A Study of the Master Universe: Appendices
A Development of Concepts in The Urantia Book

Bill Sadler (William S. Sadler, Jr.)

Table of Contents for This Study

Appendix 15: Master Architects and Transcendentalers

Appendix 8, Transformative Techniques, reviews in some detail the several ways in which beings are actualized, are brought into existence; and Section 3 of that Appendix, Techniques of Eventuation, gives careful consideration to the possible method of the origin of the Transcendentalers and of their governing corps, the Master Universe Architects. [31:9.2] In connection with this study it was noted that these beings are concerned solely with "the superadministration of the master universe" [31:8.3] and we deduced that they may well be the personification of God's plans for the entire master universe - past, present, and future. We arrived at the conclusion that these absonite beings eventuated (came into existence) as an inherent and virtually inevitable repercussion to the making of such plans for the master universe. In other words, God could hardly make serious plans concerning the master creation without eventuating (thinking out the existence of) the Architects and the Transcendentalers; and these absonite eventuators could come into existence only as a repercussive corollary to the making of such plans.

One of the purposes of Appendix 15 is to bring together what the Papers have to say about numbers in relation to deity, to the co-ordinates of deity, to the organization of the universes, and further, to relate such data to the numbers that are given for The Architects of the Master Universe. [citation needed] These numbers, and the organization of the Architects, should tell us something about the total plans for the past, the present, and the future of the entire master creation. It seems likely that a similar comparison of such numbers to the organization of the other groups of Transcendentalers would be equally significant, but no numerical data is given concerning the other Transcendentalers, therefore no such comparisons can be made.

We will also give consideration to the absonite level of reality and to the nature and functions of the Architects and other Transcendentalers. This study will lead to a broad consideration of the Organic Unity of Reality as a basic quality that is characteristic of Reality and which probably accounts for certain happenings that are discussed in the Papers. This quality of organic unity seems to give rise to the "principle of organic consistency" that has been encountered elsewhere.

1. The Realationships Of Certain Numbers

The universes are mathematical, as well as organic and personal. The organization of a single superuniverse, for example, follows the decimal system with no deviations whatsoever. Its divisions and its subdivisions are all multiples of ten. [citation needed] Certain numbers do seem to be inherent in the nature of things. For example: If existential Deity is to be undivided, then there can be only one existential Trinity, the Paradise Trinity.

Let us consider the pattern of numbers that seems to be disclosed in the narrative of the Papers. We are informed that ". . . the universe ... is mind planned, mind made, and mind administered." [42:11.2] If this is the case, then we should expect to find some kind of a mathematical pattern, some significant relationship between certain numbers and the plans for the master universe. What we are looking for is a system. In a system the interrelated parts are arranged, they are organized, they have a meaningful positional value. [112:1.19]

The number One and the number Three. The number One appears to be significant in relationship to the concept of the Infinite, the One Uncaused, the Cause of Causes. [0:3.17] In terms of functioning reality it could be related to the one existential Trinity, to the indivisibility of Paradise Deity. The author of Paper Ten speaks of the Trinity as inevitable, as pro viding the only way in which an Infinite Being could bring about threefold and equal personalization of Deity, and at the same time, maintain the absolute indivisibility of Deity. [10:0.3] We have here a clear illustration of the unique relationship between the numbers One and Three.

There are truly Three persons of Deity, but in the Paradise Trinity existential Deity is undivided, absolutely One. In terms of "cosmic mathematics" this all seems to mean that it is not possible to have One without Three, and that it is equally impossible to have Three without One.

The number One appears in the organization of the Architects of the Master Universe; there is only one Senior Architect. [31:9.4] So also does the number Three appear; there are three Havona Architects. [31:9.5]

Seven as a functional expansion of Three. The appearance of the Infinite Spirit completes the existential personalization of Deity. [10:2.8] When the Spirit gave expression to his primary personalities, they were experiential in nature and seven in number. (ibid.)

The Papers say that the personalization of the three Paradise Deities (and their Trinity union) is the absolute inevitability, and that the creation of the Seven Master Spirits is the subabsolute inevitability. [16:1.1] There is nothing arbitrary in this functional expansion of Three into Seven. If the Master Spirits are to express the single and the plural functions of the Paradise Deities, then there can be only Seven because the three Paradise Deities have just seven possible combinations of single and plural expressions: Father, Son, Spirit, Father-Son, Father-Spirit, Son-Spirit, and Father-Son-Spirit. [16:0.1] No larger and no smaller number than Seven is mathematically possible.

