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Portland BMS Expo Fall 2016

Thursday, December 01, 2016    

Portland BMS Expo Fall 2016

We had a great time sharing the revelation with so many friendly souls. I really appreciate the helpers that joined in. They each have refined their skills for introducing the book.

At times I have been frustrated that my own skills did not seem to be improving. Why did some folks just walk away without a book? I did have a breakthrough this weekend.

I had noticed my annoyance with attendees spending $35 or $50 on a reading or some metaphysical book or charm. A tall man came by the booth and after hearing a bit of what I had to say he mentioned he was not interested as he had another book he was reading that was messages from a channeled entity, whose name I forget. I asked him what kind of information it covered. He tried, in vain, to convince me it was good stuff so I walked around the table and standing next to him started randomly flipping through the book. For everything I came to I said… does your book talk about this, or this, or this? It did seem the midways were turning the pages since we were landing on some great sections in the UB, I noticed him being quite touched by my bold presentation. I could tell his book was not able to even come close to providing him information on such important topics.

He happily bought a book, and I was left with a new tool to use when interacting with mis-taught mortals.


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