconscious choice of the Thought Adjuster as the actual presence of the Universal Father. As prepared for by the Holy Spirit and as desired by the recipient mortal being, the ensuing presence of the Father's spirit in the deepest part of our mortal being provides limitless possibilities for personal growth and prayerful communion. In our practical experience, we know our presence of the Paradise Father as our still small voice ever leading us on the paths of our salvation.

No more shall suffering mortals be denied the comfort of knowing the love of God and understanding the mercy of the Father in heaven. While the speech of God spoken from the whirlwind was a majestic concept for the day of its utterance, you have already learned that the Father does not thus reveal himself, but rather that he speaks within the human heart as a still, small voice, saying, "This is the way; walk therein." Do you not comprehend that God dwells within you, that he has become what you are that he may make you what he is! [148:6.10 (1664.2)]

The indwelling Thought Adjuster illumines the mortal mind with a continually present and divine voice, always nurturing a growing consciousness of wisdom, truth, goodness, and beauty. Growing communion with the Thought Adjuster is influenced by the indwelt individual's level of moral status, mental motivation, and spiritual experience. Achievements in these areas are usually recognized on the level of soul consciousness, "but the proofs are forthcoming and abundant in the manifestation of the fruits of the spirit in the lives of all such inner-spirit contactors." [5:2.6 (65.2)] The Adjuster brings to the personal creature of mind and will a unique association with a prepersonal presence of the Father. Divine attunement with this Adjuster reinforces the mortal being with the eternity essence of the Adjuster who, in return, achieves true personality expression.

Mortal man has a spirit nucleus. The mind is a personal-energy system existing around a divine spirit nucleus and functioning in a material environment. Such a living relationship of personal mind and spirit constitutes the universe potential of eternal personality. [12:9.6 (142.1)]

We now have an understanding of the manifold tools of the intellect and gifts of the spirit that have been provided for us to work within our mind arena of choice. We understand how these subtle and interactive influences allow us as personal children of our freewill Paradise Father to make our personal choices in life and to enact our personal attitudes in decisive acts of conduct. However, these potentials for spiritual communion and survival potential are conditioned by "the manner of your own choosing, in the decisions of your minds, and in the determination of your wills" since the Father has decreed that man should be given full liberty to exercise his freewill choices.

And the Deities are ever true to the ebb and flow of their spirits in meeting and satisfying the conditions and demands of this differential of creature choice, now bestowing more of their presence in response to a sincere desire for the same and again withdrawing themselves from the scene as their creatures decide adversely in the exercise of their divinely bestowed freedom of choice. And thus does the spirit of divinity become humbly obedient to the choosing of the creatures of the realms. [13:4.5 (150.4)]

As we encounter newfound truths in our everyday lives, we strive to comprehend their meaningful impacts on our lives. We seek to uncover the potential of their spiritual value. When these efforts at spirit attainment are fully mobilized within the mortal psyche, "then there very often occurs a sudden down-grasp of the indwelling spirit to synchronize with the concentrated and consecrated purpose of the superconscious mind of the believing mortal." [100:5.4 (1099.2)] The indwelling Adjuster offers "spiritized" counterparts of conceptual thought for these variously interpreted meanings and values (thought "adjustments", hence the appropriate designation of Thought Adjuster as utilized by The Urantia Book). The majestic spark of the Father's divine presence "adjusts" these mortal discernments to a higher spiritualized level of soul-comprehension. However, man must decide whether or not to select and incorporate these spiritually sorted and unified interpretations into his evolving mindset.

We cannot perceive the immutable truth of things unless they are illuminated as by a sun. This divine light which illumines the mind, comes from God, who is the 'intelligible light' in whom and by whom and through whom all those thingd which are luminous to the intellect become luminous. As the sunlight makes corporeal things visible to the eye, so the divine illumination makes the eternal truths visible to the mind. [St. Augustine 354 A.D.]