The number Seven is of prime importance in all of the post-Havona creations. The Seven Master Spirits are post-Havona in origin and experiential in nature. They are active throughout the post-Havona (and experiential) history of the master universe, starting with the "near times of eternity" and the "dawn of time" at the very beginning of the Second Age. The superuniverses are seven in number because there are Seven Master Spirits. [citation needed] All of the plans for the grand universe and the related segments of the outer universes are reflective of, and have been conditioned by, the fact that there are Seven Master Spirits. (ibid.)

The number Seven appears in the numbers of the Architects that are assigned to all five of the post-Havona space levels: the superuniverse space level, and the Primary-, Secondary-, Tertiary-, and Quartan-levels of outer space. In the first instance, it is the number Seven, itself. In each succeeding instance, Seven is a factor in the total number, appearing one or more times.

Interaction of Three and Seven. The numbers Three and Seven interact in several ways: Three plus Seven equals Ten, Three times Seven equals 21, Three-plus-Seven times Seven equals Seventy. Let us examine these three interactions.

Interaction of Three and Seven - The number Ten. If there is any particular number that should be associated with the presence and the function of the Supreme Being, it would appear to be the number Ten -stated otherwise, Three plus Seven.

For example: Consider what took place when the Seven Master Spirits collaborated with the three Paradise Deities in the production of the Reflective Spirits. It was then that the Supreme Being functioned as a creator for the first (and only) time - in the creation of Majeston. [17:2.4]

There are ten Architects that are assigned to the grand universe - three in Havona and seven in the superuniverses. We have observed that the grand universe is the nuclear universe out of which the Supreme Being is emerging.

We will observe (below) that the number Ten is a factor in the numbers of the Master Architects, starting with the corps assigned to the Primary Space Level; and that it continues to appear as a factor in the number of each succeeding corps. These are the Architect corps assigned to the outer space creations; these are the creations of the post-supreme ages; these are the ages in which the Supreme Being will be personally present and will be personally active.

Interaction of Three and Seven - The number 21. The number 21 does not appear in the organization of the Architects, but it does appear elsewhere. There are three circuits of Paradise satellites. Each of these circuits has seven worlds, totaling 21 worlds in all. [13:0.1] We are informed that these 21 satellites of Paradise ". . . embrace the potentials of the function of the master universe." [13:1.1] There are also 21 Ancients of Days, three being assigned to the headquarters of each of the seven superuniverses. [18:3.4]

Interaction of Three and Seven - The number Seventy. Three-plus seven times seven equals Seventy. This number seems to symbolize the functional association of the Supreme Being and the Master Spirits. This may symbolize the first expression of the Dual-Deity association of the Spirit-Supreme. (See Appendix 5, Section 5; The Spirit-Supreme Partnership: The Post-Supreme Ages)

The number Seventy is the number given for the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy. There are exactly seventy of these Trinity-origin beings who rule the Paradise worlds of the Father. [citation needed] Ten Secrets of Supremacy are stationed on each of the seven worlds, and on each world the Ten are organized as Three in relation to Seven. (p. 208, par. 1) This is an exact expression of our analysis of the number Seventy - (3 + 7) x 7 = 70.

(It may not be of particular significance, but the highest beings assigned to the seven superuniverse governments are seventy in number: the 21 Ancients of Days and the 49 Reflective Spirits.)

When we look at the primary divisions of the billion worlds of Havona, we observe that they are grouped in seven circuits. [citation needed] This organization of the central universe appears to foreshadow the later division of the superuniverse space level into seven superuniverses. [15:0.1] When we examine the primary divisions of the seven superuniverses we observe that these are the major sectors, and that they are seventy in, number. [15:2.12] Does this foreshadow the future organization of the Primary Space Level into seventy prime divisions? We do not know but it would appear so. We do know that there are seventy Architects assigned to this space level. [31:9.7]

Seven interacting with itself: 7, 49, 343, and 2401. In Appendix 14, Section 6; The Results of the Interaction of Seven times Seven, we considered this numerical relationship. Since we are now looking rather carefully into all of the significant numerical relationships, it will be in order to consider these expanding exponents of Seven a little more closely. Suppose we first look at the relationships of the numbers 7, 49, 343, 2401. They are all (exponential) expansions of the number Seven:

What do these numbers signify? Let us start with the smallest number and work up, one by one, to the largest.

