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Wednesday, December 26, 2012    


Nearly daily I will be posting comparisons between famous human quotes and similar Urantia Book quotes.  I have been doing this for many years now, and the complete listing of all my "Compare" work can be found on the Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma's website, www.okub.org

I have always enjoyed and been intrigued with the unrevealed Mota comparisons with human philosophy in Paper 48 of the Urantia Book: 

(48:7.1) The lower planes of morontia mota join directly with the higher levels of human philosophy. On the first mansion world it is the practice to teach the less advanced students by the parallel technique; that is, in one column are presented the more simple concepts of mota meanings, and in the opposite column citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy.

Because revelation is the only compensation available to us short of Mota, I believe that the Spirit of Truth is able to expand the truth connections between the quotes to the fullness of our joyful comprehension.

In a sense, I have expanded this parallel technique and have created over a thousand such comparisons.  I have read the Urantia Book continuously since 1973 and have come to know its contents fairly well.  So when I see a great human quote it may immediately remind me of something similar in the Urantia Book. This turned into a hobby of mine after I wrote a comparison between the Urantia Book and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2001. This can be found on the old Fellowship web site at: http://urantia-book.org/archive/readers/BB-UB.htm or you can contact me at my email address listed below and I would be happy to forward a pdf copy to you.

I also send these "Compare" quotes out to interested readers by email, so if you would like to get on this list, just let me know.

Again, this is a hobby of mine which I happily share with no claim to copyright or permission to use. Feel free to distribute these as the Spirit of Truth allows. For me, truth has no ownership except for those enlightened and transformed by its freely bestowed reality. Thank you Jesus!

Feel free to comment and criticize on this blog. 

Enjoy, share and love,

Tom Allen


(405)570-6862 (cell)

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