God, Man, and Supreme

Section One—God

Chapter Seven—The Paradise-Havona System

The Isle of Paradise
Pattern, Form, and Energy
The Paradise Source and Center
Dynamics of the Ultimaton

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The Isle of Paradise

The Paradise-Havona system, the eternal universe encircling the eternal Isle, constitutes the perfect and eternal nucleus of the master universe; all seven of the superuniverses and all regions of outer space revolve in established orbits around the gigantic central aggregation of the Paradise satellites and the Havona spheres. [12:1.11 (129.9)]

The Paradise-Havona system is the central nucleus of all creation. The universes of time and space revolve around this perfect center of divine creation. At the core of this eternal universe system is found the motionless Isle of Paradise. Paradise is the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of God. Paradise, being neither a part of the universe creation nor the central universe of Havona, is unique unto itself. Paradise is an eternal and exclusive existence. It is not even a part of the Master Universe; it is primal to the derivative creations of the Master Universe. All phases and forms of universe reality share Paradise as their place of origin, function, and final destiny. Paradise is a unique controller of many universe activities, influencing the reactions and conduct of all beings having to do with force, energy, and power.

Paradise Is:

  • The co-ordinate but antipodal revelation of the Universal Father-Force (in contradistinction to the spirit-person of the Eternal son
  • The center of all creation
  • The Absolute of the material-gravity control of the First Source and Center
  • The place of primal personality origin (the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit)
  • The absolute of pattern potentials, of which Havona is an eternal and perfect exhibit
  • The source of all universe physical energies, of all non-spiritual/non-mindal realities
  • The source of time and space (wherein all creation takes place and by virtue of which motion is related to space and sequence becomes comprehensible to finite beings).
  • The source of space potency (from which all materialization is derived).

The Eternal Isle of Light is a Deity derivative, and the material creations are a consequence of Deity. Neither Paradise nor the material creations are a proper part of Deity itself. The Isle of Paradise is nonpersonal in its constitution—it is the essence of the universal body, the Paradise Source and Center of physical matter, and the absolute pattern of universe material reality. Paradise is an expression of absolute unity—it is homogenously singular in constitution. Paradise is the master pattern. Havona is a perfect and the superuniverses are a perfecting revelation of this master pattern.


The theoretical I AM achieved the realization of personality by becoming the Eternal Father of thre Original Son simultaneously with becoming the Eternal Source of the Isle of Paradise, there appeared the person of the Infinite Spirit and the eternal universe of Havona. [0:3.22 (6.2)]

The central universe of Havona is the never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection. It was not created in time; its existence comes from eternity. The origin of Havona derives from the Infinite-I AM self-will act of becoming the personal and Eternal Father of the Original Son and at the same time becoming the Eternal Source of the Isle of Paradise. This original act of eternity brings about the coexistent appearance of the Third Person of Deity, the Infinite Spirit, as well as the central universe Havona. Havona is created in eternity simultaneously with the Infinite Spirit and by the Infinite Spirit. The Infinite Spirit consummates his deitization as the Third Person of the Paradise Trinity by creating the central universe of Havona in perfect abeyance to the united wills of the Eternal Son and the Universal Father. In essence, the Paradise Father projects the eternal creation of Havona conjointly with the Eternal Son and in the Infinite Spirit.

This union of the Father and the Son (in the presence of Paradise) initiates the creative cycle, which is consummated in the appearance of conjoint personality and the eternal universe. From the finite mortal's viewpoint, reality has it's true beginnings with the eternity appearance of the Havona creation. This creative act of Deity is by and through the God of Action, who is in essence the unity of the Father-Son manifested on and to all levels of the actual. [105:2.7 (1154.6)]

The perfect universe of Havona contains one billion perfect worlds arranged in seven concentric circuits and inhabited with personal beings of perfection. These are actual and literal worlds of unimaginable beauty and grandeur. Each world is unique and wholly original in its physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. Reflecting the thought of the Universal Father and the word of the Eternal Son, Havona possesses an eternal and stable balance of spirit and energy. Reflecting Paradise as the absolute of patterns, Havona reveals the unlimited potentials of these patterns in actual display.