Seven. As we have already taken note, the most significant appearance of the number Seven is in connection with the Seven Master Spirits. There could be only seven of these Spirits, neither more nor less. Because of this, the superuniverse space level was divided into seven principal segments -the seven supercreations. [16:1.1] Each Master Spirit pervades one of the superuniverses, and so dominates the environment of his superuniverse that every native creature takes on the tinge, the unique character-coloration of this particular Master Spirit. [16:5.2] This natal stamp of each superuniverse is so permanent that even the finaliters assemble one finaliter from each superuniverse (seven finaliters in all) when attempting to portray a complete Trinity relationship." [16:5.5]

Forty-nine. The first example of the expansion of Seven into 49 appears in the narrative of the origin of the Reflective Spirits. [17:3.1] There are just 49 of these beings. Seven of them are like the First Master Spirit and are reflective of his nature. Seven are like the Second Master Spirit, and so on to the last seven who are like the Seventh Master Spirit and are reflective of his nature. (ibid.) One of each type of Reflective Spirit is stationed on each superuniverse capitol. (ibid.) On Uversa, for example, there are seven Reflective Spirits, each of diverse nature and each reflective of a different Master Spirit. Since these Reflective Spirits are also creative, this mode of assignment sets up in each superuniverse the potential for the appearance of creatures that will disclose seven different (Master-Spirit-like) performances because of having seven inherently different created natures. Since this is true in each of the superuniverses, and since each supercreation is environmentally dominated by one of the Master Spirits, then it logically follows that such creatures could develop along 49 divergent patterns of growth since there are 49 possible combinations of interacting heredity and environment.

This potential is actually expressed in the origin and the evolutionary growth of the Universal Conciliators. (Appendix 14, Section 7; Footnote: Concerning Universal Conciliators) The Conciliators are reflectively created in each superuniverse with seven different types of (Master-Spirit-like) inheritance. Since these seven types each evolve in seven different (Master-Spirit-dominated) environments, the net result is the production of 49 different viewpoints on the part of the Conciliators. We believe the evolution of these 49 different types of Conciliators is a Second-Age forecast of what will be typical of the normal transactions of the Third Universe Age and the affairs of the Primary Space Level.

There are seven basic (Master-Spirit-dominated) environments in the superuniverses. We believe there will be 49 analogous conditions in the Primary Space Level.

We further believe that such creative-environmental conditioning will result in the production of 49 basically different natures in those beings who will be concerned with the affairs of the Secondary Space Level.

The further expansions of Seven. If we have correctly established the expanding pattern of (the exponents of) Seven, then we can trace it on and out into the three outermost space levels - Secondary, Tertiary, and Quartan:

Is this line of reasoning reasonable, or not? We can test it. We can ask the question: Does the pattern of creation make for uniformity or for diversity?

Let us look at the original expression of the pattern of creation; let us look at Havona and its billion worlds. Each world is "original, unique, and exclusive" - "no two of them are alike." [14:5.7] "Every world . . . is wholly unlike any other world. . . " [18:2.4] The pattern universe is created on the principle of diversity; it is quite reasonable to discover that the post-Havona creations will follow this same pattern of diversification.

2. The Numbers Of The Master Architects

The numbers given for the seven corps of the Architects of the Master Universe do not, at first glance, appear to have much meaning, system, or pattern. (351, Section 9) An arithmetical factoring of these numbers, however, discloses that there is a distinct system or pattern as they build up, corps by corps, to the grand total of 28,011 for this entire group of the governing body of the Transcendentalers, the planners and co-ordinators of the master universe. Consider the following analysis of these numbers:

The Paradise Level

On this, the highest level, there is one Architect, the Senior Architect, and he is assisted by the three Architects of the second corps. The Senior Architect co-ordinates Paradise and its three circuits of satellites. This is a relationship of One and Three.

The Havona Level

On this level are three of the Architects; they are assisted by seven Architects of the third corps. In Havona (excluding the dark gravity bodies) there are ten circuits of inhabited spheres, the three circuits of Paradise satellites and the seven circuits of the billion worlds. This is a relationship of Three and Seven. (The appearance of the number Seven at this point would seem to anticipate the later, Second Age, collective function of the Master Spirits in relation to the central universe.)

The Superuniverse Level

There are seven Architects in the third corps. They are assisted by the seventy Architects of the fourth corps. They oversee the superuniverse space level, which is divided into seven superuniverses and is subdivided into seventy major sectors.

The Number Seven

We should note that the number Seven makes its appearance in the third corps of Architects, at the superuniverse level, and that it appears from this point on in the numbers of each subsequent corps of these universe planners. The Seven Master Spirits become functional at the dawn of the Second Universe Age and in relation to the organization of the seven superuniverses. The repetition of the number Seven, from this point on, is suggestive that they will continue to play an important part in all developments that may take place in the outer space creations.