The human mind assimilates life-experience and makes personal choices of action and interpretation while the indwelling divine spirit reveals the higher manifestations of human comprehension and anticipated divine impact. Each time man volitionally chooses God's way in things, he creates for himself a bolder, more spiritually elevated universe framework in which to continue in his efforts to follow the Father's will.

Spirituality becomes at once the indicator of one's nearness to God and the measure of one's usefulness to fellow beings. Spirituality enhances the ability to discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values. Spiritual development is determined by capacity therefor and is directly proportional to the elimination of the selfish qualities of love. [100:2.4 (1096.1)]

The Adjuster is worthy of mortal trust regarding their stewardship of those spiritual meanings and values of the mortal mind entrusted to their care and keeping. If not in this world, then surely in the next the Adjusters "will give good account for their stewardship." [110:4.4 (1207.4)]

One Adjuster's Plea the the Mortal Mind [110:7.10 (1213.5)]

  • "More faithfully give me his sincere cooperation."
  • "More cheerfully endure the tasks of my emplacement."
  • "More faithfully carry out the program of my arrangement."
  • "More patiently go through the trials of my selection."
  • "More persistently and cheerfully tread the path of my choosing."
  • "More humbly receive credit that may accrue as a result of my ceaseless endeavors."

The material mind of the mortal creature encounters great challenges in experiencing consciousness of the spirit activities of the indwelling presence of the spirit Father, the Thought Adjuster. As the soul, being of joint creation of the mortal mind and the Adjuster, becomes increasingly manifest in the personality experience of the mortal being, an emerging phase of soul consciousness begins to experience the spiritual urges of the supermaterial activities for this indwelling Adjuster. The Adjuster brings to the personal creature of mind and will the unique association of a pre-personal presence endowed with pre-mind and pre-will. We say pre-personal, pre-mind, and pre-will because the Adjuster originates as a fragment of the Father-I AM at an eternity level even more primal in Deity expression than when the Father-I AM reveals himself as divine Father and First Person of the Paradise Trinity. Hence, our indwelling Thought Adjuster is a fragment of almost incomprehensible power and originality. Divine attunement with the Adjuster reinforces the mortal being with the eternity essence of the Adjuster who, in return, derives a true expression of personality.

The Thought Adjuster acts by adjusting the mortal mind to become increasingly responsive to the spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity and the source and center for all spirit reality. The mind of the ascending mortal becomes progressively attuned to spiritually divine attributes and sensitivites. Cosmic mind, in association with the Thought Adjuster, endows the mortal creature with the spiritual intuition of insight. The indwelling of creature mind with a fragment of the prepersonal spirit bestowal of the personal Father provides the mortal personality with the potential to aspire towards the divine and eternal, to the untimacy of God, "even reaching out for a realization of the Absolute." [5:6.5 (70.6)]

The Spirit of Truth

In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.... And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Conforter, that he may abide with you forever. Even the Spirit of Truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. [John 14:2, 3, 16, 17]

Religious experience must first take origin in the mind of man through his efforts to discover and recognize the truth, beauty, and goodness of God's creation. As man then attempts to interpret his experiences and to discern their moral meanings and values, he provides the fertile soil for the combined spiritual influences of the Father's indwelling Adjuster and of the living waters of Jesus' promised Spirit of Truth. Jesus' Spirit of Truth "is unerringly responsive to truth—the living spirit relationship of all things and all beings as they are co-ordinated in the eternal ascent Godward". [56:10.13 (647.4)]

Like the personal presence of the Paradise Father in the form of his indwelling Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth is a gift to mankind as well. This Spirit of Truth is the spiritual "comforter" promised by Jesus himself. It descended upon the Apostles at Pentecost and it services us today in the here and now. It brings to us Jesus' own personal presence to be with us and to guide us in his truth. This is the spiritual presence of Jesus himself. Recognition of the spiritual quality of truth may be viewed as being intellectually consistent, but its true comprehension is validated by "the unerring response of the ever-present Spirit of Truth." [2:7.6 (42.7)]

