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Urantia Women's Corps Fund

Until The Urantia Book arrived, the startling and rich history of the role women played in seeding the teachings of Jesus during the fourth epochal revelation had been all but lost.

Paper 150 tells us that Jesus' creation of the Women's Evangelistic Corps was "the emancipation proclamation which set free all women and for all time;" in it women were "recognized as authorized teachers of the new gospel of the kingdom." Shocking at the time, it is still shocking to the many who now look back at centuries of history where women were largely marginalized and are nearly invisible in the written records of religion on our planet.

In one bold act, Jesus set in motion an entirely new arc of possibility for women on Urantia, designating twelve courageous and faithful women to widen the doorway into the kingdom: Susanna, Joanna, Elizabeth, Martha, Rachel, Nasanta, Milcha, Ruth, Celta, Agaman, Mary, and Rebecca; "Jesus authorized these women to effect their own organization..." and start-up funds were provided.

Today, women-led events, retreats, and gatherings rich in spiritual education have been springing up organically in the Urantia movement for years. We believe that some additional resources may amplify these efforts, as well as call out to new women leaders, and encourage younger women to become more comfortable in the role of spiritual leader, teacher, or minister.

The Urantia Book Fellowship is honored to create a special designated fund, the Urantia Women’s Corps Fund, to recognize and honor the role of women as equally capable leaders and teachers of the gospel.

Qualifications: To reflect the instructions and example of Jesus, the fund’s principal mandate shall be to support women seeking to lead spiritual education, gatherings, or ministry, and to encourage all truth seekers to engage in these women-led projects and events that are focused on our worldwide mission: to learn and share the Urantia revelation and put its teachings into practice in our daily lives.

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