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The Supremacy of Deity

The Supreme Being did not create man, but man was literally created out of, his very life was derived from, the potentiality of the Supreme. Nor does he evolve man; yet is the Supreme himself the very essence of evolution. From the finite standpoint, we actually live, move, and have our being within the immanence of the Supreme. [117:3.12 (1283.1)]

The Supremacy of Deity is functioning right now, in our very own finite reality of time and space. It is on this level of time-space conditioned Deity expression that we seek personal identification with our Father in Paradise, a level that encompasses the activity of "man finding God and God finding man - the creature becoming perfect as is the Creator." [56:10.3 (646.4)] It is on this level of the Supreme that personalities throughout the grand universe begin their quest to find their true identity in the Father's love. It is here that we begin our endless journey to find eternity and to explore infinity. This is a search for finding the Father and for becoming perfect as the Father is absolutely perfect.

Sooner or later we all become aware that all creature growth is proportional to Father identification. We arrive at the understanding that living the will of God is the eternal passport to the endless possibility of infinity itself. [106:9.11 (1174.7)]

The triune realities of spirit, mind, and energy proceed from the Deity acts of the Paradise Trinity and are time-space unified within the Deity of the Supreme. The two phases of universe reality, the spiritual presence of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son along with the energy manifestations of the material cosmos are correlated in the mind-circuit of the Infinite Spirit and are becoming unified with the emerging Deity of the Supreme Being. At this level of the Supreme, Deity is self-experiential, power-personalizing, and creature-Creator unifying. Perfection must be achieved in time and space through the process of personal experience. In order for a Supreme reality to become actually real, it must first become experienced. The perfection of the Supreme Being is experienced in reality through the total commitments and efforts of each and every personality in the grand universe.

Creator Sons strive to bring their local universe creations into the power of light and life. Men and women strive for personal perfection by the free-will creature-Creator identification with the perfect Father. The power of personal effort must be put forth in order to evolve a personal self, the world at large, or even a universe creation. As all this power-personalizing and creature-Creator unifying comes to fruition, the gradual emergence of the person of the Supreme Being reciprocates by reinforcing these efforts. He is thus afforded the opportunity to contribute to his own emergence, and this makes him self-experiential. This supreme level of Deity reality is driven by the purposed overcontrol of absolute Paradise reality, and this divine process is being carried out under the directive urge of the evolving Supreme Being.

The experiential evolution of the Supreme Being is made possible as a direct consequence of the Universal Father's absolute decision to free himself from the bonds of infinity and the fetters of eternity.

In the Deity of the Supreme the Father-I AM has achieved relatively complete liberation from the limitations inherent in infinity of status, eternity of being, and absoluteness of nature. [115:7.1 (1266.2)]

However, there is a price to pay for the Supreme's freedom. The existence of the Supreme has now become subject to the experiential qualifications of universal function in the confines of space and the barriers of time. Goals and ideals do not happen except by the gradual process of time, and what may be achieved now in this locality of space may often require achievement in time at some other locality of space.

The Father's liberation from eternity is achieved through the evolution of the Supreme Being, but he achieves this only at the cost of the non-absoluteness of the Supreme Being. At this moment in time, the actualized existence of the Supreme Being is necessarily partial, and the final nature of the Supreme Being is at present incomplete. On the other hand, this evolutionary-experiential status of the Supreme makes it possible for finite creatures such as ourselves to participate in the destined attainment of the Deity of Supremacy and the emergence of the contactable Supreme Being to all finite creatures.

This is the supreme challenge: to bring the perfection of eternity and the divinity of Paradise out into the evolutionary domains of time and space, domains of unsettled physical development, of imperfect nature and potential evil where creatures of imperfection make their appearance. The actualizing Supreme Being is compelled to express himself as a subeternal personality by virtue of his own emerging will and purpose in distributing himself to the time-space creations. His emerging being expands with the evolutionary universes and identifies with all creature growth.

The Supreme is symmetrically inclusive. The First Source and Center is potential in the three great Absolutes, is actual in Paradise, in the Son, and in the Spirit; but the Supreme is both actual and potential, a being of personal supremacy and of almighty power, responsive alike to creature effort and Creator purpose; self-acting upon the universe and self-reactive to the sum total of the universe; and at one and the same time the supreme creator and the supreme creature. The Deity of Supremacy is thus expressive of the sum total of the entire finite. [117:1.9 (1279.1)]

The evolutionary growth of man and Supreme is in many ways a reciprocated process. He grows as we grow and we grow as an integral part of his growth. As the Supreme Being evolves within the grand universe, all finite reality within the grand universe grows with him. When this process reaches full completion in the far-distant future, when all original experience and growth within the Supreme is forever exhausted, the Supreme Being will have actualized as a contactable person of Deity that we will all perceive and know. Finite experience as such will end.

