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Orvonton Group Mexico

In 1985, Orvontón group was created in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico with the arrival of the first printed book. The purpose was to organize and unite readers in Mexico and Latin America. The first step was to translate the documents, which took 7 years. and at that time, 3 study groups were formed. After that, the fourth group for young people arrived with the development of new study materials. The vision extends for 99 years, the same as the Orvonton, A.C. association lasts. Established on October 20, 2001. A national congress was organized from 1985 to 2000, then internationalized, bringing the leaders in each of those countries and having a special guest each year with the support of the Fellowship of Urantia Book Readers who gave scholarships to those leaders in Latin America.


Generate social value through the training of those interested in the dissemination of the teachings in the Fifth Revelation, and development of critical mass.


The creation of groups of interest, presential as well as on-line and provide each of them with the necessary materials to develop the critical mass necessary for the development of the in-depth study of the Urantia documents. Inspire such meetings throughout Latin America. Spread love and service in this task.


*Integrity, Inclusion and Respect: The group maintains a respectful and dignified treatment with all people.

*Sense of Responsibility: It is commitment. Measure, recognize and take charge of your own actions.

*Simplicity and Service Attitude: Perceive that everyone is valuable and important and is always willing to collaborate and serve for the benefit of our group.

*Ability and Willingness to Collaborate: Develop the best work teams and generate coordinated efforts through systemic thinking to empower our associates.

*Passion for Learning: Our group is in constant search of learning and having new challenges that allow us to continuously develop ourselves in a dynamic environment.

*Honesty, sensitivity, gratitude, humility, prudence, nature, harmony, abundance, acceptance, adaptability, Art, Truth, Beauty and Kindness.

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