God, Man, and Supreme

Section One—God

Chapter Two—Total Deity

Deity Reality
Comprehensible Deity
Sources and Centers

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Deity Reality

Deity is the source of all that is divine (godly). Deity is characterized as imposing a unifying quality on everything it influences. Deity is universally co-ordinated and is active on the diverse levels of cosmic reality, on the meanings of mind, and on the values of the spirit. The Isle of Paradise and the material creations are not a part of Deity; rather, they are consequences of Deity. The activities of Deity always work towards some manifestation of personality expression (e.g., the Supreme Being). Deity, as we understand it, is personalizable as God, but this understanding of ours is "partial, relative, and shadowy." [0:III.19 (5.19)]

The truth and maturity of any religion is directly proportional to its concept of the infinite personality of God and to its grasp of the absolute unity of Deity. The idea of a personal Deity becomes, then, the measure of religious maturity after religion has first formulated the concept of the unity of God. [1:5.10 (28.7)]

Total Deity reality is the work of the three associate persons of Deity—the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son, unified in function and personally supported by the Universal Father. The Infinite Spirit bestows absolute mind and the Eternal Son attends to the ministration of spirit. Total Deity reality is mind-spirit unified by personality. Total Deity reality acts upon the infinite reality of the material universe. In the universe of universes, cosmic mind ever intervenes between the relative manifestations of the two universal absolutes, matter and spirit.


1. The Physical Presence of the Infinite:

  • The reality of the material universe (centered in the Isle of Paradise)
  • The organization of physical energy as modified by motion and conditioned by mind

2. The Mind Presence of Deity:

  • The depth of Individual Intellectual experience (centered in the person of the Infinite Spirit)
  • Organized consciousness that us operative over matter and conditioned by Spirit

3. The Spiritual Presence of Divinity:

  • The capacity of spiritual receptivity (centered in the person of the Eternal Son)
  • The highest personal reality that influences and directs all diverse systems and associations of personality integrity

Absolute existence is subservient to the actions of the total Deity within the divine unity of the Paradise Trinity. The Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are the individual personalities whose unified and totalized Deity constitute the Paradise Trinity. These three persons of Deity function concertedly as total Deity in the Paradise Trinity. However, the Universal Father functions as total Deity only within the unity of the Paradise Trinity. Apart from this Trinity association, the Father chooses to stand aside to allow his two Deity equals, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, to exercise their own influence on creation. The Father, being the universal absolute of all personality, exercises unchallengeable authority in creation. Still, the Father-Absolute freely delegates all spirit and mind prerogatives in the creations of time and space to his associate persons of Deity.

The universe cosmic levels of energy, mind, and spirit are independent realms of cosmic reality. These diverse levels of cosmic reality operate on the sub-absolute Deity levels of finite Supremacy and absonite (superfinite) Ultimacy. Absolute reality is the existential reality of eternity, "but finite and absonite realities are derivatives, modifications, qualifications, and attenuations of the original and primordial absolute reality of infinity." [115:1.3 (1260.4)] Nevertheless, all reality eventually converges in the person of the Universal Father.

All personal beings have individuated realities, but it should be understood that these personal individuals are relative realities within the living cosmos. On a totality level, the cosmos is a living organism comprising a collective summation of infinitely integrated life forms. All living beings are contributors to the cosmic organism as a whole, and they all share a causality in the Universal Father. Together, microcosm and macrocosm share a unity in purpose and destiny.

The Grand Universe is not only a material creation of physical grandeur, spirit sublimity, and intellectual magnitude, it is also a magnificent and responsive living organism. There is actual life pulsating throughout the mechanism of the vast creation of the vibrant cosmos. [116:7.1 (1276.2)]

Comprehensible Deity

God is a mystery beyond our understanding. We cannot understand God in the way he understands himself. To know God would be to "be God." In reality, only the two Deity equals, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, truly know the Universal Father. Nevertheless, we should be encouraged because God has chosen to be very near to us, his mortal children, with his indwelling presence. He reveals himself to us, and we share in his glory. Still, God remains the One who is beyond and above all that we know or can know. He is closer to us than is our own heart, and yet he is beyond and above everything that we know and understand. By virtue of the Father's indwelling presence within our mortal minds, we are given the power to apprehend his spiritual truth directly, immediately, intuitively, not just through the faculties of intellectual reason, but also through our inherent inner vision.

