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Outreach at the UFO Congress - April 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014    

     The Fellowship Outreach Committee is always looking for new venues and the International UFO Congress fit the bill.  UFOCON is the elite event in the UFO community attended by some 700 individuals from many countries who attend to see films and to hear  20+ speakers including writers, scientists, researchers and filmmakers and those who have had contact.

    After doing some research and talking about what we could share of the Revelation we created talking points that would be of interest to this crowd. We were careful to "keep it to the book", sharing the info about the celestial hierarchy,  the friendly and orderly administration of the universes,  types of ascending and descending beings, the ascendency plan, the Lucifer rebellion etc. 
    And our choice proved on target, we had an amazing response selling 77 books to a relatively small crowd of 2000 making this event the most successful ever!  
One woman from So Africa bought 5 books for her friends at home and she has been connected to the Cape Town readers study group.  One young woman, a professional filmmaker from Canada, was thrilled to get the UB after having heard about it from Don Ware, who directed many to the booth saying "You must read this book, cover to cover!" <grin>

     We had a real treat when we met George.  He came upon our booth really excited to see the Urantia Book banner. He'd been reading all alone for 20 years, never having met another reader in all that time and he was knowledgeable, familiar with the website and Facebook pages and in love with the Revelation.  So much so that he has shared it with his 11 yr old son!  He came back several times and we enjoyed sharing stories and getting acquainted.

    Also we got contact info for 5 longtime readers that will be added to the data base so they'll get the Fellowship posts.  Very exciting outreach, these people are serious seekers and we enjoyed sharing the Urantia Revelation with every one.

      The Grand Canyon Society readers were wonderful. Able and enthusiastic helpers they have our sincere thanks as does the Fellowship for making all this possible.

Urantia Book Fellowship Outreach Team 
Lynn Goodwin & JoAnn Wiedman

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