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Discover the Urantia Book:
a free Introduction Course offered via Zoom

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New to The Urantia Book?

Have you recently found The Urantia Book, excited that it may answer all your questions ... but a little overwhelmed by its size and complexity, and all the new terms?

If so, The Urantia Book New Reader Course, has been created just for you.

When spiritual seekers first encounter The Urantia Book, they are usually intrigued and curious. But they are often overwhelmed by its size and complexity, and all the strange new terms and concepts. This course helps with those challenges, so that they can experience the joys and spiritual transformation that come from fully exploring this revelation.

This free course is structured as a series of 10 weekly Zoom meetings, each about two hours long, with no additional work requirements. After first getting to know a bit about each other’s spiritual journeys, and considering some often asked questions about the book’s nature and origins, the first class meeting will focus on an overview of the Course. We will emphasize personal sharing in all of the class sessions.

The heart of the Course - the next 8 sessions - uses the Table of Contents and the natural grouping of Papers as an overview map of the text, allowing us to drop into and briefly sample its many different regions. We will share many, many short passages, all of which have been carefully selected to both intrigue the new reader, and to expose them to the incredibly varied types of material in the different sections of the text. Along the way we will introduce many new terms (Thought Adjuster, Supreme, Central, Super and Local Universes, etc.), so that by the end of the Course students will be quite comfortable with the book’s vocabulary.

In the last session, in addition to summarizing and sharing our class experience, we will provide information on study groups, organizations, conferences and the culture of the emerging Urantia movement, in order to help new readers begin to participate, insofar as they are motivated.

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Week 1

  • Class introductions and orientation to the course
  • Answering common questions (What is this, and who wrote it?)

Week 2 - Part 1

  • Theology of The Urantia Book (1-10)
  • Structure of the Universe (11-15)
  • Higher Orders of Celestial Beings (16-31)

Week 3 - Part 2

  • Local Universe Structure, Administration, and Theology (32-34) and (41-42)
  • Local Universe Orders of Celestial Beings (including the orders of Seraphim) (35-40)

Week 4 - Part 2

  • Our Lives in the Local Universe (43-49)
  • Our Lives on the Inhabited Worlds (50-55)
  • Universal Unity (56)

Week 5 - Part 3

    • Origin and Early Development of Our Planet (57-62)
    • The First Human Beings (63-65)
    • The First Epochal Revelation - and Planetary Rebellion (66-67) and (53-54)
    • The Institutions of Civilization (68-72)

    Week 6 - Part 3

    • The Second Epochal Revelation (73-81)
    • Marriage and Family (82-84)
    • Evolutionary Religion (85-92)
    • The Third Epochal Revelation (93-98)

    Week 7 - Part 3

      • The Religion Papers (99-103)
      • Advanced Theology (104-106)
      • Thought Adjuster Papers & Guardian Angels (107-114)
      • God the Supreme - the Evolving God (115-118)

      Week 8 - Part 4

      • Setting the Stage for the Life of Jesus (119-121)
      •  Jesus' Childhood and Adolescence (122-128)
      • Jesus' Early Adulthood and Personal Ministry (129-134)
      •  Jesus' Public Ministry (135-170)

      Week 9 - Part 4

        • The Final Week … Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (171-189)
        • Post Resurrection Appearances (190-194)
        • The Last 2,000 Years ... and the Future of Religion (195) combined with (170)
        • The Religious Life of Jesus and How He Lived It (196)

        Week 10

        • Review of major themes and concepts
        • Sharing what students experienced in the course
        • Next steps in study, and participating in the Urantia community

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        The New Reader Course has been developed by Urantia University Institute (UUI), in cooperation with the Urantia Book Fellowship Education Committee, for the benefit of novice readers. 

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