Truth is made accessible to the wisdom-endowed individual by the bestowal on such a mind of the spirits of the Father and the Sons, the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. [101:6.4 (1112.0)]

Jesus' Spirit of Truth leads man to the fertile realization of truth, and the Father's spiritual presence functions to spiritually elevate such comprehension of truth to the transcendent comprehension of soul-insight. We are told that "these spirit forces conspire to enable material man to grasp the reality of spiritual values and to comprehend the philosophy of universe meanings", that "these spirits of the Divine Presence are able to assist man in the spiritual appropriation of all truth contributory to the enhancement of the ever-progressing reality of personal religious experience--God-consciousness." [0:XII.12 (17.2)]

Human mind, being imbued with the Holy Spirit, requests the desired presence of the Universal Father. An actual fragment of the living God, an infinite spark of divinity, comes to indwell such a mind. Jesus' Spirit of Truth pervades this mortal mind and sojourns with the human soul. These attuned and symmetrical spiritual presences of the Father (Adjuster), Son (Spirit of Truth), and Spirit (Holy Spirit) effect their triune influence and divine transformations on such a faith-pilgrim. Faith-recognition of truth becomes the personal experience of spiritual reality by the faith-children of our heavenly Father. Faith-insight results "from the impress made upon the mind of man by the combined operations of the Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth as they function amid and upon the ideas, ideals, insights, and spirit strivings of the evolving sons of God." [101:1.3 (1105.0)]

Faith-insight, or spiritual intuition, is the endowment of the cosmic mind in association with the Thought Adjuster, which is the Father's gift to man. Spiritual reason, soul intelligence, is the endowment of the Holy Spirit, the Creative Spirit's gift to man. Spiritual philosophy, the wisdom of spirit realities, is the endowment of the Spirit of Truth, the combined gift of the bestowal Sons to the children of men. And the co-ordination and interassociation of these spirit endowments constitute man a spirit personality in potential destiny. [101:3.2 (1108.1)]

When mortal nature on an inhabited world has been upstepped by the addition of the genetic contribution of the Material Sons of God (as the Urantia races were in a measure advanced by the bestowal of Adam and Eve), then is the way better prepared for the Spirit of Truth to co-operate with the indwelling Adjuster. Together, they bring forth the beautiful harvest of the character fruits of the spirit. If you do not reject this spirit, even though eternity may be required to fulfill the commission, "he will guide you into all truth." [34:7.1 (382.1)]


The soul is the self-reflective, truth-discerning, and spirit-perceiving part of man which forever elevates the human being above the level of the animal world. [133:6.5 (1478.4)]

When the mortal creature initiates a relationship with the Paradise Father by desiring the intimacy of his divine presence, and when the mortal creature willingly chooses to do the Father's will, the Paradise Father responds by sending a fragment of his primal being to live within the mind of this receptive mortal being. Such a divinely indwelt creature finds it possible to acquire and develop the supermaterial reality of a viable soul. The Father presence (our Thought Adjuster) drives the spiritual evolution of the immortal soul upon "the material and mortal mind in accordance with the freewill choosing of the personality which has been bestowed upon such a mortal creature by the parental act of God as a Father." [30:1.12 (333.7)]

Before the spiritual indwelling by the Father presence, the mortal adjutant mind operates in unaided association with the material brain and is limited to instinctive and mostly animal-like reasoning. However, this adjutant mind not only recognizes the realities of energy and mind within the human consciousness, it also possesses an innate responsiveness to spirit realities as well. Mortal adjutant mind possesses a sense of cosmic mindedness that endows it with the capability to make moral decisions. Upon this foundation of responsiveness to realities of the spirit, and in accordance with the indwelling spiritual leadings of the Father presence, God-consciousness is achieved and such a mortal mind is transformed concomitant with the birth of the human soul.