The reality of the finite cosmos originates within the eternal purposes of the Universal Father. These purposes are brought to fruition in time and space and the total and evolved finite is culminated in the Supreme. The Deity of the Supreme is the great avenue through which the love of the Father flows outward to all creation, and the Supreme is the great avenue through which finite creatures pass inward in their quest of the Father, who is love.


The source of universe reality is the Infinite. The material things of finite creation are the time-space repercussions of the Paradise Pattern and the Universal Mind of the eternal God. Causation in the physical world, self-consciousness in the intellectual world, and progressing selfhood in the spirit world - these realities, projected on a universal scale, combined in eternal relatedness, and experienced with perfection of quality and divinity of value - constitute the reality of the Supreme. [130:4.2 (1434.1)]

On Paradise, the status of time and space is absolute and without qualification. Paradise is essentially timeless and spaceless—it functions outside of space and before time. As one proceeds from the absolute unity of Paradise into the created universes of time and space, time and space begin to be perceptible in growing association and co-ordination with one another. The finite level of the Supreme is set apart by time-space limitations. Mortal mind is sensitive to the sequence of events in time, and is subject to the mechanisms and energies of space. Natural events occurring in time and space are "the inevitable stop-moments in the exhibition of the ever-moving reel of infinity picturization"—this linear sequencing of time against the backdrop of the circle of eternity allows "the mortal finite mind to catch a fleeting glimpse of divine reality in time and space." [4:2.7 (57.4)] Natural events occur with a purposed momentum within the time-space continuum of Supremacy because they represent "a thread of perfection from the circle of eternity." [4:2.3 (56.7)] There exist within the Supreme the principles of causality continuity whereby there is an unending response of effect to antecedent action, and of ideational causality whereby the evolution of conceptual relationships arise from a pre-existent potential within the unlimited potentials of Deity expression.

The finite mind of mortal man views divine reality within the Deity realm of Supremacy as sequenced interruptions in the perfect continuity of eternity. Mortal vision views the phenomena of nature through unaided "natural eyes". All mortal experience within time and space is a projected derivative of absolute Deity reality. The human personality in time and space is itself an image-shadow of the personality of the Universal Father.

Physical matter is the time-space shadow of the Paradise energy-shining of the absolute Deities. Truth meanings are the mortal-intellect repercussions of the eternal word of Deity — the time-space comprehension of supreme concepts. The goodness values of divinity are the merciful ministries of the spirit personalities of the Universal, the Eternal, and the Infinite to the time-space finite creatures of the evolutionary spheres. [56:10.18 (648.1)]

Within the created universes of time and space, we experience the process of potential reality becoming actual reality, but on Paradise and in eternity all potentials are perceived as actuals. The sensitivity to time within the framework of space gives finite man the perceptual capability to comprehend relative reality. The fact that Deity is everywhere and ever-present (ubiquitous) in the universe of universes provides the necessary link that establishes an opportunity for man to comprehend his finite existence within the full scope of creation.

Only by ubiquity could Deity unify time-space manifestations to the finite conception, for time is a succession of instants while space is a system of associated points. You do, after all, perceive time by analysis and space by synthesis. You co-ordinate and associate these two dissimilar conceptions by the integrating insight of personality. Of all the animal world only man possesses this time-space perceptibility. To an animal, motion has a meaning, but motion exhibits value only to a creature of personality status. [118:3.1 (1297.2)]

The time-space challenges to man's growing personal consciousness are subject to being overcome by growth of spiritual insight. Personality is the only reality in the time-space creations that can transcend the material sequence of temporal events. In the process of spiritualizing his being, man can effect a partial transcending of time-space relativity. The ascending mortal of time and space experiences the expansion of consciousness and the enhancement of reality perception. His conceptual grasp of time-space reality will begin to approximate an understanding of the timeless and spaceless Deity reality.

God the Supreme

The Supreme Being is the unification of three phases of Deity reality: God the Supreme, the spiritual unification of certain finite aspects of the Paradise Trinity; the Almighty Supreme, the power unification of the grand universe Creators; and the Supreme Mind, the individual contribution of the Third Source and Center and his co-ordinates to the reality of the Supreme Being. [22:7.11 (251.1)]

God the Supreme is a consequence of the acts of infinite Deity. Although the evolving Supreme Being is in the process of actualization in time and space, the spirit personality of the emerging Supreme Being is fully existent today as God the Supreme. Analogous to our mortal view of ourselves as body, mind, and spirit, the composite identity of the Supreme Being may crudely be thought of as the Almighty Supreme (body), the Supreme Mind (mind), and God the Supreme (spirit). The spirit person of God the Supreme takes origin from the Paradise Deities and functions in the present universe age only in the perfection of Havona and only on spiritual levels. God the Supreme will not be fully functional in the universe of universes until that time when the final actualization of the unified Supreme Being comes to fruition.

