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Wednesday, June 29, 2016    

Dear Urantia Book students,

The Association of Unity Churches held their 50 year anniversary conference in the Kansas City area last week. From 550 to 600 registrants, volunteers and exhibitors attended. The Fellowship’s Outreach Committee arranged for and purchased booth space to display The Urantia Book. Thanks to Lynn Goodwin, the “spark plug”.

It felt good for The Urantia Book to have a presence at this event. As with all such events, there were some great discussions and interesting interactions. Although just six Books were sold, the volunteers were impressed by the number of people who said they already had the Book in their libraries and this exposure prompted some to want to look at it again.

One story illustrates the impact of the booth even though a Book was not sold. A younger Unity minister enthusiastically shared a set of recent “circumstances.” Just two days previous, a family had donated a box of books to the church. In it he found a copy of The Urantia Book and a copy of Clyde Bedell’s Concordex. He had never heard of The Urantia Book before but was drawn to look at it and brought it to his office. The next day he traveled to the conference in Kansas City and took the complimentary bus to tour Unity Village.

While on tour he saw portraits of the three sons of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the founders of Unity. Apparently, two of the portraits showed a bookcase with The Urantia Book plainly visible near The Holy Bible on the top shelf. (See photo) He was surprised since he had first discovered The Urantia Book just the day before. The next day at the convention site he spotted the booth and was again surprised to have his third introduction to The Urantia Book in three days!

Next year’s Unity conference is planned for San Antonio. Maybe doing it every other year would be enough. There seems to be a lot of books competing for attention in Unity and many folks appear satisfied with what they have, i.e. not looking for new inspiration or answers. But having a presence gives the angels something to work with. “They [master seraphim] cannot fully control the affairs of their respective realms of action, but they can and do so manipulate planetary conditions and so associate circumstances as favorably to influence the spheres of human activity to which they are attached.” (114:6.18)
A very special thanks to volunteers Ken Raveill and Lee Loots of Independence, MO; Sean Privitera and Stephanie Dine of Omaha, NE; and Charlotte Bruyn of Kansas City.

In service for The Revelation, Bob Bruyn

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