By and with the consent of your will, the Adjuster has the power to subject the creature trends of the material mind to the transforming actions of the motivations and purposes of the emerging morontial soul. [108:5.4 (1191.5)]

The indwelling presence of the Father in the mortal mind of man assists in the evolution of the immortal soul of eternal survival. The substance of such a soul is the "child" of both the mortal material mind and the present spirit of the Father (his bestowed Thought Adjuster), and this new substance being neither purely material nor spiritual in itself is termed morontial. Morontia soul occupies a realm between the material and the spiritual, being responsive to the God-seeking urges of the creature finite mind and to the divine impulse of God reaching out to man. It is this morontial soul that survives the death of the mortal creature, and if such a freewill creature makes the right life-choices, this creature personality will survive as well in shared identity with this soul. Mortal man can thus transcend his material nature by identifying his personal self with the morontia and immortal soul.

Mortal mind subservient to matter is destined to become increasingly material and consequently to suffer eventual personality extinction; mind yielded to spirit is destined to become increasingly spiritual and ultimately to achieve oneness with the surviving and guiding divine spirit and in this way to attain survival and eternity of personality existence. [1:3.7 (26.1)]

Mortal mind in full association with only the material brain cannot survive physical death. Only spirit realities survive death. Mortal mind in association with the spiritual Thought Adjuster can experience a post-death resurrection that is dependent on the spiritualization of the immortal soul by the ministry of the Thought Adjuster. Such a morontia soul signals the beginning of the ascension experience of the mortal personality even while still in the flesh, and such a flesh-bound morontia soul has the impending capacity for supermortal function. After death, the soul retains certain phases of the decision-making mortal mind and thereby takes on the continuing character of the surviving human personality. The soul is fully reflective of the accumulated decision-acts and motivations of its former mortal association, especially as these have been influenced by the mortal recognition of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Revealed truth, personally discovered truth, is the supreme delight of the human soul; it is the joint creation of the material mind and the indwelling spirit. The eternal salvation of this truth-discerning and beauty-loving soul is assured by that hunger and thirst for goodness which leads this mortal to develop a singleness of purpose to do the Father's will, to find God and to become like him. [132:3.4 (1459.4)]

Meanwhile, upon the physical death of its indwelt mortal being, the Adjuster holds onto certain experiential values of this former human mind. During the post-mortal resurrection of the former mortal personality, the Thought Adjuster activates the memory patterns of the former adjutant mind within the new soul-mind. The post-death reassociation of both the immortal soul and the Adjuster within the new life vehicle of a morontia body, along with the reappearance of the surviving personality, constitutes our true resurrection.

The mortal-mind transcripts and the active creature-memory patterns as transformed from the material levels to the spiritual are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters; these spiritized factors of mind, memory, and creature personality are forever a part of such Adjusters. The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity are present in the morontia soul intrusted to the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardians. And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the Adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor. [47:3.3 (533.1)]

The divine Thought Adjuster must necessarily work within the intellectual foundation of the mortal material mind, and it is upon this mind along with the assenting cooperation of the human personality that the Adjuster evolves the morontial soul. Adjutant mind is subject to the mortal free will and the morontia soul faithfully portrays "the harvest of the temporal decisions which the mortal self is making." [111:1.5 (1216.6)] When human mind strives to grasp the spiritual meanings and values of life experience, the human soul uniquely acquires a transmutated form of this personal experience. The Thought Adjuster fashions an adjusted presentation of the truth behind these meanings and values and presents this new spiritualized truth of human experience to the immortal soul. This evolution of soul experience results in a growing sense of soul-consciousness for the mortal personality, and this consciousness becomes more receptive to the supermaterial influences and spirit leadings of the indwelling Father presence.

The human personality is identified with mind and spirit held together in functional relationship by life in a material body. This functioning relationship of such mind and spirit does not result in some combination of the qualities or attributes of mind and spirit but rather in an entirely new, original, and unique universe value of potentially eternal endurance, the soul. [111:2.3 (1218.1)]

The mortal mind in initial association with the physical mechanisms of the material brain, by virtue of freewill choice, becomes less bound to material reality and more associated with the divine presence of the Thought Adjuster and the spirit nature of the evolving morontia soul. Such a spiritualizing mind begins to experience the spirit gravity of the Eternal Son, and this ascendant pull of Paradise is the secret of human soul survival.