The spirit personality of God the Supreme is directly derived from the Paradise Trinity, "for the Trinity is original Deity while the Supreme is derived Deity." [115:4.1 (1263.7)] God the Supreme depends on the Trinity for his personal and spirit nature. Prior to the sometime-to-be-completed "power-personality synthesis of the Paradise Deities in the experiential universes of time and space", the "perfect and symmetrical spirit nature of the Supreme Being" is revealed in the spirit person of God the Supreme. [14:6.23 (161.10)]

Within the grand universe creations, the spirit person of God the Supreme is "now actualizing in the Creator Sons, Ancients of Days, and the Master Spirits" as the Almighty Supreme on the value-level of non-personal activities. His spirit person is unifying with his evolving power "as Almighty to the superuniverses of time and space" as one unified reality—the Supreme Being. [0:VIII.10 (12.1)] His derived personality and spirit attributes are in the process of actualizing in time and space through the combined efforts of the Creator Sons, Ancients of Days, and the Master Spirits to unify creature experience with Creator divinity. God the Supreme is actualizing as the personal God of time and space. He is personal Deity associatively realizing the time-space experiential achievement of creature-Creator identity.

God the Supreme strives to achieve reality of self and completion of sovereignty within a finite cosmos that is expanding to the outermost limits of possibility. He is emerging as the Supreme Deity of the finite level of existence. This is evolutionary Deity, God in time, not God in eternity.

The emergence of the fully actualized Supreme Being is drawing heavily upon these spirit potentials of Paradise Deity as embodied in the person of God the Supreme. Along with the power potentials of the Almighty Supreme, God the Supreme is jointly contributing to the associative-creative expression of universe potentials that will someday actualize the power-personality unification of the Supreme Being himself.

God the Supreme is the personalization of all universe experience, the focalization of all finite evolution, the maximation of all creature reality, the consummation of cosmic wisdom, the embodiment of the harmonious beauties of the galaxies of time, the truth of cosmic mind meanings, and the goodness of supreme spirit values. And God the Supreme will, in the eternal future, synthesize these manifold finite diversities into one experientially meaningful whole, even as they are now existentially united on absolute levels in the Paradise Trinity. [118:8.9 (1304.2)]

The Almighty Supreme

The time-space growth and emergence of the Almighty Supreme represents both the evolution of the non-personal physical universe and the sovereign power unification of the grand universe Creators. The unifying experiential nature of the Supreme Being is correlative of both the personal qualities of experiential divinity as embodied in spirit person of God the Supreme as well as of all the other-than-personal qualities that characterize the Almighty Supreme. The impersonal aspects of the universe of universes are equally destined to undergo unification within the cosmos, but this cosmic unification is nevertheless directly under the sovereign supervision of the Supreme Creator Personalities. The power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being is the unification of non-personal physical universe evolution subject to the personal overcontrol of the Paradise personalities evolving the universe. It should be recognized that the expression of power as used here is twofold. There is the physical power that drives the mechanism of the material universe, and there is the sovereign power that governs the personal rule of the Supreme Creator Personalities. This divine activity of power-personality synthesis eventuates the growing power presence of the evolving Deity of the Supreme in the nuclear grand universe.

Power is ordinarily limited to the designation of the electronic level of material or linear-gravity-responsive matter in the grand universe. Power is also employed to designate sovereignty. [0:6.2 (9.4)]

The power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme are being generated by the Supreme Creator Personalities (the Seven Master Spirits, the 21 Ancients of Days, and the 700,000 Creator Sons of the local universes) throughout the evolving universe of universes. At the dawn of time, at the very inception of the Supreme Deity adventure into time and space, the Seven Master Spirits led the Supreme Creator Personalities in functioning as cocreators with the Paradise Trinity in originating 49 Reflective Spirits. The Reflective Spirits perfectly reflect "all phases of every possible manifestation of the three Paradise Deities as such phenomena might occur in any part of the seven superuniverses." [17:3.1 (290.5)] This cocreative union of the Supreme Creators with the Paradise Trinity initializes the actualization process of the Supreme Being. Universe reflectivity is a process of time-space conditioned omniscience whereby all phases of mind, matter, and spirit activities in the realm of the Supreme can be known simultaneously. This information can be focalized to any desired point ranging from the local universe realms all the way to the Isle of Paradise. It is believed that the phenomena of reflectivity is connected in many ways to the activity of the Supreme Mind and that the universe functioning of reflectivity is a good indicator of the awakening consciousness of the Supreme Being.