The Primary Space Level

Seventy Architects are assigned to the first outer space level. This is a number that is the product of Seven times Ten. This corps of seventy Architects provides for the (present and) future administration of the first outer space level. We are informed that there are 70,000 major aggregations of matter now in outer space and that each one of these aggregations is larger than a superuniverse. [31:10.12] If these are all in the Primary Space Level, then each Architect (of the fourth corps) would appear to have the oversight of 1,000 of these physical aggregations. This suggests that each Architect is going to have jurisdiction over a growing mass materialization that is already greater than one-thousand times the mass materialization of a superuniverse. The astronomic scope of the Architects would appear to be

We do not know, but we do presume, that the 490 Architects of the fifth corps will serve as associate-assistants to those of the fourth corps. If such is the case, then each Architect of the fourth corps will have seven of these associate-assistants. In view of our concept of the possibility that there will be 49 (hereditary-environmental) trends in the Primary Space Level, this appears to be significant.

The domain of each Master Spirit in the Primary Space Level would be made up of 10,000 aggregations of mass materialization under the jurisdiction of ten Architects and seventy associate Architects. The basic domain of each (fourth-corps) Architect would be 1,000 aggregations of mass materialization and he would have seven associate-assistants.

The Number Ten

We should note that the number Ten appears as a factor in the fourth corps of Architects. The number appears as a constant factor from here on. This suggests that the Supreme Being is active in all outer space levels.

The Secondary Space Level

The fifth-corps Architects number 490. This is seven-to-the-second-power times ten (7 x 7 x 10). The number Ten, as we have noted, suggests the continuing function of the Supreme Being in the Secondary Space Level. The square of Seven (7 x 7) suggests the superimposition of the diverse nature of each Master Spirit upon the natures of all seven.

The Powers of Seven

Like Ten, Seven is a repeating factor in the numbers of the outer space Architects, but Seven is an "expanding" factor: seven-to-the-first-power (71 = 7); seven-to-the-second-power (7 2 7 x 7 = 49); seven-to-the-third-power (7 3 7 x 7 x 7 343); and seven-to-the-fourth-power (7 4 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 2401). This suggests that there will be a continuing superimposition of the seven (environmental-dominating) natures of the Master Spirits upon the seven (heredity-determining) creative propensities of these same Master Spirits, with a projection of the diversifying results of this relationship into each of the next outer space levels.

The Tertiary Space Level

The sixth corps of universe planners numbers 3430. This number is seven-to-the-third-power times ten (7 x 7 x 7 x 10 = 3430). Or, stated otherwise, 343 x 10 = 3430. Does the appearance of this third power of seven (49 x 7) mean a further superimposition of the Seven Master-Spirit natures on the 49 previous expressions? The continuing interaction of Ten and Seven suggests the continuing collaboration of the Supreme Being and the Seven Master Spirits. And we have good reason for believing that the outer space levels are the place where the Dual-Deity partnership of the Spirit and the Supreme is to find its fullest expression. (See Appendix V, 5; The Spirit-Supreme Partnership.)

The Quartan Space Level

The universe planners of the seventh and final corps number 24,010. This number is seven-to-the-fourth-power times ten. It can be expressed as: (7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 10 = 24,010). The fourth power of seven may represent a final interaction between the sevenfold natures of the Master Spirits and the configuration of their association in the previous space level (7 x 49 = 343). In the Tertiary Space Level we were dealing with the cube of seven (343). Now, in the final space level, we are dealing with the fourth.

Summary: The Numbers Of The Architects Of The Master Universe

Note: This number, 28,011, represents some kind of a limit, an exhaustion of the personalizable potential of the absonite level. It was not possible to eventuate an additional Architect; the number 28,011 reached the limits of absonity, and the attempted 28,012th Architect-Eventuation failed because the conceptualization of the Architects transcended the absonite at this point and ". . . encountered the mathematical level of the presence of the Absolute." [31:9.10]

[citation needed](See page 351, 9, Architects of the Master Universe, for references in the Papers)

A Summary Of The Numbers Of The Architects

A tabulation is always helpful to the visualization of numerical relationships. On the summary facing this page such a tabulation has been made. Here we can see the expansion in numbers from one through three to seven, then see three and seven combine to form ten, which number persists in the outer space levels with the addition of the expanding factor of seven - seven-to-the-first, the second, the third, and the fourth power. In our opinion, these numbers are not due to chance. There is no more of chance in them than there is in the number of the Master Spirits - this number, Seven, is inherent in the creative situation that is

These numbers have significance; they do not seem to be the result of mere chance. They seem to express the unfolding of the interrelationships of Deity and Divinity in the domains of actual (and actualizing) Reality. Consider the following:


This number symbolizes the unity of Deity. It could stand for the pre-Father concept of Solitary Deity (the Infinite) and for the post-Father reality of undivided Deity, the Paradise Trinity.


