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Sharing the Revelation in Denver, Colorado by Lynn Goodwin

Wednesday, March 06, 2013    

Denver ExpoAt the National Western Complex Building the Outreach Team erected the booth, lifted the banner and proceeded to share the Revelation with the attendees at the Evolve Expo 2013. This was a new venue for Evolve and they set up a truly welcoming and attractive scene.

The attendance varied greatly from Saturday to Sunday.  Sat attendance was maybe 1000 and then the Snow Storm of Sunday pretty much stalled traffic to only about 20 or so intrepid Expo goers, for the whole day.  So we vendors maintained good cheer and made friends, visiting each others booths. For the Urantia movement it was a splendid day. We delivered the UB into the hands of our fellows, Light Workers, who are dedicated to Love and Healing and Transformation and Lighting the way, each according to their own inner leadings. And they received the UB eagerly and respectfully.

Toward the end of Sunday, while we were hoping to be allowed to pack up early after having seen no new goers for an hour, a man shows up with 2 coworkers, man and a woman who work with him on the National Western Complex Parking/Telecom/IT crew. Steve excitedly told me of reading the book 30 years ago and was beyond thrilled to see our booth!  He had told his coworkers about the book and the 3 of them each  bought a book.  We shared some UB lineage stories, exchanged info and promised to meet again. 

You never know where you'll find sleeping Urantians!   That Sunday, to vendors, we sold/shared 8 books and Sat with a modest turnout we sold/shared 19 books  for a total of 27 for a small event..  Names, contact and study group info was exchanged and we shared with all the promise of future contact.     

Oh yeah, we consider the weekend a big success...and so much Real Fun.

We give Serious Thanks to the Fellowship for the booth funding that makes this kind of person to person, heart to heart, real contact possible.

Serving 606, 

Lynn Goodwin, Mary Jo Garascia and Shoshone

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