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For Interaction with Others
FEF's Resource Center


LOCATE RESOURCES: As the custodian of a large and growing repository of important, spiritually-oriented, digital resources (e.g., eBooks, apps, videos, audio, text, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc.) related to the study, dissemination, and organization of Urantia Book-related materials and activities, we know it can be difficult at times to locate them.

And so, to facilitate your efforts to connect with fellow truth-seekers, we have gathered the specially-purposed set of connection resources below, and the following options are available for your viewing convenience:

1. Collections: Choose an option from the dropdown list to select a resource group of interest.

2. Additional Information: To enable viewing on all types of devices, some information is initially 'hidden'. You may click the Expand Hidden Row icon to see this additional information.

3. Search: The entire list of items and all of their details can be searched by entering a term(s) in the Search:                             box provided.

Note1: Every item in the currently shown list that contains the term(s) will remain, all others will be removed, and the search term(s) located will be highlighted.
Note2: Highlighting will not appear in the hidden text.

4. Sorting: Initially presented in ascending order by Collection (as indicated by the purple up arrow), all columns may be subsequently sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the column header (toggle), e.g., Collection(s), Title, Summary. Purple arrows will indicate the current sort status of the column. Grey arrows will indicate there is no active sort for the column.

5. Retrieve A Resource: Resources may be retrieved by clicking the icon in the Link column.

6. Entries Per Page: The inital default of 25 items per page may be changed, as desired, by selecting a different value in the Show:    25    entries box provided.

To view our complete public archive, please visit the "Research Resources" view located here.

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Collections(s) Title Summary Link Source Detailed Description Contact/ Questions Audience Resource Date Resource# Keyword(s)
Intro Who is God, really? Attributes of The Universal Father Source Discover the magnificence of the Father of All, the First Souce and Center, the Universal Upholder, our eternal destiny, and much The Urantia Book Visitor Resource Date Resource# Revelation, God, Deity
Collections(s) Title Summary Link Source Detailed Description Contact/ Questions Audience Resource Date Resource# Keyword(s)

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