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Thank you for your interest in donating to The Urantia Book Fellowship!

Your contributions support all that we do.

One-time Donation

Your one-time donation in any amount helps us share the revelation.

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A monthly commitment helps us make plans for future work.

Leave a Legacy

If you would like to leave a legacy once you are off world,
Contact Us to learn how to amend your will and add The
Urantia Book Fellowship as a beneficiary.

Graduation Memorial Donation

To honor a departed loved one, consider making a memorial donation
to the Fellowship.  A Urantia-Book-inspired condolence card of
your choice will be sent to the family of the departed graduate
to acknowledge your gift.


Our website gets over 20,000 visits a month and many are first-time visitors. 
We are engaging our new site visitors in conversation and education about the concepts in The Urantia Book using many methods including partnering with Urantia University.

General Fund: Your donation to our General Fund gives us flexibility to support all of our programs. 

Our Giving Tuesday video showcases just some of our current programs. 

Uversa Press Printing: This new printing of the Standard Reference Text contains an exhaustive internal index, an appendix listing all typo and spelling corrections made since the first printing, new QR codes providing instant access on mobile devices to an audio version, a search engine, a topical index, a study group directory, and apps for various devices. Each book is sold and shipped at a loss of $4.80 per book. Help us keep the price as low as possible by making as generous a contribution as possible. (Included as part of General Fund donations)

Pipeline of Light: Your contribution helps subsidize the printing and worldwide distribution of The Urantia Book in all available languages to new readers who cannot afford to buy one. You can read more about the Pipeline of Light.  

Fellowship Publications: Your donation helps keep our publications available for everyone.
Feed your curiosity.  Feed your soul with stories, videos, poetry, art and Urantia events.

  • Mini Messenger (monthly e-newsletter sent to 7000)
  • Mighty Messenger (Fall and Spring magazine mailed to 2000)
  • Fellowship Herald (Summer magazine mailed to 2000) 

The Urantia Book Fellowship Organization: We have staff and volunteers who take calls from new and experienced readers. We have committees made up of volunteers who work to find and support interest in The Urantia Book around the world and with all age groups.

The Urantia Book Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible.

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