Upon the final personalizations of the 49 Reflective Spirits, "a new and far-reaching reaction occurred in the Deity Absolute which imparted new personality prerogatives to the Supreme Being and culminated in the personalization of Majeston, the reflectivity chief and Paradise center of all the work of the forty-nine Reflective Spirits and their associates throughout the universe of universes." [17:2.2 (199.7)] The personalization of Majeston represents the very first creative act of the Supreme Being, who in liaison with the Deity Absolute signalizes the Supreme Being as a volitional and creative participant in his own self-actualization. Majeston uniquely focalizes the cosmic presence of the Supreme Mind. Factualizing Supreme Mind is convergent in Majeston as the time-space experience of the evolving Supreme Being.

This will to action was volitional in the Supreme Being, but the stupendous reaction of the Deity Absolute was not foreknown. Not since the eternity-appearance of Havona had the universe witnessed such a tremendous factualization of such a gigantic and far-flung alignment of power and co-ordination of functional spirit activities. The Deity response to the creative wills of the Supreme Being and his associates was vastly beyond their purposeful intent and greatly in excess of their conceptual forecasts. [17:2.5 (200.3)]

The Supreme Mind

The spirit-personal qualities of the Supreme are inseparable from the power prerogatives of the Almighty, and both are complemented by the unknown potential of Supreme mind. [106:5.1 (1167.3)]

Supreme Mind is bestowed upon the totality of the finite whereby the Supreme Being strives for mastery over energy-matter. Supreme Mind is the individual contribution of the Third Source and Center and his coordinates to the evolving reality of the Supreme Being. The Infinite Spirit bestows Supreme Mind as the conjoining factor of the spirit person of God the Supreme and the power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme—the Supreme Mind functions to unify the power and personality attributes of Supremacy. Supreme Mind unifies the spirit person of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the evolutionary Almighty. The power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme are power-personalized with the spirit of God the Supreme by the Supreme Mind. The creative activities of the Supreme Creators are coordinated with the spirit person of God the Supreme on the pilot world of the outer Havona circuit by means of the Supreme Mind.

The creative synthesis of power and personality is a part of the creative urge of the Supreme Mind and is the very essence of the evolutionary growth of unity in the Supreme Being. [116:0.1 (1269.1)]

The experiential mind of the Supreme takes origin in the Infinite Spirit, the Third Source and Center and the eternal source and center of all mind. The experiential mind of the Supreme was likely bestowed by the Infinite Spirit at the very beginning of finite time, and it appears to have been evolving ever since in parallel with the growing relationship between the finite cosmic mind and the divine absolute mind. Supreme Mind is translated from the potential resident in the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit to the active functional mind of the Supreme Being.

The evolution of Supreme Mind is driven by the dynamic tensions established between the finite cosmic mind and the divine absolute mind. The experiential mind of the Supreme evolves in proportion to the growth of the relationship between finite cosmic mind and divine absolute mind. Cosmic mind, the universal mind of the Infinite Spirit, is ministered to the universes of time and space under the supervision of the Seven Master Spirits. These Master Spirits are themselves perfectly coordinated with the Supreme Mind of time and space. Cosmic mind is "the sevenfold diversified mind of time and space, one phase of which is ministered by each of the Seven Master Spirits to one of the seven superuniverses", and cosmic mind "encompasses all finite mind levels and co-ordinates experientially with the evolutionary-deity levels of the Supreme Mind." [42:10.6 (481.3)]

The evolution of the Almighty power of Supremacy by diverse divinity synthesis in the evolving universes eventuated in a new power presence of Deity which co-ordinated with the spiritual person of the Supreme in Havona by means of the Supreme Mind, which concomitantly translated from the potential resident in the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit to the active functional mind of the Supreme Being. [56:6.2 (641.3)]

Supreme Mind is the active functional mind of the emerging Supreme Being. It acts to co-ordinate the evolving power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme with the spirit person of God the Supreme as he is present on the pilot world of the outer Havona circuit. This sovereign power of Supremacy is generated from the efforts of the many Supreme Creator Personalities by diverse divinity synthesis throughout the whole of the grand universe. This power becomes focalized in the spirit person of God the Supreme via the coordinating and unifying activities of the Supreme Mind. Supreme Mind is bestowed "upon the totality of the finite" whereby the spirit person of God the Supreme "ever strives for the mastery of energy-matter." [116:7.3 (1276.4)]

Supreme Mind will drive the completed actualization of the Supreme Being in the universes of time and space. Supreme Mind is co-ordinating the conjoint development and unification of the spirit person of God the Supreme with the attained power of the Almighty. The mechanistic universe is evolving under the influence of the Almighty Supreme, is activated as a living and dynamic organism by the Supreme Mind in co-ordination with spirit-direction of God the Supreme, and is divinely expressing itself in the power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being. At some far-distant time, the actualized Supreme Being will be recognizable by all intelligent beings and reacted to by all cosmic energies.

The Experiential Perfection of the Supreme

The Supreme Being achieves actualization through the evolutionary unification of experiential Deity. The power potentials of the Almighty are now unifying with the spiritual nature of God the Supreme. Power and personality are synthesizing in the experiential universes of time and space under the divine auspices of the Paradise Deities. Before the finalization of the evolving Supreme Being, the spirit nature of God the Supreme remains divinely perfect and exquisitely symmetrical.