The comprehending mind of man is a lower manifestation of the creative, controlling, and upholding spirit-mind originating from the creator levels of divine reality. Always must the higher levels of cosmic and absolute mind be above the lower levels of their manifestation. The ability of lower mortal mind to comprehend higher levels of universe reality is curtailed by the fact that such mind is configured for finite time-space experience. Although the full comprehensibility of the creative acts and purposes of divine spirit-mind is ultimately concealed from sub-divine intelligences, the resulting limitations of time-space constrained experience allow the finite creature to effectively co-exist in a cosmos insulated within the encompassing infinity of the absolute.

The higher the universe mind associated with any universe phenomenon, the more difficult it is for the lower types of mind to discover it. And since the mind of the universe mechanism is creative spirit-mind (even the mindedness of the Infinite), it can never be discovered or discerned by the lower-level minds of the universe, much less by the lowest mind of all, the human. The evolving animal mind, while naturally God-seeking, is not alone and of itself inherently God-knowing. [42:11.8 (482.6)]

Infinite Deity is not capable of full comprehension by finite beings such as ourselves. We cannot penetrate the realities of eternity, but we can gain some measure of appreciation for it by realizing that the one absolute cause, the Father-I AM, has effected an almost limitless and dependent reality of endless diversification with "some absolute and infinite potential of destiny." [105:0.1 (1152.1)] We can begin to comprehend the Universal Father as a person, but as universe creatures, we cannot comprehend the full Deity reality of the First Source and Center, the I AM.

In our search to find God, we will learn to recognize and then to comprehend progressively elevated manifestations of personal Deity. The sum-total of our efforts in traversing the time-space superuniverse realm of Supremacy will have provided us with an experiential power comprehension of the Almighty Supreme. Our expansion within the cosmic mind of all creation will connect us with the reality of the Supreme Mind. Upon our initial entry into Havona for our ascension quest for finding the Paradise Father, our first discovery will be the recognition and comprehension of the spirit personality of God the Supreme. Since God the Supreme is the evolving God of time and space and is experiential in Deity origin, he can be recognized and experienced. The discovery of the fully actualized Supreme Being, though, will have to wait for his final emergence at that time when the grand universe has achieved the spiritual status of light and life.

Because ascenders to Paradise are personalities, the personality realities of the Father, Son, and Spirit can be experienced—it is their other-than-personal Deity natures that will be more problematic for comprehension. In our ascension pilgrimage to Paradise in search of the Three Persons of Deity, we will first attain a comprehension of the Third Person of Deity - the Infinite Spirit. The Deity presence of the Infinite Spirit enshrouds that of the Second and First Persons (the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son), so it makes sense that we will first recognize the Spirit. Since we must endeavor through mind to form comprehensible concepts, the Deity presence of the infinite Spirit as Third Source and Center of all mind naturally appears more real and visible to us.

The Third Person of Deity, the Infinite Spirit, is the source of mind. Because of this, mind-endowed mortal creatures can best comprehend this level of personal Deity. We are circuited into the ministry of mind for all of our intellectual functioning, and since this level of human mind takes ancestry in the Infinite Spirit, we can form at least some semblance of comprehensible conception of this Deity level of reality. It is more difficult to form the same degree of conceptual grasp with the spiritual Deity reality of the Eternal Son and the personal/prepersonal/superpersonal Deity reality of the Universal Father because our own finite natures of spirit and personality expression are so imperfect and incomplete in expression.

Upon consummating our quest for the Infinite Spirit, we begin the Deity adventure for finding and recognizing the Deity of the Eternal Son. We will already have fully conceptualized the true divinity of our Creator Michael Son, Jesus Christ, in our passage through the time-space worlds of our local universe of origin. Our discovery of the Deity nature of the Eternal Son, Second Source and Center of spirit, however will require that we have been fully spiritized as ascending beings before we will succeed in our ascension quest for finding and recognizing the Deity nature of the Eternal Son.

