Who Was Melchizedek?

Who Was Melchizedek? The Urantia Book Perspective

Melchizedek was and is a highly advanced celestial person who materialized in 1966 BCE at a location presently within the city of Jerusalem. He came to restore human knowledge of the one genuine God, the creator of everything. 

Within ten years, Melchizedek had established a school for evangelists and began sending them throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. They were highly successful and all major religions presently embrace parts of the Melchizedek teachings. 

During his operation of the school at Salem, Melchizedek taught Abraham, the father of Isaac and Ishmael and strongly influenced Abraham to serve God rather than seek conquest and wealth acquisition. 

Abraham’s headquarters was at nearby Hebron, so he was able to be at Salem frequently to confer with Melchizedek. 

Melchizedek lived at Salem for ninety-four years and then dematerialized. He did not die and still serves our planet in his nonmaterial form.

Where does this information come from? This new information comes from The Urantia Book paper 93You will find in-depth information about Melchizedek in that paper.

The Urantia Book is a twentieth century restoration by celestial persons of extensive information on many subjects previously known but lost to human knowledge over hundreds of thousands of years.

Who is Machiventa Melchizedek?

A brief summary of the story of Melchizedek created by some Urantia Book readers.

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