The actualizing Supreme Being expresses personal will and purpose of his own in revealing himself to the time-space creation. He is an active participant in the converging inflow of almighty power that emanates from the divinity successes of the Supreme Creators in time and space. This experiential Deity of the Supreme Being is the partial portraiture of the Paradise Trinity as he evolves the synthesis of finite matter, mind, and spirit in the grand universe. The Supreme Being is not the finite personalization of the Universal Father. He is more properly the evolving finite equivalent of the personalization of the Deity of the Paradise Trinity.

In accordance with this unifying urge of personality, the Supreme Being is the resultant Deity synthesis of grand universe evolution whereby the whirling domains of physical creation are eventually dominated by a spirit nucleus. This is a unified synthesis of evolutionary power with dominant spirit personality. Four levels of personality drive this attainment of divine destiny. [55:12.5 (636.6)]

  1. Paradise personality in the highest sense.
  2. Creator personality in the universe sense.
  3. Mortal personality in the human sense.
  4. Supreme personality in the experiential totality sense.

It is conjectured that the final settling of the grand universe (the seven superuniverses as dependent on the pattern inspiration of Havona) in light and life will inaugurate the emergence of the fully actualized Supreme Being from his central universe origin to his projected residence on the headquarters world of the seventh superuniverse. [55:12.5 (636.6)] This emergence of the Supreme Being is expected to be followed by the removal of all barriers currently existing between these superuniverses. From there, the Supreme Being would reign as the almighty and experiential sovereign of the perfected creations of time and space. The emergence of the Supreme Being will signal the final victory of spirit over matter through the mediation of mind, by virtue of the will of volitional personality. This will represent the final synthesis of personality and power in a perfectly unified universe.

When finally actualized, this evolutionary Deity will constitute the eternal fusion of the finite and the infinite - the everlasting and indissoluble union of experiential power and spirit personality. [0:7.9 (11.3)]

The Transmutation of Potentials to Actuals

All of the growth of the Supreme is essentially a transaction involving the transfer of reality from the potential to the actual.

The great struggle of this universe age is between the potential and the actual — the seeking for actualization by all that is as yet unexpressed. If mortal man proceeds upon the Paradise adventure, he is following the motions of time, which flow as currents within the stream of eternity. [117:4.11(1284.7)

This growth of the Supreme can best be understood by a careful examination of the two existential triodities. These consist of the functional groupings of the three Absolutes of potentiality—the Deity Absolute, the Universal Absolute, and the Unqualified Absolute—and the three absolute actuals—the Eternal Son, the Paradise Isle, and the Infinite Spirit. The Triodity of Actuality is the union of the three Absolutes of actuality where the Eternal Son is the Second Source and Center of all actual spirit reality, the Infinite Spirit is the Third Source and Center of all actual mind reality, and the Isle of Paradise is the Source and Center of all actual reality of energy-matter. In union together, they reveal the originality of the Universal Father as the First Source and Center of all actual reality. The Triodity of Potentiality represents the union of the three Absolutes of potentiality, the Deity, Unqualified, and Universal Absolutes. This triodity reveals the originality of the Universal Father as the First Source and Center of all potential reality.

It is in the triodity of actuality that the existents of the cosmos have their center; be it spirit, mind, or energy, all center in this association of the Son, the Spirit, and Paradise. The personality of the spirit Son is the master pattern for all personality throughout all universes. The substance of the Paradise Isle is the master pattern of which Havona is a perfect, and the superuniverses are a perfecting, revelation. The Conjoint Actor is at one and the same time the mind activation of cosmic energy, the conceptualization of spirit purpose, and the integration of the mathematical causes and effects of the material levels with the volitional purposes and motives of the spiritual level. [115:3.14 (1263.1)]

Together, these functional triodity relationships of the Six Absolutes of Infinity (in conjunction with the focusing direction of the most primal Absolute of Infinity, The Father-Infinite and the First Source and Center, co-ordinate the eventuation of the sum total of potential and actualized existential reality—spirit, cosmic, or mindal. All evolution is simply the transfer of reality from one triodity association to the other, from the potential to the actual, "and the evolutionary Supreme is the culminating and personally volitional focus of the transmutation—the transformation of potentials to actuals in and on the finite level of existence." [115:4.1 (1264.0)]

The Universal Father's eternity act of creation provides for a reality whereby the separation of potential from actual yields divinity-tensions within infinity, and this creates a primal emptiness that can be filled with the possibility for all universe growth. This exposed possibility for experiential growth is the very nature of the Supreme.

