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Current news about what’s going on at The Urantia Book Fellowship.

Compare - Famous Quotes & The Urantia Book - Tom Allen

As a consistent Oklahoma Urantia Book Society reader since 1973, Tom became inspired to compare quotes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous with Urantia Book quotes. (available on request here) This project led naturally to a love of comparing any truth filled quote with comparisons to similar concepts in the Urantia Book. Tom's hobby has produced over a thousand such comparisons and he will continue this hobby as long as the Spirit of Truth gives rise to the inspiration to do so. You may enjoy these comparisons here, or receive them by email almost daily on request at the above email address.

Urantia Community

This blog comes from various members of the Urantia Book Community who want to share their ideas with the community.

Interfaith Interface

Stay current with The Urantia Book Fellowship's great Interfaith initiatives and activities.

Dave Holt

Dave Holt was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, of Irish, English, and Ojibway (Chippewa) Indian ancestry. He was accepted into San Francisco State University’s Creative Writing program (B.A. ‘93, and M.A. 1995). He's published in several journals: Tiger’s Eye Press, Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review, Pedestal Magazine, and won a Thomas Merton Foundation’s Poetry of the Sacred prize. He is a regular contributor at and has published in an anthology of Bay Area poets, My Dreaming Waking Life (2009). Currently he performs songs, traditional American Indian stories, and gives readings at bookstores, elder’s homes, day camps, schools and galleries. Dave is descended from a great story telling family, the Debassiges of West Bay First Nation. They are notable on Manitoulin Island (Ontario) for preserving the history of their leaders, elders, and warriors for over 300 years. The oral history of his Ojibway ancestors has woven its spell over Dave. His book, Voyages to Ancestral Islands, tells his story, and also honors them.

Current Commentary & Thoughtful Links - Daniel Love Glazer


Daniel Love Glazer was reared Jewish, became an agnostic in high school, and later a yogi—almost a swami. A fervent search for truth led him, in 1977, to a realization of his sonship with God. Shortly thereafter he discovered The Urantia Book. He is active in his local Methodist Church and occasionally preaches sermons. Daniel is a member of the Fellowship Education Committee. He and his wife Karen are blessed with two children, Andrew Michael and Rachel Rebecca.

Dynamic Fellowship Outreach Stories

I was introduced to the book in 1977. Ever since I have been reading with the help of study groups, growing, and trying my best to live the teachings. My three sons are grown and I now have time to devote to The Urantia Book Fellowship as their Outreach Committee Chairperson. My passion is to share this revelation with the world and continue to read and study. I find a never-ending unfoldment of truth in this amazing book.. I am deeply grateful for this book. It satisfies my intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. My main interests are outreach, public speaking, reading and sharing with friends.

Disclaimer: The views and comments expressed by the contributors and visitors to this site do not necessarily reflect the views of The Urantia Book Fellowship or its members.  All materials on this site--with the exception of the text of The Urantia Book--are contributions from a readership representing a wide range of backgrounds and opinions.  

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