This number could stand for many relationships: the threefold potentialization of absolute reality; the threefold projection of functional reality as finite, absonite, and absolute; the threefold potential-personalization of experiential reality as Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute; the threefold potential of the final trinity as the Trinity of Trinities. It is probably most symbolic of the threefold personalization of Paradise Deity as Father, Son, and Spirit.


This number symbolizes the derivation of Sevenfold Deity from Threefold Deity. This is the first subabsolute expression of experiential deity: laterally in the Seven Master Spirits and vertically in the association of God the Sevenfold.


This is the number Ten multiplied by Seven. It seems to be a reflection of the personal activity of the Supreme in association with the Seven Master Spirits - perhaps the start of the Dual-Deity association of the Spirit-Supreme in the Primary Space Level.

Four-hundred ninety

This number (7 x 7 x 10) suggests the superimposition of the seven unique natures of the Master Spirits upon the seven unique natures of these same Spirits in association with the Supreme Being. This interaction of seven-times-seven first appears in the 49 Reflective Spirits. It is something that is probably projected from the basic organization of the first outer space level. We believe that the organization of this Primary Space Level will determine the natures of those creators and administrators who will subsequently be charged with the organization and government of the Secondary Space Level.

Thirty-four hundred thirty

This number (7 x 7 x 7 x 10) reflects the second superimposition of seven upon seven; this time the superimposition of seven upon 49 - seven times the square of seven. This number suggests the complexity of the divinity-diversification projected from the Secondary Space Level into the Tertiary Space Level.

Twenty-four thousand ten

This is the number of the seventh corps of the Architects - 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 10 = 7 4 x 10. It seems to reflect the fourth interaction of seven-with -seven. If the pattern of previous developments holds true in the last space level, then it seems likely that the environmental diversification of this final space level could give rise to a divinity-diversity of seven-to-the-fifth power [citation needed]. There is no possibility for the expression of this fivefold interaction of seven-with-seven within the confines of the master universe. Any such expression would have to take place in some creation external to the Quartan Space Level.

Expansion of Seven from the first to the fourth power

Is there any discernible reason why, in the numbers of the Architects, the number Seven should expand from the first to the fourth power? Why not the third power? or the fifth? Well, we might take note that the Transcendentalers are projected for personality activity on exactly four ultimate levels. [30:1.15] This may, or may not, have something to do with the fact that there are four outer space levels. We should not confuse these "four ultimate levels" with the "seven levels of the absonite." (ibid.) The seven levels of the absonite are the seven

3. Nature Of The Transcendentalers

We are instructed that the Transcendentalers are not created - they are not creatures nor are they creators - they are uncreated noncreators. We have previously considered the origin of Transcendentalers. (See Appendix 8, Section 3; Techniques of Eventuation) In this study of the techniques of eventuation, we reached the conclusion that these beings come into existence (happen) because such a happening is a natural part of God's thinking, because it is an inescapable consequence of his "thinking out" the plans for the master universe. Transcendentalers are not created; they happen (eventuate) as a repercussion to the making of master-universe plans on God's part. Therefore they are not creatures, neither are they creators; they are not concerned with creation, as such; they are pre-creators (inceptors) in relation to that which is involved in God's plans for the master universe.

These "uncreated noncreators" who eventuate, who "happen," are a complex order of existence inhabiting the westerly regions of Paradise. [31:8.2] They use a form of energy (tranosta) that is not found elsewhere in the universe. [42:2.19] They are the supercitizens of Paradise [31:8.2] concerned solely with the affairs of the master universe [31:8.3] and are subject to God the Ultimate and to the direction of the Paradise Trinity. [31:8.4] They can experience growth, but their growth is by super-evolutionary techniques [105:7.2]; they are experiential beings, but their technique of experiencing is superexperience. (ibid.)

Transcendentalers function on seven levels of the absonite [31:9.3] and exist on four ultimate levels of personality activity. [30:1.15] They work in twelve grand divisions and each of these divisions has one-thousand major working groups, 12,000 groups in all. (ibid.) Each of these major working groups has seven classes (7 x 12,000), or 84,000 classes of Transcendentalers. (ibid.) This is a large number of different types of beings. Paradise Citizens appear to be rather numerous, but the "more than three thousand orders" of the Citizens of Paradise [19:7.5] are relatively few when compared with the 84,000 classes of the supercitizens of the Eternal Isle.