Power-Personality Unification

Triune Paradise Deity is unified in the Trinity and is existential as the three persons of Deity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. In association with triune Paradise Deity, God the Supreme resides in Havona and is the personal spirit reflection of the unified Trinity. Havona is an eternal and perfect expression of the spiritual nature of the Supreme Being. The spirit personality of God the Supreme dominates the evolutionary power of the Almighty Supreme. The power-personality synthesis of these two phases of the Supreme Being is the unification of evolutionary power with spirit personality. The nonspiritual and impersonal aspects of the universe of universes are undergoing unification within the Almighty Supreme in complete harmony and balance with the spirit-personal qualities of God the Supreme as these are both manifested in the evolution of the Supreme Being. Moreover, this power-personality synthesis discloses the active and unifying functioning of Supreme Mind.

The evolution of the Supreme Being is driven by the perfecting mobilization of all aspects of things, values, and meanings within the universe of universes. The actualizing Supreme Being is both the evolving driver and receiver of this divine synthesis. From the finite perspective, the growth of the Supreme is essentially a power-personality focalization of the Trinity in time and space, at least as this process can best be comprehended by finite creatures. We can only comprehend Deity unity as it is evolves in the power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being. The three existential persons of Deity manifest the divine realities of love (the Father), mercy (the Son), and ministry (the Spirit) in perfection. The Supreme Being is manifesting these divine qualities in time and space as a process of power-personality synthesis.

God the Sevenfold

To atone for finity of status and to compensate for creature limitations of concept, the Universal Father has established the evolutionary creature's sevenfold approach to Deity [0:VIII.1 (11.5)]:

  1. The Paradise Creator Sons
  2. The Ancients of Days
  3. The Seven Master Spirits
  4. The Supreme Being
  5. God the Spirit
  6. God the Son
  7. God the Father

The associative Deity relationship of the spirit person of God the Supreme with the absolute power of the Paradise Trinity is power-personalizing in the universe of universes on two phases of creative Supremacy:

  • It is expanding outward in God the Sevenfold.
  • It is synthesizing in the experiential power of the Almighty Supreme.

The expansion of God the Sevenfold and the experiential power of the Almighty Supreme are power-personality unifying as one Lord, the Supreme Being.

God the Sevenfold is a working association of Deity. The evolutionary growth of the Supreme generates consequences in the universes of finite time and space in two contra positive directions: intensively inward to Paradise and original Deity, and extensively outward to the limitless possibilities of experiential Deity (the Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute) in the ever-expanding master universe. This dual transmutation of Deity potential to Deity actuality in experiential reality is revealed in the descension and ascension of present universe personalities on the seven-rung ladder of God the Sevenfold.

God the Sevenfold
1. The Paradise Creator Sons
2. The Ancient of Days
3. The Seven Master Spirits
The Universe Power Directors
5. God the Spirit
6. God the Son
7. God the Father
Power-Pattern Activators

The first three levels of God the sevenfold comprise three groupings of Supreme Creator Personalities who are collectively essential to the power of the Almighty Supreme: (1) the 700,000 Paradise Creator Sons, (2) the 21 Ancients of Days, and (3) the Seven Master Spirits. They all endeavor to achieve sovereign power within the universal realms under their jurisdiction. They all generate the universe activities that forever accompany and sustain the administrative acts of the Almighty Supreme. As Deity personality, they are actively functioning in the grand universe; their actions are power-personalizing as the Supreme Being on the first creature levels of unifying Deity revelation in time and space. The Supreme Creator Personalities function as co-creators of the finite realms of time and space in liaison with the Paradise Trinity. They are co-participants in the actualizing of the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Creator Personalities (the Master Spirits, the Ancients of Days, the Paradise Creator Sons), along with their divine associates, are integral participants in the outward, diverging growth of the Supreme. The ascending mortals from the seven superuniverses, on the other hand, are key contributors to the inward, converging growth of the Supreme. The Paradise Trinity is ''the absolute center-source of perfect and infinite stability around which the evolutionary growth of the Supreme progressively unfolds." [115:5.1 (1265.0)]

By virtue of the reciprocal time-space descension of the personal Paradise Deities and their creative associates in association with the time-space ascension of evolutionary creatures, existential Paradise Deity is experientially evolving throughout the grand universe in the creative synthesis of power and personality—in the growing power of the Almighty Supreme and in the manifesting person of God the Supreme. This self-experiential and creature-Creator unifying functioning of Deity at the level of the Supreme (the Supremacy of Deity) is power-personality unifying as the Supreme Being.

The Supreme ever intervenes as the experiential spirit personalization of the Paradise Trinity and as the experiential focus of the evolutionary almighty power of the creator children of the Paradise Deities. [116:2.11 (1270.9)]

In the universes of time and space, God the sevenfold provides an experientially progressive approach to the finding of the Universal Father. The Supreme Being derives his spirit person as God the Supreme from the Paradise Trinity and his almighty power as the Almighty Supreme from the Sevenfold, and these aspects of the Supreme are united in synthesis by the Supreme Mind. God the Sevenfold provides a progressive approach to the Universal Father, and this evolutionary approach is experientially unified in the spirit personality of God the Supreme.