The physical constitution of these worlds is of balanced threefold energy, greatly differing from the dynamic twofold energy charge that characterizes the energy-matter of the created universes of time and space. While superuniverse energy builds upon an organization of energy-matter that contains a twofold energy charge (positive and negative), the divinely conceived central universe of Havona comprises a threefold system of perfection and symmetry. The physical systems of the central universe of Havona are based on a triune organization known as triata. These systems provide the superpower patterns for the gravita physical systems of the superuniverses that are dual in constitution. The divinely perfect organization of the unified Paradise-Havona system provides for a central universe wherein all cosmic realities and all spiritual forces are in perfectly triune balance.

There are numerous physical phenomena and spiritual reactions transpiring in the central creation which are unknow on worlds such as Urantia. The basic organization of the threefold creation is wholly unlike that of the twofold constitution of the created universes of time and space. [14:2.5 (154.7)]

Being the direct offspring of the Paradise Trinity, the perfect beings of Havona possess inherent goodness and righteousness. By the very nature of their perfect natures, they are incapable of committing error. Havona natives are innately kind, loyal, and unselfish, but these qualities of character did not have to be achieved with applied effort as is the case with the finite creatures in the universes of time and space. All personal beings throughout the universe of universes are designed from some creature pattern existing on one of the inhabited worlds in Havona. The experiential natures of finite creature personalities are cosmic complements of the perfect natures of Havona natives. Creature mind is patterned on Havona mind as it is exhibited in the endless variety throughout the many Havona worlds. Although Havona mind is sub-absolute when contrasted to existential Paradise mind, it is super-evolutionary to the finite mind found in the seven superuniverses. It is in many ways similar to transcendental absonite mind.

The Paradise Father takes exalted satisfaction in the perfection of Havona. This fully actualized perfection is a preview of the someday perfection of the universe of universes. The Infinite Spirit, acting as the Conjoint Actor for the united wills of the Father and the Son, finds in Havona the perfect platform on which to demonstrate his capability to serve as the God of Action and as the divine minister of loving mercy throughout all the creations of time and space. In similar fashion that the Father and the Son united together for the central creation of Havona, the Eternal Son and the Conjoint Actor act in partnership in planning for and laying the groundwork for all post-Havona creations in the outlying Master Universe. Together, they activate the perfect pattern of Havona to inspire the derivative patterns for all other post-Havona universes.

The beautiful creation of Havona provides the perfect tabernacle for the spiritual reality of the Supreme Being. Before the time-space adventure of the power-personality synthesis for evolving the emergence of the Supreme Being, the eternal perfection and symmetry of God the Supreme finds ideal placement in Havona. It is in Havona where the power potential of the Almighty Supreme becomes unified in the spirit-person of God the Supreme. The perfect pattern of Havona is a revelation of the future-eternal unity of the Supreme.

The creative liaisons of Paradise Creator Sons and Universe Mother Spirits find in Havona the ideal patterns for their joint plans for local universe creation. Everything from the wide variety of possible world types, from the extensive range of possible intellects of mind, and from the diverse selection of possible creature identities are to be found in Havona. Together, the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit strive to evolve their local universe creations into some supreme semblance of Paradise-Havona perfection. In positive contrast, this Havona perfection provides the drawing lure for the time-space creatures of the local universe systems to initiate their Paradise ascensions.

Although Havona is from eternity, it is not changeless. There exists from eternity an innate potential within Havona for growth. Because of this, Havona is more than finite but it is not quite absolute. It is this quality that makes Havona an excellent byway between the finite creations of time and space and the absolute reality of Paradise. The inhabitants of Havona are perfection-limited; they are incomplete as regards the experiencing of the finite possibilities for growth and evolution. The perfection of Havona is in some ways for them a limitation, and even a deprivation.

The fact that the perfecting superuniverses of time and space depend on Havona for the final perfection of its ascending Paradise pilgrims provides ample opportunity for both ascender and Havona beings to interact and affect one another, and this provides for a full opportunity for personal expansion of both ascender and Havona inhabitant. The first arrival of these Paradise pilgrims effected wide-ranging changes and modifications to the circuits of Havona. Today, Havona is essentially different than it was before contact with the imperfections of the finite realms. Havona is serving as the proving grounds for the pilgrims of time in their search for the Paradise destination. Ascending pilgrims journey inward towards Paradise one Havona circuit of progressive attainment at a time in their attempts to attain the Paradise Deities and achieve earned Paradise residence.

