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Second Miler Grant Program -
Gumpi Andrew Cohen

Gumpi Andrew Cohen submitted this project on behalf of FER Ascenders Urantia Book Fellowship Kaliro Uganda (at

Project Goals

  • Increased awareness of the personal relationship we must have with our Universal Father
  • Increased services within each community as a result of people knowing the will of the Father
  • Escalating excitement about this new revelation 
  • Creation of new and many Urantia Book readers’ groups around communities 

Gumpi has engaged local leaders to set up Urantia Book reader groups in his village and the surrounding area.

He has most recently reported that the community of FER Ascenders Fellowship Kaliro agreed to have Urantia Book study meetings in the five major sub counties of Kaliro district, discussing with the study groups of every sub county to ensure maximum reading and having a better understanding of The Urantia Book by members. Their efforts have successfully generated more groups in the nearby districts.

The Urantia Book Fellowship helped with tech purchases such as a laptop, data bundles, wifi device and a printer and some rental support for meeting halls (6 months).


April 2021:

From Gumpi: “We have been able to successfully hold different readers' meetings in different sub counties of the district with one principal objective: to create awareness to the people about the new revelation. We held a meeting March 13, 2021, at Nyanza Village, Kaliro District. The meeting started at 10:00am to 5:00 pm. The theme was HOW TO LEAVE OUR WAY AND SERVE GOD. HOW TO LOVE GOD AND SERVE HIM. The meeting was attended by about 40 people who cannot read and write. It has been so nice to share with them.”

With the overall project, the number of people who have been participating in meetings has risen from about 20 to nearly 500 in the different areas. Books from the Pipeline of Light program have been made available to the organization. Gumpi and his team have had to deal with challenges from other religious groups who think Gumpi’s meetings and are in competition with them as well as some financial challenges. Gumpi rented three halls and established study group leaders who use them each night of the week for meetings.

Much of their outreach includes helping with basic needs of the people. They are creating a community that supports one another. They have been able to engage 40 women to join their group who are being trained in hands-on skills such as tailoring and garment design. Gumpi has led the community to resolve to grow a rice crop as a self-help initiative to feed the hungry, family and community. They are planning to spend approximately $280 (US$) for the seed and grow 3 acres of rice. The hope is that they will have a net profit of $1,130 (US$) that will help with costs of the ministry including transportation, data usage and rent to hold meetings.

The Urantia Book Fellowship would like to thank supporters of the Second Miler Grant Program for helping make possible this project and all the others the program has funded since 2020.

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