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A Study of the Master Universe & The Appendices

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Product Code: 5601-StudyMU Published by By William S. Sadler, Jr. ("Bill" Sadler) A highly readable and insightful development of concepts presented in The Urantia Book. By William S. Sadler, Jr. Hardback, 150 pages. William Sadler Jr., better known as Bill, was one of the original students of The Urantia Papers. He had a talent for making its most complex teachings easy to understand. After many years dedicated to study of the Urantia Papers, Bill Sadler, wrote A Study of the Master Universe in which he unpacks the theological and cosmological concepts of The Urantia Book. His supreme desire was to share these deep insights with all who might be interested. Also included: The extensive Appendices. It is the essential companion text for further exploration of the concepts portrayed in Bill's original Study of the Master Universe. It is a further and more detailed development of the fundamental concepts of The Urantia Book. Paperback, 372 pages. Sold only as a set.

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