On Urantia you pass through a short and intense test during your initial life of material existence. On the mansion worlds and up through your system, constellation, and local universe you traverse the morontia phases of ascension. On the training worlds of the superuniverse you pass through the true spirit stages of progression and are prepared for eventual transit to Havona. On the seven circuits of Havona your attainment is intellectual, spiritual, and experiential. And there is a definite task to be achieved on each of these circuits. [14:5.1 (158.4)]

Pattern, Form, and Energy

The Universal Father, as the First Source and Center, is the primal source of both personality and pattern. The Universal Father-Force is both loving person and power-pattern all in one unified universal reality. Paradise is the pattern of infinity, and pattern is a master design from which copies are made. The Infinite Spirit, as Conjoint Actor, activates the patterns of Paradise. Pattern is projected onto diversified levels and combinations of reality. Pattern, as a configuration of reality, is based upon its varied compositions of mind, spirit, and material energy systems. The reality of a pattern consists of its energies—of its mind, spirit, and material components. Pattern can encompass personal and nonpersonal systems and identity forms, living or non-living arrangements of matter, mind, and spirit.

Master Patterns

  • The personality of the Son is the master pattern for all personality throughout the universes.
  • The substance of the Paradise Isle is the master pattern of which Havona is a perfect and the superuniverses are a perfecting revelation.
  • The Conjoint Actor is the activator of the mind patterns for all forms of cosmic energy, for the conceptualizations of spirit purpose, and for the integrations of the causes and effects of the material levels with the volitional purposes and motives of the spiritual level.

Pattern and personality are two of the great manifestations of the acts of the First Source and Center; and no matter how difficult it may be to comprehend, it is nonetheless true that the power-Pattern and the living person are one and the same universe reality; the Paradise Isle and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but antipodal revelations of the unfathomable nature of the Universal Father-Force. [104:4.15 (1148.15)]

All material reality is reproductive, duplicative, of the absolute Paradise pattern. Energy is fashioned after the pattern of Paradise, the absolute materialization. The cosmic agents of the Third Source and Center organize this energy. This absolute manipulation of Paradise energy by the God of Action is initiated by the union of the Father-Son, whose presence "first activated the Paradise pattern in the appearance of Havona concomitant with the birth of the Infinite Spirit, the conjoint Actor." [104:4.7 (1148.13)]

The Paradise Source and Center

Energy-matter, in all its metamorphic presentations, responds to the material-gravity circuit centering in nether Paradise. Paradise energy, monota, can be characterized as living but non-spirit energy. On Paradise, monota is indistinguishable from that Paradise spirit which originates in the person of the Eternal Son; it is only when you depart from unity of Paradise that monota energy can be distinguished from Paradise spirit. Paradise monota is the original non-spirit expression of the First Source and Center. Thought Adjusters, as prepersonal God fragments, are fragments of something, which, when expressed, are known as either Paradise monota or Paradise spirit. These Father fragments are existentially primal to the Father's freewill expression of Paradise spirit and Paradise monota. This is why a Thought Adjuster fragment of the Father can effectively utilize the gravity circuit of Paradise for entering into time-space reality. [107:6.4-8 (1182.6 - 1183.2)]

The Eternal Isle of Paradise is composed of a single form of materialization, a stationary system of reality and a homogenous organization of space potency, called absolutum by the Melchizedeks of Nebadon. [11:2.9 (120.1)] Absolutum is the "stuff of Paradise." Space potency, absoluta, is that which emanates from Paradise and is the ultimate ancestor of all matter. The special worlds in the central universe of Havona are constituted on a unique threefold organization of physical energy known as triata.

Space potency passes from Paradise, at its source, to the control and custody of the Unqualified Absolute, whose functional presence pervades all universe space. As the free-space presence of the Unqualified Absolute, space potency is universe force-space potential. It emanates from Paradise while remaining pre-realitized in the domain of the Unqualified Absolute. Although space potency issues forth from the Unqualified Absolute, it never loses its responsiveness to the personal grasp of the Universe Father—the Father ever remains in primal overcontrol of all aspects reality.


