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Heart of America Society was chartered in March 1988. Today we have four active study groups, in Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City, Kansas; and in Springfield, Missouri. Besides the study group activities, Heart of America Society hosts quarterly Zoom programs and an annual Jesus birthday party each August.

Heart of America: a Brief history

The development of Heart of America Society (HAS) took place gradually, over a period of many years. 

As far as we can determine, the history of The Urantia Book activities in the Kansas City area began when the first study group met for a short time in 1967. Then in 1972, a study group started in the southern part of the city. The first regional get-together occurred in 1974 when Berkeley Elliott addressed a standing-room only crowd in the home of Mike & Pat Curtis.  In 1978, another visit by Berkeley and a slide presentation on "The Supreme" filled the home of Loren & Ila Hall. The next year, more than 80 people packed a hotel conference room to view "Jesus: God and Man." These get-togethers soon evolved into weekend conferences.  

The Heart of America Urantia Society of Kansas City was chartered on Saturday evening, March 12, 1988. About 120 people from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin attended. 

HAS continued to flourish for more than a decade, with other study groups emerging in Lawrence, Kan., and Springfield, Missouri, during the 1990s; however, as original members transitioned or moved from the Kansas City area, activities and the number of study groups dwindled. When long-time president, Bob Bruyn, transitioned to the Mansion worlds in 2019, other society officers elected to dissolve the Society.

In 2021, a few members, led by Don Heinerikson, Gina Joyce, and Bill Graham, with the aid of Barbara Newsom, worked to revive Heart of America Society. Since then, we have been engaged in rebuilding HAS by encouraging and supporting remaining study groups in Kansas City, Kansas; Springfield, Missouri; and Wichita and Topeka Kansas; as well as through quarterly Zoom programs and annual Jesus birthday parties.


Shawnee, Kansas (Kansas City area): This group meets at 7:30 p.m. Central each Thursday via Zoom. For more information, contact Jake, jwtland@gmail.comor Margaret,  

Springfield, Missouri: This group meets at 6:30 p.m. Central on the first and third Wednesday of each month, both in person and via Zoom. For  more information, contact Gina, or Don,

Wichita, Kansas: The “Nutters” Study Group reads together by email, and meets quarterly on Zoom. For more information, contact Clint,  or Ken,

Topeka, Kansas: The “Bigger Picture” Study Group meets at 3 p.m. Central on Tuesdays both in person and via Zoom. For more information, contact Duane,

Heart of America Society Minutes

September 2023

Urantia Book readers from Heart of America Society (readers from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska) on Saturday, Sept. 23 enjoyed a fruitful roundtable discussion with Dan Amyx, Urantia Book Fellowship Membership Committee Chair; and Jackie Koury, Fellowship Education Committee Chair. Dan and Jackie described some of the resources available to Heart of America and readers in our area. We also brainstormed for ideas to promote the teachings of the book. 

Before the roundtable discussion, Jackie shared a PowerPoint program entitled, "The Implications of Being a Decimal Planet; Life Carriers and Melchizedeks ~ Evolution to Emergencies."  The program generated a lively discussion afterward; so much so that we have decided to invite Jackie back via Zoom to share that program with us. 
That program has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, so mark your calendars. We will send out the link twice, once in October and again in November.

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Updated on: 2023-11-13

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