Our soul is not at all united to our body in the way that common opinion supposes that it is. The souls is united immediately and directly to God alone. We see all things in God. (Nicolas Malebranche (b. 1638))

The evolving immortal soul within the mortal creature mind becomes the spiritual counterpart of the new identity of survival potential. The soul reinforces those decisions of the mortal mind that have supermaterial impact. The soul does not of its own accord make decisions that have inherent value and meaning for the mortal mind, but it can influence and act for such a personal being when freely delegated to do so. When the mortal being increasingly identifies itself with the emerging morontia-soul identity, the influence of the soul-mind becomes more apparent in the decisions-choices of that mortal being. At the same time, the soul tirelessly seeks growth through augmented coordination with the spiritual presence of the Father.

The great challenge to modern man is to achieve better communication with the divine Monitor that dwells within the human mind. Man’s greatest adventure in the flesh consists in the well-balanced and sane effort to advance the borders of self-consciousness out through the dim realms of embryonic soul-consciousness in a wholehearted effort to reach the borderland of spirit-consciousness — contact with the divine presence. Such an experience constitutes God-consciousness, an experience mightily confirmative of the pre-existent truth of the religious experience of knowing God. [196:3.4 (2097.2)]

Morontia (Soul) Mind

As the creative source of local universe intellect, the Mother Spirit ministers a translated modification of cosmic mind to directly assist in the evolution of morontia (soul) mind. Whereas adjutant mind can freely operate within a pattern of material-energy, the superadjutant morontia soul requires the presence of the Adjuster to fully attain self-consciousness. The human mind and the indwelling Adjuster are each aware of the differential presence of the evolving soul, and the soul becomes conscious as well of the mortal mind and the indwelling Adjuster.

The soul partakes of the qualities of both the human mind and the divine spirit but persistently evolves toward augmentation of spirit control and divine dominance through the fostering of a mind function whose meanings seek to co-ordinate with true spirit value. [111:3.4 (1219.3)]

The soul is the joint creation of mortal mind and indwelling Adjuster. The soul is the child of the God-seeking mortal mind and the indwelling presence of the God-revealing and immortal Thought Adjuster. Its spiritual growth is independent of the intellectual self-consciousness, but it is capable of experiencing the presence of the Thought Adjuster and of recognizing its spirit leadings. Spirit identification is propelled by the strivings of mortal mind and survival is conditioned by the desires of mortal mind. The evolving soul will be an eventual portrait of the sum total of mortal decisions.

Your spirit nature - the jointly created soul - is a living growth, but the mind and morals of the individual are the soil from which these higher manifestations of human development and divine destiny must spring. The soil of the evolving soul is human and material, but the destiny of this combined creature of mind and spirit is spiritual and divine. [156:5.2 (1738.1)]

Mortal mind initiates the universe career of pre-morontia ascension by working in close coordination with the seven adjutant mind-spirits as these are progressively subjected to the unifying direction of the top Spirit of Wisdom. This highest functioning of adjutant mind-spirits assists the mortal creature in the completion of the seven circles of pre-morontia attainment. This mortal mind becomes increasingly motivated in its ongoing search for the supreme realities of truth, beauty, and goodness, and these discoveries ever harmonize themselves with the mortal's supernal goal of completing the seven circles of premorontia attainment. All of this associated effort inevitably leads to the embryonic growth of the mortal soul and its eventual endowment with morontia mind. This act anticipates the morontia career of local universe progression.

