Spiritual Growth Conversations

What do YOU do to Grow Your Spiritual Self?

Growth happens when we share our spiritual discoveries, when we are curious, and when we really listen to one another.

Spiritual Growth Conversations are respectful, adventurous, and spirit-focused discussions.

We provide a safe space for you to explore your inner life. We look forward to seeing you in one of our conversations.

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Featured Topics

Spiritual But Not Religious?

Do you desire to experience a rich spiritually-connected life without feeling obligated to an institutionalized system of beliefs? Do you want to think about how to become a better person?

While many find spiritual sustenance in their religion of choice, in this conversation we will explore the differences between participating in various forms of organized religion and simply living a dynamic, spirit-centered life.

This conversation explores the challenges, resources, and benefits of living a self-designed, spiritually-fragrant life.

Discussion / Talking Points

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  • Share with us what you see as the differences between being religious and being spiritual.
  • What challenges are you having, breaking away from previously held beliefs? 
  • What sources have you explored to satisfy your spiritual hunger? 
  • What or who has inspired you to learn how to be a better person? 
  • What do you imagine your ideal spiritual journey would look like if you could have it any way you wanted it to be?

Creative Spiritual Adventures With Friends

You are the creator of your own spiritual adventure, regardless of your upbringing, religious training, or cultural influences. In this conversation you are encouraged to share your journey of spiritual discovery and to learn from others as they share their experiences. Consider that the wisdom found in our collective community of friends is an important source of nourishment on our creative spiritual adventures.

Discussion / Talking Points

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  • Do you have a community in which you are accepted and nurtured? What would your ideal community look like?
  • What influences in your life from friends, family, or community have shaped your views of religion/spirituality? 
  • Share a defining moment on your quest/journey/path and how your community has been a part of this process.
  • What has been a significant obstacle you have overcome in your life? And tell us about the lessons you learned from it.
  • What benefits or frustrations have you discovered in your efforts to grow spiritually?
  • What personal actions and practices have you adopted to support your journey?

How Do We Survive This Crazy World?

The questions at hand are, “Will we, as a species, survive?” and, “If so, who is coming to save us?” In this conversation, we get down and dirty! Here you have permission to stand on your soapbox. This is a safe space to voice your frustrations, concerns, confusions, and disappointments, about the current degradation and disintegration of our world...and to explore potential solutions that may help to improve humanity’s chances of survival. Courage and bravery will be required to alter the direction of our planet. If you are willing and ready, let’s begin!

Discussion / Talking Points

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Round 1: Get it off your chest! 

  • What are you personally struggling with on this imperfect, mismanaged, yet beautiful planet?
  • What daunting issues are confronting you and your community?
  • Which of the looming global crises/disasters/catastrophic events has your attention?

Round 2: Taking Action!

  • Share the essential tools you are using to survive these challenging times (i.e, pills, pals, peace, pillow talk, practices).
  • What legacy of change will you contribute to your personal community?
  • How will your unique vision for our planet’s future help it to survive and evolve?

Meet Your Hosts

Pamela Keller

I have always looked at the world in wonder!  Everything, and everyone seems to carry with it opportunities for learning, growing, and expanding.

Bestowed with a unique personality, a spark of the divine, and a multitude of defining experiences, I am finally very happy to say, I am who I am... and, so grateful for it! 

As it turns out, it’s all set up to orient us toward the highest version of ourselves! I look forward to sharing and creating with you all under the shining flag of LOVE. 

Thomas Orjala

I helped create Spiritual Growth Conversations because I wish that I had these available in my younger years, when everything was so confusing to me.

After many years and miles on the path to self discovery and growth my interest and passion now is to help others enjoy the magical journey of self discovery that leads to a lasting joy and peace of mind.

Consider that all the forces of the Universe are on your side as you venture forth on this adventure of finding higher truth, embracing goodness and seeing the beauty in all of creation. I am here to be a guide, friend and partner on your journey.


Aloha Y’all! Having the fortunate inspiration through challenges as a young child to investigate whole health from physical ailments, alongside my caregivers’ encouragement to explore various modalities of spirituality, I am now faithful to the truth that optimal health for quality longevity is a personal responsibility and that religion is a personal experience.

Cheering from the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas, with my three fur babies, a property full of garden babies, rivers, and woods, I am excited to get to know you and your unique expression of universal creation!

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How To Use This Information

We offer ideas for your individual exploration of spiritual living based on our own experience. We do our best to give you simple descriptions, explanations, examples, and exercises.

We promise: no obligation to us on your part, no cost, nothing to join, nothing you must profess to believe, no attempt to convert you. We simply want to share what we have discovered; you can use whatever works for you.

We are strongly convinced these suggestions will work for you if you persist

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