The Unqualified Absolute, as a member of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, is one of three Absolutes of potentiality that appear to supersede matter (the Unqualified Absolute), to transcend mind (the Universal Absolute), and to supervene spirit (the Deity Absolute). Along with exercising functions that expand out to the superultimate borders of absoluteness, the Unqualified Absolute might be thought of as the not-fully-revealed universe presence in the phenomena of space potency. The Infinite Spirit, as Conjoint Actor and acting as the God of Action, is very likely involved in the prying loose of space potency from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute. This potency of space then becomes modifiable and transmutable by the living presence of the Paradise Force Organizers.

Being prereality, space potency is not subject to any known form of gravitation. Still, it remains responsive to the all-powerful grasp of the Universal Father. Absolute gravity is Paradise gravity. Space potency is that potential infinity of gravity extension, the elastic tension of Paradise presence. Material energy potential begins as absolute space potency. It evolves into segregated primordial force, segregata. The emergence of segregated primordial force from space potency is probably a function of the Conjoint Actor, the infinite manipulator, as he functions within the fourth triunity of "energy infinity." Segregata manifests itself on the transcendental Deity level of the Ultimate, and it is here that the Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers and the Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers begin to actively function while under the direction of the Architects of the Master Universe. Primordial force, segregata, is the first form of force that is manipulatable outside of the exclusive Deity domain. The action-response of the Conjoint Actor gets directly involved at the level of segregata. The arrival of the Primary Master Force Organizers signals this involvement, and their added presence completes the segregation of space potency. This primordial force-charge of space is "pure energy". 


Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers transmute pre-material space potency into primary and secondary energy manifestations of physical reality. The space presence of these force organizers initiates that tremendous force for mobilizing the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic building units of universe matter. The force organizers initiate those changes and institute those modifications of space-force that eventuate in this emergent energy. Thus, material energy potential, space potency, is downgraded to a state of actuality where the Supreme can begin functioning by first passing through the transcendent energy domain of the Ultimate. This interim force-charge of space, cosmic force, is known as ultimata, and this is the domain of the emerging Ultimate, God the Ultimate. 


Ultimata is neutral, pre-positive/negative metamorphosed energy. The progression of physical manifestation must pass from the space potency of the Unqualified Absolute through the absonite (superfinite) realms of the Ultimate before it can emerge into the time-space domains of the Supreme. This progression through the transcendental level of the Ultimate to the finite level of the Supreme typifies the description of the Deity realm of the Ultimate as the encompassing "pre-echo" of the finite Deity realm of the Supreme. The transcendent Deity level of Ultimacy enshrouds the time-space creations of Supremacy from the absolute Deity level of infinite eternity, so all reality that descends from Paradise and all reality that returns to Paradise must always pass through the transcendental Deity of the Ultimate.

From the creature standpoint, that which is transcendental would appear to have eventuated as a consequence of the finite; from eternity viewpoint, in anticipation of the finite; and there are those who have considered it as a "pre-echo" of the finite. [105:7.1 (1159.6)]

The transcending realities of the supertime and superspace of the Ultimate are both before and after the evolutionary realities of time and space. The Deity of the Ultimate encompasses finite time-space reality from all sides, so it is sensible that all transmutations of the space-potency from the Unqualified Absolute must always penetrate first though the enshrouding wall of the transcendental Deity level of Ultimacy.

From a creature's viewpoint, actuality is substance, potentiality is capacity. Actuality exists cerntermost and expands therefrom into peripheral infinity; potentiality comes inward from the infinity periphery and convergence at the center of all things. [115:3.12 (1262.8)]

The first emerging stage of ultimatomic energy is known as puissant energy, (primary energy), and it is not yet definitively responsive to the Paradise gravity pull. The presence of the Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers evolves primary energy into gravity energy, the second stage of emerging ultimatonic energy. This secondary energy is the potential of universe matter. It is directly responsive to the circular grasp of Paradise (absolute) energy, and it is potentially responsive to the linear gravity pull on the material mass of the electronic and post-electronic stages of energy and matter.


Ultimatons are the first measurable form of energy, and, as ultimatonic matter, they comprise the primal monadic physical units of material existence. The Urantia Book reveals that the ultimaton possesses Paradise as its literal nucleus. [42:1.2 (467.4)] Paradise controls materialized realities through its potential infinity of gravity power, and it may effect this control from within the ultimatons of cosmic space. The ultimaton, as the smallest building block of all physical matter, is centered within itself by the most magnificent and powerful presence of Paradise.

