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How To Create Links Into the Online Urantia Book

IMPORTANT: Because of the underlines in the links below, it’s not obvious that the Paper, Section, and Paragraph numbers are actually separated by underscores, e.g. 1_1 and 1_1_1.

Examples of links to a Paper:

Examples of links to a Section within a Paper:

Examples of links to Paragraphs within a Section within a Paper:

How To Quickly Locate Resources

(Multi-Lingual Download Resources, Research Resources, Urantia Book Paper Focused Resources, etc.)

Chief among the goals of this newly redesigned website are: ease of use and features to quickly locate resources of interest (such as, Urantia Book related articles, study aids, Urantia Book Fellowship publications, videos, audio recordings, brochures, downloadable ebook versions of the Urantia Book in English and other languages, and more).

Towards this latter goal of more quickly locating resources of particular interest, the Website Team is pleased to provide a few details (and without getting too wonky!) regarding these new capabilities, for example:

  1. All prior resources (thousands of them!) are being gathered into a common ‘repository’ (aka database) to facilitate their discovery. This work is approximately 80% complete as of this writing.
  2. Additional resources are continually being added as they become available. If you have resources that you would like us to present here, please submit them to us here under "Website Feedback and Technical Issues."
  3. Access to these resources is provided by custom views into the repository and these views are contained on various pages throughout the new website.
  4. It is important to understand that each of these views into the repository is tailored to provide access to the most-relevant resources related to that particular web-page view. As some examples:
    • On the DISCOVER (home) page: the view into the repository only provides basic, introductory-like material.
    • On General Councilor-only pages (accessed from the GC Home Page under OUR ORGANIZATION), the view provides access to: pertinent Urantia Book Fellowship documents.
    • On the “Urantia Book Paper Focused Resources”, under READ / RESEARCH navigation link, the view provides access to highly recommended resources related to particular papers. Note that these resources can also be found when reading the Urantia Book online. Just hover over the yellow book icon in the upper right.
    • A view of all publically-available resources is available on the “Research Resources” web page.
  5. And, it is important to mention that there are several features within the repository views that should greatly aid your searching and viewing of the resources within the repository, such as:
    • Viewscan be filtered (e.g., show me only ‘Articles’) to focus on content that is most relevant to you.
    • Within a view, you can search for resources of particular interest by entering relevant keywords into the search box provided.
    • Within a particular view, the sort order of the resources shown can be reversed (alphabetically or numerically) by clicking the column header.
    • And please don’t forget to click the ‘+’ icon to reveal additional content related to any particular resource.
  6. How To” use the repository views in more specific detail is provided:
    • Within each view by clicking the  ‘Info icon’ near the top of the view.
    • In even more detail in a soon-to-be-released written guide that will be available via the view’sHow To” section.
    • And in a soon-to-be-released video tutorial, likewise to be available via the “How To” section.

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