The Supreme Being is the midpoint of God the Sevenfold. His completion is consummated by the completed co-operation of the Supreme Creators in experiential finite reality on one hand and the Paradise Deities on the other. From this central position, he is optimally capable to co-ordinate finite evolution within God the Sevenfold. The corps of the Supreme Creators do their part to organize and perfect the grand scale of the collective seven superuniverses and the projected 700,000 local universes under their jurisdiction, and the Supreme Being is slowly emerging as a result of the successes of the these Supreme Creators in the time-space realms in collaboration with the Paradise Deities.

Ascending mortals are destined to comprehend the power of the Almighty Supreme on the capitals of the superuniverses, and they will achieve personality recognition of God the Supreme on the outer Havona circuits. The Supreme Being will remain invisible until he has become fully actualized at the final settling of the superuniverses in light and life. It will be then that finaliters, as sixth stage spirits, will be able to seek final seventh-stage-spirit status. They will serve successively in superuniverses other than those of nativity, thereby superimposing experience upon experience until the fullness of the sevenfold diversity of possible creature experience has been encompassed.

With the emergence of the Supreme Being as the sovereign of all finite creation, the barriers between each of the seven superuniverses, each with one of the Seven Master Spirits presiding over it, will be removed. The grand universe will begin to function as a single unit, as an administrative and cultural whole.

Ascendant finaliters, having been born in the local universes, nurtured in the superuniverses, and trained in the central universe, embrace in their personal experiences the full potential of the comprehension of the time-space divinity of God the Sevenfold unifying in the Supreme. [56:8.2 (643.5)]

The Sevenfold Controllers

The Sevenfold Controllers
1. The Master Physical Controllers
2. The Supreme Power Centers
3. The Supreme Power Directors
The Universe Power Directors
5. The Conjoint Actor
6. The Isle of Paradise
7. The Universal Father
Power-Pattern Activators

Along with the personal creators who make up God the Sevenfold, the Sevenfold also comprises the controllers of the material grand universe as well. God the Sevenfold encompasses the power of earned sovereignty that the Supreme Creator Personalities enact in the creations of time and space along with the full support of the three Persons of Deity (Father, Son, Spirit) and with the evolving Supreme Being himself. The Sevenfold Controllers mirror this personality functioning of God the Sevenfold with a counter-balancing physical (non-personal) control level of this Deity association.

The Seven Master Spirits collectively personalized the Seven Supreme Power Directors at the beginning of time, and these Power Directors cooperatively effect their physical activities of power supervision throughout the evolutionary ages of the Supreme. In association with the Seven Master Spirits, the Supreme Power Directors created the Supreme Power Centers who consist of seven major groups extending from Havona on down to the local universe systems. The Master Physical Controllers are the subordinate offspring of the Supreme Power Centers, and they serve in seven different orders throughout the grand universe. Among other activities and functions, these centers and their associates transmute the basic units of energy—the ultimatons—into the circuits and revolutions of the electron

Concomitantly with the functioning of God the Sevenfold and the Sevenfold Controllers, the cosmic mind appears in order to co-ordinate these bifurcated activities of personal and physical control of the grand universe.

Space-force has been changed into space-energy and thence into the energy of gravity control. Thus has physical energy been ripened to that point where it can be directed into channels of power and made to serve the manifold purposes of the universe Creators. This work is carried on by the versatile directors, centers, and controllers of physical energy in the grand universe — the organized and inhabited creations. These Universe Power Directors assume the more or less complete control of twenty-one of the thirty phases of energy constituting the present energy system of the seven superuniverses. This domain of power-energy-matter is the realm of the intelligent activities of the Sevenfold, functioning under the time-space overcontrol of the Supreme. [42:2.14 (470.5)]

The Almighty Supreme is the central contributor to the Sevenfold Controllers in similar fashion as the Supreme Being is at the mid-point of God the Sevenfold. Both the mobilizing Almighty Supreme and the emerging Supreme Being contribute to their own actualization in the time-space creations. The physical controllers work to bring the material creations under control, to bring them into sublime balance with the purposes and plans of the personal Deities. They do this armed with the absolute mind of the Conjoint Actor, the Infinite Spirit, who activates the Paradise pattern and thus makes energy subservient to the directives of mind.