The highly personalized Sons of God are clearly discernible by the lower orders of created intelligences, and so do they compensate for the invisibility of the infinite and therefore less discernible Father. The Paradise Creator Sons of the Universal Father are a revelation of an otherwise invisible being, invisible because of the absoluteness and infinity inherent in the circle of eternity and in the personalities of the Paradise Deities. [3:0.2 (44.2)]

In our search for the Deity presence of the Paradise Father, we will predictably succeed in locating the presence of the Trinity on Paradise, and the majority of us will attain an intellectual grasp of the triune Deity realities. Of far greater challenge will be the discovery and recognition of their spiritual presence. The most challenging will be to attain "even the minimum spiritual comprehension of the Universal Father." [26:7.5 (293.3)]

Sources and Centers

All forms of material, mindal, and spiritual force-energy are subject to the presence of universal gravities. The activities of gravity are not exclusively applicable to just material phenomena. Where spirit reality may be thought of as a thesis representing the quality of the living energy of divinity, physical reality becomes the corresponding antithesis typifying the quantity of nonspirit energy. Mind ends up becoming the unifying synthesis of these two antipodal energies of spirit and matter. The finite human mind is capable of comprehending much of the basic three levels of finite reality—the organized energy of matter that is conditioned by mind, the organized consciousness of mind that is modified by spirit, and the highest personal reality of spirit that is the motivating influence of all energy systems of personal dignity.

The great Sources and Centers reside together in the Isle of Paradise. In accordance with the Universal Father's freewill mandate, "Let us make mortal man in our own image," man's freewill personality takes origin from the Father as the First Source and Center. Our mortal being is spiritually encircuited to the Eternal Son as the Second Source and Center. It is endowed with mind from the Infinite Spirit as the Third Source and Center. Moreover, all this mortal being is housed within a material body manifested from the physical energies arising from the great Paradise Source and Center. In just this way are we created in "his image."

The triune association of the three Sources and Centers of the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and the Isle of Paradise constitutes "the actual revelation of the originality of the First Source and Center". [115:3.7 (1262.4)] In this association of the Second, Third, and Paradise Sources and Centers, all total Deity and cosmic reality is absolute and eternally actualized. 

God - the Universal Father - is the personality of the First Source and Center and as such maintains personal relations of infinite control over all co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers. Such control is personal and infinite in potential, even though it may never actually function owing to the perfection of the function of such co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers and personalities. [0:3.10 95.9)]

The First Source and Center is the primal cause of all physical reality. Before the Isle of Paradise, the Father was. The First Source and Center is also the first and final Father of all spirit. Before the Eternal Son, the Father was. The Universal Father reveals himself to time and space in the dual manifestations of pure spirit and pure energy, and "the absolutes of both spirit and matter-energy converge in the person of the Universal Father." [12:8.13 (140.9)] 

In the eternity of the past, when the Universal Father gave infinite personality expression of his spirit self in the being of the Eternal Son, simultaneously he revealed the infinity potential of his nonpersonal self as Paradise. Nonpersonal and nonspiritual Paradise appears to have been the inevitable repercussion to the Father's will and act which eternalized the Original Son. Thus did the Father project reality in two actual phases - the personal and the nonpersonal, the spiritual and the nonspiritual. The tension between them, in the face of will to action by the Father and the Son, gave existence to the Conjoint Actor and the central universe of material worlds and spiritual beings. [11:9.3 (127.1)]

Monota (primal matter-energy) is the living, nonspirit energy of Paradise, the eternity counterpart of the living, spirit energy of the Eternal Son. Paradise monota and Paradise spirit derive directly from the Father's freewill act of eternity, and on Paradise, monota and spirit are indistinguishable from one another, In fact, the three realities of spirit, matter, and mind are indistinguishable in the actual presence of the Paradise Father. As spirit and material energies diverge from Paradise, mind begins to proportionately function. Mind is the inevitable technique for unifying the ever-widening divergence of the dual universe manifestations of the original monothetic Creator personality of the Father. The original and eternal, the never-beginning, existential and inevitable Paradise Trinity was inherent in the fact of the differentiation of the personal and the nonpersonal by the Father's unfettered will. It actualized when his personal will coordinated these dual realities by mind. Mind coordinates the dual realities of the personal and the nonpersonal.

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