Self-realization and mind-attainment are the supernal and divine goals that the Universal Father sets before his mortal children. The mortal progression through seven psychic circles of cosmic advancement brings about a growing sense of cosmic consciousness and a greater kinship of the evolutionary soul with the emerging Supreme Being. As the mortal being progresses to the soul level of morontia consciousness, he becomes better able to grasp universe meanings and to realize divine values. These accomplishments provide such a mortal a greater awareness of his true universe citizenship and his ensuing promise of local universe progression.

Mastery of the innermost (the "first") psychic circle, the final and most accomplished cosmic level of creature mastery, signals the well-earned attainment of pre-morontia mind maturity. This achievement effectively terminates the collective ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits as the sole and exclusive influence of mind-activity in the mortal personality. Mortal mind now becomes increasingly sensitive to the superimposition of the endowment of morontia mind upon adjutant mind, and this initiates the pre-spiritual or morontia stage of personal evolution. This new mind begins to enjoy the ministry of a superadjutant endowment of the Creative Spirit, an endowment of mind more harmoniously in alignment with cosmic mind.

Progress in the seven psychic circles of mortal advancement entails experiential expansion in personality status, mind attunement, soul growth, and Adjuster attunement. The harmonious functioning of the entire personality, the expansion of the entire self—material, intellectual, and spiritual—characterizes this growth. As the mortal creature superimposes this endowment of morontia soul intellect upon adjutant mind, the creature eventually becomes solely dependent on morontia mind. He begins to seek attunement with the direct ministry of superuniverse cosmic mind; he begins to strive for higher levels of a spiritual existence that lie just beyond the morontia level.

Creature Mind experience

  • Native planet - adjutant ministry.
  • Local universe - morontia intellect.
  • Superuniverse - the direct ministry of cosmic mind.

God Consciousness: 3 differential levels of reality realization:
1. Mind Consciousness - the comprehension of the idea of God.
2. Soul Consciousness - the realization of the ideal of God.
3. Spirit Consciousness - the realization of the spirit reality of God.

The evolution of morontia mind is enacted through contact with a modification of cosmic mind that is directly translated by a Divine Minister throughout the vast expanses of her local universe domain. As the creative source of local universe intellect, the Mother Spirit ministers a translated modification of cosmic mind to directly assist in the evolution of morontia mind. We are told that revelation is a technique of atonement for the absence of morontia mind in mortal man for bridging the morontia gulf between the physical and the spiritual realms.

There are no influences in the local universe career comparable to the seven adjutant mind-spirits of human existence. The morontia mind must evolve by direct contact with cosmic mind, as this cosmic mind has been modified and translated by the creative source of local universe intellect - the Divine Minister. [112:6.6 (1236.4)]

The mortal mind, encircuited into the adjutant ministry of the local universe Mother Spirit, is fully subject to the acts and choosing of the will of human personality. Although the mortal creature possesses identity only on the material level of existence, mortal personality can act by virtue of its freewill choosing to literally transfer "its seat of identity from the passing material intellect system to the higher morontia-soul system which, in association with the Thought Adjuster, is created as a new vehicle for personality manifestation." [112:5.4 (1233.0)] This superadjutant morontia soul requires the spirit presence of the Adjuster to retain self-consciousness.

Human beings, from a cosmic perspective, are born, live, and die in a relative instant of time; they are not enduring. But mortal personality, through its own choosing, possesses the power of transferring its seat of identity from the passing material-intellect system to the higher morontia-soul system which, in association with the Thought Adjuster, is created as a new vehicle for personality manifestation. [11:5.4 (1232.5)]

Mortal Ascent and the Supreme Being

The soul of the mortal being is that spiritual reality of the higher self that is a co-creation of the cooperative interaction of the human will with a fragment of the Universal Father, the Thought Adjuster, that indwells the mortal mind. As we choose to do the will of the Father, as we accept the supreme challenge of Paradise perfection, this choice-action repercusses in the evolving growth of the soul. It is by virtue of this soul-vehicle that mortal beings are capable of resurrection as morontia beings on the mansion words. In reality, this soul is our higher and advancing self, our better morontial and future spiritual self. As we are the human parent of our resurrected selves, the Universal Father, by virtue of his Adjuster presence, is the divine parent of this future ascending son.