Different levels (phases) of material reality may be thought of as co-existing simultaneously. Whether we focus on gross matter, on ultimatons, or even the Isle of Paradise itself, physical energy is unified throughout its many levels of emerging manifestation. The ultimaton is the looking glass that most clearly signifies this unity of material expression. One can unify the material nature of the ultimaton with primal Paradise as its reality core. Material reality can never really separate itself from its source—Paradise will always remain an integral component of the physical creations of time and space. Paradise establishes a firm reality base for the physical reality domain. The process for the emerging steps of energy materialization initiates with Paradise and terminates in universe power expression.

Now the Universe Power Directors begin the work of transmuting the ultimaton into the circuits and revolutions of the electron. This stage of materialization (electronic stage) falls under the complete grasp of the drawing power of linear gravity. This is the stage of post-gravity response, universe power, known as gravita. Gravita is dual in constitution (positive and negative charge). As the power directors transmute this gravita energy into matter, the material worlds are born. 


The approximate combination of about one hundred ultimatons yields an equivalent mass of one electron. Ultimatons spread, or cluster, within the electron according to their axial revolutionary velocities. These axial revolutions determine the negative or positive natures of several types of electronic units. The ultimatonic function of clustering is effected by mutual attraction, responsive only to the circular Paradise-gravity pull. Consider that the ultimaton emerges into the time-space realms of the finite Deity level of the Supreme from the supertime and transcended space realms of the transcendental Deity level of the Ultimate. This transcending time-space nature of the ultimaton may have some association with the often surprising and unpredictable scientific findings to be found in the field of quantum physics.

Superuniverse gravita results in the evolution of "dual" material organizations, whereas the absolute gravity-responsive energy-matter in the Central Universe of Havona, triata, results in the generation of "triune" physical systems. Exactly one thousand basic chemical elements make up the material of Havona, and there exists here the balanced function of seven forms of Havona energy. The basic organization of this threefold creation of Havona is wholly unlike that of the twofold constitution of the created universes of time and space.

Dynamics of the Ultimaton

Nearly all the matter contained in the known universe may be fundamentally different from the atoms that allow stars to shine. Invisible "dark matter", as it is commonly called, may be generating ten times the gravitational force than the visible stars alone can account for. It has been calculated that the exterior arms of a spiraling galaxy, such as our own Milky Way, should be moving more slowly than those moving within the body of the galaxy. There are fewer stars in the in the outer galaxial arms, and consequentially less gravitational mass. However, the observed rotation of the outer stars of over 150 observed galaxies is surprisingly fast. Estimates are that galaxies must have from 5 to 10 times the mass of their shining stars to account for these observed speeds of rotation. The estimated gravity generated by the even more massive galaxy clusters, those compact aggregations of individual galaxies, indicates the presence of dark matter 10 to 20 times the mass of the visible matter. Both reckoned accounts point to a substantial discrepancy regarding "observed" and "predicted" matter content in the cosmos.

The scientific community has put forth many proposals that attempt to account for this missing mass. In order for so-called "brown dwarves"—cool, dim stars one-tenth to one-hundredth the mass of our sun—to account for the extra mass necessary to generate observed gravitational forces, 1000 of these imperceptible stars would be necessary for each visible star (about 100 trillion per galaxy). Along the same line of reasoning, billions of "black holes"—intense vortices of gravity arising from the collapse of massive hydrogen stars—are estimated per galaxy as necessary to account for the missing mass. These black holes, which are likely the "dark islands of space" referred to in The Urantia Book, gravitationally ensnare surrounding space-matter which, in turn, is expected to produce abundant emissions of X-rays. Nevertheless, so far, extensive X-ray searches of the heavens have not identified a massive number of black holes.

Scientists have speculated that there exists an elusive family of neutrinos, an assemblage of sub-atomic particles whose presence in the cosmos is considered pervasive and whose masses are only conjectured. Neutrinos have been taken to account for the excessive gravity in galaxies. These mysterious neutrinos are expected in most theoretical models of particle physics, such as the Grand Unification Theory (GUT), that comprehensively attempt to interrelate all universe forces and manifestations of matter into one unified whole, operating within one fundamental principle of cosmic reality. Neutrinos have been virtually undetectable except for the infinitesimal gravitational force they exert on atoms; they are conjectured to possess an extremely tiny, almost immeasurable mass. Because the energy of a neutrino is so small and the margin of error in measurement so great, various approaches to measuring this mass have proven inconclusive.