Mortal arrivals on Paradise are able to associate with Transcendentalers [27:2.3] [31:9.1]; this is facilitated by certain transcendental ministers. Mortal ascenders are personalities, Transcendentalers are superpersonalities [31:8.2]; nevertheless, the personal and the superpersonal can still associate. [0:5.4] Mortals are mustered into the finaliter corps by the Senior Architect of the Master Universe. [31:9.1]

The superpersonal Transcendentalers are quite distinct from the creations of the Eternal Son that are designated other-than-personal beings. [6:5.3] Such progeny of the Paradise Son are resident on his worlds near Paradise. [13:3.2] Transcendentalers might, however, have a possible kinship of superpersonal nature to the superpersonal representatives of the Eternal Son resident on the capitols of the superuniverses [citation needed] and possibly to the Inspired Trinity Spirits, who are also believed to be superpersonal in nature. [19:5.3] We do not, however, believe that this is in any way suggestive of any genetic relationship. Consider the following: In the Paradise Classification of Living Beings (330, 1) Inspired Trinity Spirits are classified under Group I., Class C., under Trinity-origin and Trinitized Beings; the superpersonal representatives of the Eternal Son are classified under Group VI., Superpersonal Beings [citation needed]; while the Transcendentalers are classified under Group IV., Eventuated Transcendental Beings. [citation needed]

4. Functions Of Transcendentalers

The Architects of the Master Universe (and their transcendental associates) are concerned with the inception of God's plans. God eventuates these beings; later on, God creates those Supreme Creators (and those High Administrators) who are so necessary to the detailed development and cosmic realization of such plans. And still later, these eventuators and these creators will join together (with evolutionary deity) to bring about the consummation of that destiny which is possible of attainment through the plans God has made, and through the potentials which have been established in accordance with his plans.

The eventuated Architects are the "inceptors," the beginners of the plan. The Supreme Creators are the "realizers," the creators of the existences that are projected in the plan. Together (with experiential deity) they become the "consummators," the achievers of destiny - the destiny that God has established in the plan.

Apparently the major functions of the Transcendentalers are concerned with the pre-creative level of universe planning. [41:0.2] But we do not believe this work is restricted to the management of the Force Organizers and to the production of the nebulae of space. [31:9.12] [29:5.5] We advance the proposition that the Architects and their transcendental associates are concerned with all phases of planning for the development of the master universe. [31:8.3] Consider the following:

These illustrations all relate the activities of the Transcendentalers to the pre-creative level of universe planning. But there is another transaction of record that suggests they have a continuing relationship to the current affairs of the present universe age:

These four illustrations of the activities of Transcendentalers serve to outline their functions in relation to universe planning and in relation to the continued work of stabilizing and compensating the events of the present universe age.

Here is a fifth example of Transcendentaler function that appears to be involved with the anticipation of the transition of the evolutionary domains from the acme of finite development to the superfinite growth potential of a future universe age.

5. Meaning Of The Word "Absonite"

The Papers instruct us that Transcendentalers are neither infinite nor finite, that they are absonite. [citation needed] This word is not found in English; it is a word introduced in the Papers. In the writer's opinion, this is a coined word - a composite word. It seems to be constructed of a part of each of two words - absolute and finite. The first two syllables of abso-lute" and the last syllable of "fi-nite" will go together very nicely as "abso-" and "-nite" to make the word "abso-nite." This word is appropriately symbolic of a reality that is neither absolute nor finite, but which lies between the two.

At this point it will prove helpful to examine the several usages of the word absonite (and its derivatives) in the Papers. This word has more than one usage and it appears in more than one form:

The question of "absonity" and "absonites" is something that also relates to the ascending mortals: We are informed that, before ascenders leave the local universe they will achieve full satisfaction of equality of selfrealization regarding all pursuits of an artistic, intellectual, and social nature. Then they encounter a new spirit differential that will not be equalized until they have finished the Havona pilgrimages. Ascenders will then become aware of another new differential, an absonite differential, and this will not become equalized until they have attained the status of seventh stage spirits - this may be superfinite status. [44:8.6]

Summary Of Meanings: Inception, Realization, And Consummation

In discussing the "unlimited integration of reality, that is theoretically within the potential of the Trinity of Trinities, the Papers [106:8.9] use three groups of three words each that are associated in a certain way with regard to the sequence of the growth process in the experiential universes:

The words "inception," "realization," and "consummation" (together with their close derivatives) are, in part, defined (in Webster) as follows:

These statements do suggest that the development of some "supernal absonite" quality of being is a part of the expected evolutionary growth of all mortal ascenders.

The absonite level of reality. Let us finally consider in a little more detail the use of the word "absonite" as the designation of a level of reality that is more than finite but less than absolute. We are informed concerning this level:


The nethermost level of the absonite probably reaches down to make contact with the finite level. Conclusions: The absonite probably connects the finite with the absolute much as morontia bridges the gap between matter and spirit.

