God, Man, and Supreme—Origin and Destiny

Table of Contents


  • A Personal Statement of Faith
  • Inspiration from The Urantia Book
  • Origin and Destiny—God's Purpose and Plan
  • Functional Gender Designation in The Urantia Book
  • Revelation and Compromise

Chapter One—Trinity

  • The Mystery of the Trinity
  • The Search for Truth
  • The One and the Many
  • Transcendence and Immanence
  • Early Philosophic Systems
  • Early Trinity Developments
  • The Christian Trinity
  • The Trinity of The Urantia Book

Chapter Two—Total Deity

  • Deity Reality
  • Comprehensible Deity
  • Sources and Centers

Chapter Three—Cosmic Reality

  • The Universe of Universes
  • The Supremacy of the Grand Universe
  • The Ultimacy of the Grand Universe
  • The Absoluteness of the Cosmos Infinite
  • The Circle of Eternity

Chapter Four—Levels of Deity Expression

  • Personality, Spirit, Mind, and Matter
  • Love, Mercy, and Ministry
  • Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
  • Justice, Power, and Sovereignty
  • Divergence and Convergence
  • Light and Shadow
  • Projection and Image

Chapter Five—The Universal Father

  • The First Source and Center
  • The Father-I AM
  • The Paradise Father
  • Personality

Chapter Six—The Second Source and Center

  • The Second Source and Center
  • Spirit Gravity
  • Paradise Sons

Chapter Seven—The Paradise-Havona System

  • The Isle of Paradise
  • Havona
  • Pattern, Form, and Energy
  • The Paradise Source and Center
  • Dynamics of the Ultimaton

Chapter Eight—The Infinite Spirit

  • The Third Source and Center
  • Mind Gravity
  • Levels of Mind
  • The Seven Master Spirits and Cosmic Mind

Chapter Nine—The Seven Absolutes of Infinity

  • The Sevenfold Self-Relationship of the I AM
  • Unity, Duality, Triunity
  • Triunities
  • The Seven Revealed Triunities
  • The Unrevealed Triunities
  • The Triodities of Actuality and Potentiality

Chapter Ten—The Creator Son-Mother Spirit Liaison

  • Local Universe Creation
  • The Material Sons and Daughters
  • Seraphic Daughters of the Mother Spirit
  • The Bestowals of Christ Michael
  • Local Universe Sovereignty

Chapter Eleven—Body, Mind and Soul

  • Organism and Mechanism
  • Material (Preadjutant) Mind
  • Adjutant Mind
  • The Unity of Mind
  • The Holy Spirit and the Adjuster Bestowal
  • The Spirit of Truth
  • Soul
  • Morontia (Soul) Mind
  • Mortal Ascent and the Supreme Being 

Chapter Twelve—The Human Experience

  • Human Gender—Background
  • Human Gender—Design and Purpose
  • Human Gender—Conclusion
  • Prayer
  • Worship

Chapter Thirteen—The Discovery and Integration of Experiental Reality

  • The Discernment of Things, Meanings, and Values
  • The Discovery of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
  • Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Revelation
  • Fact and Truth, Belief and Faith

Chapter Fourteen—Guardian Seraphim

  • Angel Ministry
  • Destiny Guardians
  • Circle Attainment
  • Soul Guardianship
  • Soul Rebirth
  • Seraphic Destiny

Chapter Fifteen—Survival

  • The Nature and Consequences of Free-Will Choice
  • Error, Evil, Sin, and Iniquity
  • Death and Resurrection
  • Fusion
  • Paradise Ascension

Chapter Sixteen—Jesus and the Spirit of Truth

  • The Bestowal Mission
  • Jesus, The Living Spirit of Truth

Chapter Seventeen—The Evolution of the Supreme Being

  • The Supremacy of Deity
  • Time-Space
  • God the Supreme
  • The Almighty Supreme
  • The Supreme Mind
  • The Experiential Perfection of the Supreme
  • The Transmutation of Potentials to Actuals
  • Power-Personality Unification
  • God the Sevenfold
  • The Sevenfold Controllers
  • Havona and the Supreme Creator Personalities

Chapter Eighteen—The Evolutionary Unification of Man and The Supreme Being

  • Creature-Creator Synthesis
  • Man's Search for the Supreme
  • Creature-Supreme Identification
  • Man's Perfection with the Supreme
  • The Vicissitudes of Life
  • Predestination and Providence

Chapter Nineteen—Faith and The Kingdom of Heaven

  • Faith
  • The Kingdom
  • Jesus' Teaching of the Gospel
  • Sonship and Brotherhood
  • Fruits of the Kingdom
  • The Social Impact of the Kingdom
  • The Fruits of the Spirit — Selected Quotes
  • The Dynamics of Love