Neutrino masses play an important role in the theories of astrophysics and cosmology. The best laboratory determinations for the upper bounds on the neutrinos are uncertain, but experimentation decidedly indicates a restrictively minute mass. The best astrophysical and cosmological bounds are even more restrictive. In 1985, John J. Simpson of the University of Guelf in Ontario was the first to report the possible presence of a heavy neutrino with a calculated mass of 17 kilo-electron-volts (keV). The mass of an electron is 511 keV, and the electron itself is surmised to be founded on smaller sub-electronic particle components; the hypothetical electron neutrino is one such constituent. Simpson's particle, a "heavy" neutrino, is determined to be electrically neutral and to be weakly interactive with ordinary matter.

Particle descriptions similar to the scientifically conjectured family of neutrinos are used by The Urantia Book to describe inter-associations of the ultimaton as they position themselves intra-electronically within the electron. The Urantia Book tells us that what we would designate as "empty space" actually contains approximately the equivalent mass of about 100 ultimatons, the mass of one electron, in every cubic inch. [42:4.6 (473.4)] On a cosmological scale, this ultimatonic mass adds up to be of considerable magnitude; the gravitational effect on the physical universe would be expansively immense and would go a long way towards solving the scientific mystery of the missing universal dark matter.

The question becomes, then: Are ultimatons and neutrinos one and the same reality? If not, are they in any fashion related to one another? Now, we are told that ultimatons are not subject to linear gravity as are atoms and electrons; at least this is true for unassociated ultimatons. Scientific observation also notes this lack of linear gravity response as being characteristic of unattached and uncharged organizations of sub-electronic energy particles. However, when X-rays and other powerful energy sources activate pre-electronic matter, it becomes slightly gravity responsive. Otherwise, unassociated ultimatons respond only to the circular gravity pull of Paradise; they are held in the universal space drift, forever swinging through pervaded space in the exact gigantic outlines of Paradise. In the creation of matter as we know it, ultimatons are slowed down through many phases of physical activity before they attain the revolutionary-energy (spin) prerequisites to electronic organization. Linear gravity begins to become operative with this progressive development towards the electronic organization of matter; mass response to linear gravity becomes operative.

Functioning by inherent mutual attraction, ultimatons cluster according to their axial revolutionary velocities and these revolutions determine the negative and positive natures of several types of electronic units. Aggregating clusters of ultimatons, the primal physical units of material existence, collect in groups of one hundred to make up the constitution of an electron. There are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in the typical electron. Any variation of this number less than one hundred results in the loss of typical electron identity, bringing into existence one of "ten modified forms" of the electron assembly.

Temperature extremes, both hot and cold, exert a great influence on the ultimaton in the realm of energy and matter evolution. Extremely low temperatures, along with other cosmic influences, promote certain forms of electronic construction and atomic assembly; extremely high temperature and pressure, such as exists with certain internal solar states, initiate the onset of atomic breakup and material disintegration. There are no cosmic conditions of heat or pressure that are capable of converting ultimatons back into their primal ancestry of emergent energy.

The combination of these peculiarities connected with the unusual properties of the ultimaton may have made its direct discovery so elusive. The lone unassociated ultimaton as well as its various sub-electronic combinations that comprise the existence of the ten revealed modified forms of the electron are truly standing at the very doorstep of emergent physical reality. They become manifest within that shadowy transition zone that separates the pure energy of nascent cosmic force from the phenomena of physical matter in all of its universe power. These various ultimatonic associations, as disclosed within The Urantia Book might provide a correlated basis for three currently investigated members of the neutrino family, a proposed fourth neutrino and possibly another six undiscovered neutrino manifestations. Their someday discovery might well bring the scientific community to the very brink of knowable physical (emerged) reality. Mankind would then reach the true and final particle foundation on which all other particle manifestations, including the neutrinos, are built. This search would conceivably lead to the validation of the ultimaton as the ultimate "monad" whose primal reality can actually have Paradise, the source of all energies and the source of that from which all materialization is derived, as its most primal nucleus.

Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and their associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons. [41:7.12 (463.5)]

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