6. Inception, Realization, And Consummation

In our examination of the nature and function of Transcendentalers, we have been using three words that are a little out of the ordinary -inceptors, realizers, and consummators. These words have been respectively associated with three other words - beginnings, existences, and destinies. These two groups of three words each are so used in the Papers. (p. 1171, par. 5) The concepts, suggested by these two groups of three words, are also designated as - causes, intermediates, and finals.

In the Summary of Meanings above, we have tabulated these nine words as they are associated (in groups of three) in the Papers.

The definitions of inception, realization, and consummation are also given. From this analysis, we may deduce that these words are used to describe the sequence of the actualization of reality - at least as it takes place in the present universe age. As we examine the usage of these words, we would call attention to the following additional associations:

Transcendentalers seem to function as the first actors in a threefold and progressive series: they prepare; creators produce; together they finish. The plan of the grand universe is eventuated in the Architects; it is brought into existence by the Supreme Creators; it is consummated in and by the evolutionary completion of the Supreme Being. [106:3.2]

7. The Sequence Of The Absonite

Viewed in historic sequence, transcendentals are both before and after the finite. [105:5.4]

In other words, they are both inceptive and consummational as concerns finite reality. As inceptors, in the sense of the maturation of potentials, transcendental ultimates function to qualify and segregate the potentials of the Absolutes so as to make them serviceable to the Creators operating on the finite level of existence. (See Appendix 7, Section 2; The Maturation of Potentials.)

This double relationship can be stated otherwise: From the eternity perspective, transcendentals seem to appear in anticipation of the finite; from the time perspective, they are encountered at the end of finite evolutionary progression. It is also possible to regard transcendentals as a "pre-echo" of the finite. [105:7.1] Without the absonite level, there would be no pre-creative plans for the finite; hence transcendentals are before the finite. From the viewpoint of evolutionary progress, the absonite level stands as the postfinite goal of all ascending creatures; they will all attain it after the completion of their finite progression. Transcendentals thus seem to function as inceptors of the finite and as consummators of the finite. They sustain the paradoxical relationship of being "before-after" all finite existence.

Reversible Sequence

Non-time sequence. In Appendix 1, Section 3; The Zero Age, we gave consideration to the chronology of the appearance of the Architects of the Master Universe. In that study, we deduced it was likely the Architects were present in the Zero Age (the pre-Havona Age) because Paradise tradition holds that the Senior Architect and the three Havona Architects contributed to the planning of the central universe. [31:9.5] This study of the Papers led to the further conclusion that the entire group of the Architects of the Master Universe, all 28,011 of them,

It was noted that the Architects, as a group, exhausted the range of absonity with the appearance of the 28,011th Architect. This was experimentally proved by the abortive attempt to eventuate the 28,012th Architect, at which point it developed that the conceptualization of Architects transcended the absonite and encountered ". . . the mathematical level of the presence of the Absolute." [31:9.10] This means that the 28,0llth Architect, the last-eventuated Architect, must function at the highest level of the absonite, because the succeeding Architect (the 28,012th) proved to be super-absonite and failed to eventuate.

We are, however, instructed that the Senior Architect, the "first-eventuated" of the Architects, is the only one who functions on the Paradise level, which is defined as, the "highest level of the absonite. " [31:9.4] If this is the case, then it would appear that the Senior Architect must have been the last-eventuated as well as the first-eventuated. As we have already noted (in Appendix I ) this entire narrative of Architect eventuation suggests that our finite concept of sequence is not valid on the absonite level - at least not the finite concept of time sequence. The Papers do remind us that the beings native to Paradise are well aware of "non-time sequence of events." [11:3.1]

Eventuation In Relation To Time

Eventuation is a happening that takes place either in transcended-time or in eternity. Absolute beings have no origin. [citation needed] They are, in this regard, like the natives of Havona. [105:7.3] From the time perspective, however, eventuation is something that has taken place in the past, that could take place in the present, or that might take place in the future. We deduce this from the speculation in the Papers concerning the missing member in each (mortal) finaliter company. The opinion is advanced in Paper 31 that such missing member may be ". . . some type of Paradise personality not yet created, eventuated, or trinitized." [31:8.1] This statement indicates that one of the authors of this Paper believes that an act of eventuation could take place in present or in future time. Now, if eventuation is a super-time (or eternity) happening, and still could be a past, present, or future event (from the time perspective), then is it possible that present- or future-eventuators would seem to appear retroactively with respect to time sequence?

