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Denver Outreach 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014    


The Denver Outreach Team again rose to the occasion and brought enthusiasm and knowledge to the Body, Mind, Spirit, Celebration Fair. We have some of the pioneers of outreach here, Jo Ann, Paula, Mary Jo, Shoshone and David and we thank them for 'bringing it' once again.

We had an attractive spacious corner booth, plenty of space to accommodate all the handouts and  room to talk with a couple of groups at a time. The days would start slowly and by midafternoon we'd be buzzing. Though the fair was a bit less attended than last years we sold a respectable 27 books and added 30+ individuals into the data bank. 

I find it particularly satisfying to enroll those old readers, to connect them into the community, to hear their stories.  "My mother had the UB back in Chicago in the 60's", "My sister was a reader in Hawaii years ago and she turned me on to it",  " I read this in the 70's and my roommate borrowed it and then moved."  "I had a friend that carried this book everywhere. I hadn't thought about it for years till I found it on the internet.". Each and every one were glad to be added to the Fellowship list.

Of course we were visited by "Our Christians", a group of 6 Bible believing students and ministers with whom we enjoy warm regard and good conversation. They have all received the Jesus Papers in the past years and this year we gifted them with The Paramony.

Something that stuck out at this event was the number of people who said they had heard about the Urantia Book through the internet, several said they had been reading online!  It may be that repeated exposure to our booth over the years, receiving handouts and seeing the Urantia booth and lecture mentioned in the online program has lead folks to the online site. Great News!

More good news.  A man from the Colorado Springs event last Oct bought a book under the command of his wife who had seen the UB in Chicago and said "you must read this book." Seeing our booth he gets a book and then immediately downloads one to his phone and since Oct. he has read 154 Papers On His Phone!  To say that he is enthusiastic is an understatement.  Hopefully he and Paula can get together and do a Cosmic Citizen segment.

Finishing up this post with a tidbit of Outreach joy from Mary Jo...................
Pam stopped by our booth, and when asked where she had heard about The Urantia Book, she related it was in July at Yosemite. She and her sister took a tour to the Mariposa Grove, the driver turned out to be a man named Sam, who some of you may remember as the  guide who drove members of the TUUFF gathering in August.

She noticed Sam had a big book with him reading it while waiting. She inquired about the book, and he told her it was The Urantia Book, and explained a bit about it.  Pam was instantly interested, and asked him if she could look through it. Bless his heart, he handed it over, and she didn't want to give it back!

"Yosemite Sam," as we called him, is a  seemingly unconnected reader who happened to be the guide for the TUUFF group. I was one of the lucky riders in his bus, and we had such a grand time with him. And he was thrilled to find so many readers to whom he could relate! So, here is a long-time, devoted reader who is quietly doing non-obtrusive outreach, just by having his book at the ready while he does his work in the world. He related to Pam that he was scheduled to ride with us the following month, and it was  fun to talk with her and share stories of this lovely believer who turned out to be the point-man connecting us up, all this time later. 

So Pam noticed our booth at the Fair, dropped by to chat and left with 4 Urantia Book in her arms! 
    God works in mysterious ways, indeed! Who knows how many will be (and are) influenced by the books we are now getting out into the world?!?

This concludes our Outreach Report and we want to let you know how grateful we are to be of service to the Fellowship and to the Revelation.  We Thank all the locals who came out to help especially first timers, Adrian, BeBe and Randy. Of course a big warm hug for David, Mary Jo, Jo Ann, Paula and Shoshone whose support was critical for the success of this Outreach.

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