The spirit struggles of time and space have to do with the evolution of spirit dominance over matter by the mediation of (personal) mind; the physical (nonpersonal) evolution of the universes has to do with bringing cosmic energy into harmony with the equilibrium concepts of mind subject to the overcontrol of spirit. The total evolution of the entire grand universe is a matter of the personality unification of the energy-controlling mind with the spirit-co-ordinated intellect and will be revealed in the full appearance of the almighty power of the Supreme. [116:5.15 (1274.5)]

Havona and the Supreme Creator Personalities

Upon the organization of the seven superuniverses at the beginning of time, the creative Deity association of God the Sevenfold began to function. God the Sevenfold is representative of the Paradise Deities reaching out into time and space to provide a living ladder of divine personalities that bridges the gap between creature and Creator, between man and the Paradise Father. The Paradise Father is revealing himself to the universes, and he has provided for the perfect platform from which to initiate his plan for perfecting the evolving universes of his own handiwork—and this is embodied in the perfection of Havona.

Havona is a compensation to the Infinite Spirit for his widespread and unselfish work in the universes of space. Havona is the perfect home and retreat for the untiring Mind Minister of time and space. [14:6.22 (161.9)]

Havona is the Father's divine projection of the final evolutionary destiny of the universe of universes; it is representative of all the potentials of finite evolution, creative realities, cosmic mind meanings, and supreme spirit values that are in process of actualizing in time and space. Havona perfectly reveals the symmetrical spirit nature of God the Supreme and the power potentials of the Almighty Supreme before the initiation of their experiential power-personality synthesis in the evolving universes of time and space. In Havona, their future-eternal unity within the Supreme is perfectly foreshadowed as the future perfection of the unified Supreme: "The Havona creation is the eternal and perfect proof of the spiritual reality of the Supreme Being." [14:6.20 (161.11)]

In the Deity realm of the Supreme, the Seven Master Spirits are the primary personalities of the Conjoint Actor. They represent the Infinite Spirit in manifesting the relationships of energy, mind, and spirit to the evolutionary universes of time and space. They distribute cosmic mind to the grand universe and the Nebadon variant of the Orvonton type of cosmic mind to our local universe.

Along with the Seven Master Spirits, there were also created the 21 Ancients of Days, a triad for each of the seven created superuniverses. The Ancients of Days are the triune rulers of the seven superuniverses whose origins coincide with the beginning of time itself (hence the name Ancients of Days). They are the personifications of Trinity justice-judgment in time and space, and they serve as the sevenfold superuniverse focal point for the mobilizing power of the Almighty Supreme. This evolution of the Almighty is the process for actualizing Trinitarian sovereignty in the Supreme domains of time and space. Because the Ancients of Days are midway between Paradise and the evolving worlds, they see both ways, they know both ways, and they co-ordinate both ways.

The Ancients of Days provide the co-ordinated and perfect administrative overcontrol of the evolving universes of time and space. [18:3.9 (210.3)]

The commissioning of the complemental Creator Son/Creative Spirit liaisons as rulers of the 700,000 projected local universes followed the creation of the Ancients of Days. The local universes are the time-space laboratories involving mind experiments, galactic adventure, divinity unfoldings, and personality progressions. They constitute the foundation upon which the experiential Deity of the Supreme evolves. The local universes are the starting points of true evolution, the spawning ground whereby imperfect personalities become co-creators of their future selves as they are to be by virtue of their freewill choices. At the same time, the local universe creators, the universe Mother Spirit and Creator Son, acquire the nature and viewpoints of their local universe children. The bestowal Sons illuminate the already existing and everlasting pathways of divinity attainment and progression as these lead through the presence of the Supreme and onward to the Paradise Father.

In the establishment of sovereignty in his own local universe, a Creator Son is also augmenting the evolving sovereignty of the Supreme. Our own Creator Son, Christ Michael, advanced the sovereignty of the Supreme in Nebadon by the completion of his seven bestowals.

On none of Michael’s bestowals did he reveal God the Supreme, but the sum total of all seven bestowals is a new Nebadon revelation of the Supreme Being. [119:8.5 (1318.4)]

Michael reveals the will of the Supreme through the full combination of his seven bestowals, and in so doing, he has forever identified himself with the Supreme; he will continue to participate in the actualization of the sovereignty of Supremacy in the universe of universes.

Jesus is the perfect and divine example of creature-Creator synthesis. Human nature has become an eternal aspect of his divine nature; he will forevermore be identified as both Michael of Nebadon, the divine Creator Son, and Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph the carpenter. Our sovereign Lord is supremely unified as both Son of God and Son of Man.

And the personal sovereignty of a sevenfold Son is like the future sovereignty of the sometime-to-be-completed Supreme Being, embracing as it does the fullest possible content of the power and authority of the Paradise Trinity manifestable within the time-space limits concerned. [21:5.5 (240.7)]

With the stage now prepared for creature-Supreme evolution, finite mortals soon followed on the worlds of space to begin their long Paradise ascent as the pilgrims of time in their quest for the Universal Father. In addition, with the onset of the present universe age of creation, God the Supreme appears in Havona as a resident of the central universe, his presence deriving from the Paradise Trinity.

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