Time Relationships To Transcended-Time

The Papers speak of a relationship between time and transcended-time which may result in the blurring of finite time-sequence. They suggest that the Supreme may be able to project certain forecasts upon the levels of super-time and then reflect back to the finite time-level a projection of certain phases of his future estate. This is spoken of as ". . . the Immanence of the Projected Incomplete." [4:1.10] [117:7.6] In essence this is an invasion of the finite past-present by the finite-future via the absonite level of super-time. It is certainly true that both the Supreme and the Ultimate are able to foreshadow certain of their future universe activities by some such technique of anticipation of time-sequence. [117:7.3]

Anticipatory Sequence

When a personality of origin outside of time, a Paradise Personality, enters the time stream of the events of an inhabited world, such a happening might cause time-ripples of anticipation as well as time-ripples

8. The Principle Of Organic Consistency

In our attempt to understand the transformative technique of eventuation, we seem to have uncovered one of the basic principles that underlie the transactions of the cosmos. (See Appendix 8, Section 3; Techniques of Eventuation ) We will tentatively designate this as "The Principle of Organic Consistency." This principle can possibly be stated as:

Deity actions always produce consistent reactions in the responsive potential of the level of Reality that is affected.

We believe this is true because Reality is more than mechanistic, it is an organism; it is alive and is unified as an organism, hence will disclose the internal consistency and the active responsiveness of a living organism. We are instructed that mechanisms are inherently passive in responsiveness while organisms are inherently active in response. [112:1.13]

Finite Reality is a living organism. The Papers present the idea that Reality is a living organism on the finite level. The idea is advanced that the grand universe is a "magnificent and responsive living organism." [116:7.2] The Papers make illustrative comparisons between:

These citations rather clearly describe the grand universe as a living organism and equally identify the Supreme Being as the emerging personalization of that living organism.

Superfinite Reality as a living organism. We can further reason that, whatever the Supreme is to the finite cosmos the Ultimate must be to the absonite cosmos, the master universe. If the grand universe is a living creation that is power-personalizing in the Supreme, then the master universe must be an analogous living organism that is power-personalizing in the Ultimate. And if these are valid propositions, then Total Reality must also be a living organism - an absolute living organism. And this absolute (existential) organism must be pervaded by the Infinite - by that being whom we know as God.

If we can view reality on each level as active, living, and organic (rather than passive, lifeless, and mechanical), then we can better understand why it is that any act of divinity on any level will produce certain repercussive reactions in the living organism of the level affected. Any such divinity-act will cause certain organic responses that are inevitable, that are inherent in the perpetuation of the symmetrical pattern of the living organic unity of Reality. Were this not the case then there would be no system (harmony of pattern) in the cosmos, something would be missing or out of place. [112:1.17] On evolutionary time-space levels of imperfection, such derangement is quite likely to be encountered as a transient time-fact -hence the presence of error and evil. But on higher and superfinite levels of Reality this could hardly be the case.

Can we validate this principle on superfinite levels? Can we find further evidence of this principle - The Principle of Organic Consistency? Let us consider further possibilities.

Absolute organic consistency. Whenever God functions ". . . as the absolute and unqualified personality [he] can function only as and with the Son . . ." [10:2.2] This is the essence of the Father-Son partnership, and such action is the action of the Father-Son. Whenever the Father-Son partnership acts the Conjoint Creator reacts, responds [8:5.6]; this is the function of ". . . one as two and acting for two." [10:4.5] If this action on the part of the Father-Son is the action of their Total Deity, then it becomes the action of "... three as one and in one..." (ibid.) - the action of the Paradise Trinity. If such deity-action is absolute in value, then it becomes the absolute action of the Paradise Trinity [10:8.3]; and the absolute action of the Paradise Trinity produces a repercussive activation of Total Deity - the Deity Absolute. [10:8.3] Such an activation of the Deity Absolute will, in turn, activate the Unqualified Absolute because of the unifying presence of the Universal Absolute. [0:11.15] Thus, an absolute act on the part of God will repercuss in Total Reality, and be responded to by Total Reality. The Unqualified Absolute may be the mechanizer, but the Deity Absolute is the activator of Total Reality. [0:11.5] All of these relationships should fairly well illustrate the organic consistency of response on absolute levels of Total Existential Reality.

The organic consistency of Deity. Deity, itself, exhibits an element of consistency that is best known as ". . . divinity ... the characteristic, unifying, and co-ordinating quality of Deity." [0:1.16] This is best illustrated by the manner in which the experiential trinities encompass experiential Reality and, in turn, give expression to the emergence of the experiential deities:

We advance the belief that the universe-capacity-for-response will always react to purposive will and to the mandates of Deity and Divinity. The Unqualified reacts to the Deity Absolute; the master universe is undoubtedly responsive to the emerging purposes of the Ultimate; the grand universe is becoming responsive to the emerging sovereignty of the Supreme.

This same principle holds true even with regard to the evolutionary progression of human beings: "When man acts, the Supreme reacts, and this transaction constitutes the fact of progression." [117:5.7