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Have you been wanting to attend a study group but there aren't any in your area?  Why not start one yourself?  Simply fill out the form and we will list you on the appropriate page so others, in your area, can see that you are willing to host a group.  You can do this in your own home or find a public place for the meeting.  Libraries or coffee shops work well.  

One thing that is of utmost importance when hosting a group is to be consistent.  Choose a day and then be there no matter what.  Even if only one other person shows up, have the meeting.  Eventually people learn they can count on the group and it begins to have a life of its own.  

If you sign up to become a study group host we will help you find other readers. Click below to fill out the easy form and we'll keep you listed as someone who will Become a Study Group Host

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Not able to host a study group but still interested in finding a group? If there are no current groups in your area sign up on the link below and we will let you know when a new host becomes available.
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Click here for a wonderful booklet on How to Begin and Organize an Effective Study Group