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    There is a mounting spiritual hunger rising in the souls of men and women throughout the world, greater in scale than at any time in human history. The traditional sources of inspiration – the world’s formalized religions – do not always satisfy this growing hunger. Every religion is sincere and beautiful in its own way, but almost all are heavy with dogma and rituals and traditions that may seem limiting to the spiritually adventurous mind… to many, something seems to be missing… the hunger grows like an ache in the soul. Personal religion comes into being to satisfy these longings… It is the compelling stimulus to search for ever deeper and more meaningful relationships with God and fellow man. Personal religion is thus a religion of expanded relationships, of independence from dogma and confining boundaries. Personal religion is the act of man establishing a direct and personal relationship with his Maker and all that flows from the relationship,

    Paul Snider has been a scholar of The Urantia Book for more than 50 years. He grew up in the back streets and alleyways of Detroit and, alternately, on an apple farm near Georgian Bay, Ontario. He moved fifteen times before he was twelve. His religious life has often been checkered, with patches of light and shadow. During the Korean War he was what has been described as “an atheist in a foxhole.” Nevertheless, he survived the war with two purple hearts. Years later he learned he was not an atheist at all. What he had been denying all along was the clouded, inconsistent, man-made image of God. As he continued the search for knowledge of God’s higher ways, he met a woman with a shimmering spirit. She told him what she had been taught. “Everything you need to grow is already around you, and within you.” There seemed to be a deep truth in what she said. This was the beginning of his rebirth. Paul is the father of seven, husband (to Mary) of fifty-seven years, now retired from a business career, and living in Illinois.

    The Coming Age of Personal Religion - Paul Snider