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  • Re-Imagining Jesus: Movie on The Urantia Book's story of Jesus

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    Re-Imagining Jesus:  A visual journey into the Urantia Book's story of Jesus

    Written, directed, and produced by David Kantor
    Narrated by Stephen Zendt and Jennifer Siegel
    High Definition widescreen video

    Are you a reader of The Urantia Book? 

    Re-Imagining Jesus will enrich your experience with Part 4 of the book by providing beautiful video of places mentioned in the Urantia Book Jesus story.  See and hear the same things the Master would have experienced during his lifetime in the region.  Google Earth maps and flyovers expand your knowledge by providing geographical orientation.

    Shot in Israel and Jordan, the video includes places important to the Urantia Book Jesus story which are now difficult or impossible to visit. 

    Re-Imagining Jesus portrays the fundamental Jesus story—Jesus and his followers working to spread his message about a spiritual kingdom, inviting all people to embrace the joys and responsibilities of citizenship in an evolving spiritual universe.

    Enhance your relationship with the Master by becoming more familiar with the environment in which he lived out his time on earth.

    Are you interested in sharing The Urantia Book with others?

    Re-Imagining Jesus parallels the New Testament story with added detail from The Urantia Book.  It is designed to interest Christians in exploring the expanded story in The Urantia Book.

    Give copies of this DVD to friends as an introduction to The Urantia Book.  Invite friends to watch it with you as a catalyst for discussion about the real religion of Jesus.  When you buy a DVD you are licensed to make as many copies as you want for free distribution. 

    Take yourself beyond the traditional visuals of tourist stops and religious shrines.

    In Re-Imagining Jesus you will enjoy professionally shot video of:

    Mt Hermon
    The Sea of Galilee
    The marsh country
    The Phoenician coast
    The Greek cities of the Decapolis
    Seldom seen ancient synagogue sites
    Archaeological remains of the pre-Melchizedek era
    The place where Jesus spent the forty days following his baptism.
    En Gedi, location of the Nazarite headquarters of John the Baptist and Abner

    Don’t miss this visual companion to the most spiritually compelling story of Jesus ever written—The Life and Teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book!

    Re-Imagining Jesus: Movie on The Urantia Book's story of Jesus