The morontia soul of an evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster action of the Universal Father and the child of the cosmic reaction of the Supreme Being, the Universal Mother. The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul. The influence of the Deity parents becomes more equal after the Adjuster fusion and during the superuniverse career, but when the creatures of time begin the traversal of the central universe of eternity, the Father nature becomes increasingly manifest, attaining its height of finite manifestation upon the recognition of the Universal Father and the admission into the Corps of the Finality. [117:6.5 (1288.4)]

The Universal Father sets the cosmic stage for our spiritual ascension as a finite reality; it is conditioned by time and space, it has a beginning and it has a foreordained destiny. This creation is experiential—events occur in time-conditioned sequences, and they are constrained within limiting spatial boundaries. The reality of the finite cosmos originates within the eternal purposes of the Universal Father. These purposes are brought to fruition in time and space, and the total and evolved finite is culminated in the Deity of the Supreme. The Supreme is the great avenue through which the love of the Father flows outward to all creation, and the Supreme is the great avenue through which finite creatures pass inward in their quest of the Father, who is love.

The soul of man is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to “do the will of the Father in heaven,” so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. [0:5.10 (8.10)]

The actualizing Supreme Being of time and space expands with the evolutionary universes and identifies with all creature growth. The Supreme Being grows as we grow and we grow as an integral part of this growth. In our ascending careers as universe creatures, our divine Mother, the Supreme, faithfully nurtures us.

As the Supreme Being evolves within the grand universe, all finite reality within the grand universe grows as well. When this process reaches full completion in the far-distant future, when all growth within the Supreme is forever exhausted, the Supreme will have actualized as a contactable person of Deity that we all perceive and know. Finite experience as such will end.

Prior to soul-fusion with the indwelling Adjuster, a mortal ascender is highly influenced by the maternal qualities of the Mother Supreme—our very life is derived from the mother-potentials of the Supreme in whom "we actually live, move, and have our being." [117:3.12 (1283.1)] After Adjuster fusion, and as we proceed with our progressive and experiential universe careers, the influence of the Universal Father begins to become increasingly manifest - his influence increasingly beckons to us as we traverse the central universe of eternity towards Paradise.

All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father and God the Mother, the Supreme Being. But until such time as mortal man becomes soul-conscious of his divine heritage, this assurance of Deity kinship must be faith realized. Human life experience is the cosmic cocoon in which the universe endowments of the Supreme Being and the universe presence of the Universal Father (none of which are personalities) are evolving the morontia soul of time and the human-divine finaliter character of universe destiny and eternal service. [117:6.8 (1289.1)]

Upon admission to the Corps of the Finality, a mortal ascender attains perfected status as "the eternal finaliter son of the Paradise Father as well as the eternal universe child of the Mother Supreme." [117:6:7 (1289:0)] Upon our realization of perfected self will as "sixth-stage finaliters" on Paradise, we will resume our universe careers in the assistance of the actualizing Supreme Being towards the perfecting of the evolving superuniverse of time and space into unified light and life. It is here where we will begin to fully realize within our perfected natures both our debt to the mother inheritance of the Supreme as well as our indebtedness to the maternal qualities of the Eternal Mother Son and the Infinite Mother Spirit.

In and through the experience of finaliter attainment the experiential mother qualities of the ascending self become tremendously affected by contact and infusion with the spirit presence of the Eternal Son and the mind presence of the Infinite Spirit. Then, throughout the realms of finaliter activity in the grand universe, there appears a new awakening of the latent mother potential of the Supreme, a new realization of experiential meanings, and a new synthesis of experiential values of the entire ascension career. It appears that this realization of self will continue in the universe careers of the sixth-stage finaliters until the mother inheritance of the Supreme attains to finite synchrony with the Adjuster inheritance of the Father. [117:6.6 (1288.5)]

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